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Was waiting for you to bring up the wall. Just like the one down south it was never completed
Who says he’s not out recruiting already? In fact he is. You can hire an assistant and visit a kid at the same time. I would hope we give the man some time before bringing up negativity. BTW LSU just lost their starting QB to the portal and had several de commits, it happens to all
Agree. At first I thought it would be nice to keep guys like Brewster, Turner and Gonzalez and then bring in a big name like Delk or Diaz but it is what it is. He knows what he's doing and we that comment here don't know jack, except for Negan of course
What’s really funny is having you here commenting on this article
Thought the guy had portaled out a while ago, no big deal he was pretty reckless and committed bunch of dumb penalties
Too bad, he was one of our best recruiters
Don’t know about Knox but for sure Turner, Brewster and Gonzalez. Diaz may get a HC gig at a small school, if not he would be an excellent choice for DC
Is it me or did we already know Jujuke was hired. FYI Toney is also coming on board from ULL. The only news here is that Crime Dog is out
Agree 100% about those 3 assistants, been saying the same thing for a while now
You already informed us of Toney’s hire along with Jujuku, no need for a separate article about the same thing
Been around 43 but I usually don't come to your articles much that's why you haven't seen my posts lately
Some reading comprehension mikepnola, delusional is thinking beating Florida will continue in perpetuity and delusional is saying Napier is bottom of the barrel. No one was talking about the past two seasons bud
Hey my man tough loss. Haven't seen you around much lately, if I were a dumb troll I would say something like you were hiding after a loss or some BS like that. Too bad neither JT nor Beck got any garbage snaps during the season to have some one else ready to go just in case. Reminds me of the muschamp school of QB success or more to the point the mac elwain way, although Bennet is a lot more talented than Treon Harris. Still same deal
So jay why do you think Kirby is stuck on Stetson. I mean to the point of playing him during blowouts and garbage time. Why no snaps for JT? heck, why no snaps for Beck?
Nuts my man take a chill pill, I know your dreams were shattered but you need to move on. Remember it's just a game, life goes on
So Nuts, does that mean you agree with delusional LSU fan here? Takes one to know one
No offense to Montimar but the only current assistants I'm interested in are Brewster, Turner and Gonzalez. having said that it must be weird for Montimar and the other coaches to keep working for the team leading up to the bowl game knowing they are probably on the way out. Makes you wonder how much coaching and preparation is actually going on
"bottom of the barrel" What a stupid thing to say. LSU fans are now competing with UGA trolls for the most delusional on this site
I also normally root for all SEC teams in bowl games and OOC regular season with one big exception. So I will root for Bama & Michigan, even though Harbaugh is an A hole
And here I thought it was Georgia who had finally put it all together after 41 years of futility. Not only did Saban expose that myth but now Kelly will be the next great SEC king at LSU
Watch out SEC, Kelly will make LSU an unbeatable dynasty in no time at all
I've heard the same thing and it is very unfair to Richt. The correct comparison would be Mullen 2.0, with better recruiting. That recruiting difference makes Kirby look even worse. Sort of the embodiment of less with more, a Georgia thing since 1980
"I still love my God and in a different lesser way. " Dude if you're gonna get all religious then use punctuation correctly to so as not to change the meaning of what you say. It is not your God, it is God, period. If you love Him in a different and lesser way, then you are not a very good religious person if at all
Nothing wrong with using the portal besides if you're a realist you know that it's pretty late to go start recruiting for 2022. I meant maybe he can get a previous commit like Bonds to come back or something like that. I was just informed by one of the many Georgia experts that infest our articles that we have the #40 class right now so even one or two good guys will improve that number. Then again that does not include the portal so it is somewhat misleading
#40 right now and will set us back 3 – 4 years right? Must be so if one of the UGA Nostra du mb arse says so. Time will tell
That’s true and it sucks because the coaches are lame ducks and who knows how motivated the players will be
Man’s got a plan and supposedly was given the cash & support from the administration