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OK pissy boy, as if you know my age and as if my comment was any different than JTF and most posters below
Didn't read a word of his post but I agree with you he should seek medical attention. Maybe check into the nearest psych ward
Well Timmy what do you know, I agree with you on this one
Don't know what you're talking about I wasn't looking at his pants, or at him at all
Too funny, the Athenians fixated in 2022 Florida recruiting, while we say that's nice, hope the kid comes to Gainesville and move on. I get it, recruiting is all you guys have, nothing else since 1980, just recruiting national championships. Very sad
You sound like a broken record. Stop stalking me I have no interest in anything you have to say. 41 years since you had a great year and the way things are going you will still be waiting 41 years from today
Man you are one dense pup, you have an issue with the inconsequential part of my post. I concede to you all the pre season awards and accolades, you guys are the spring champs, #1 rated team and all your players are the best in the preseason. Hope that makes you happy
Come on fuzz just take it for what it is, FSU is down now but they were a top program a few short years ago. Don't post patently false stuff like the Georgia Morons do. You are better than that
Totally clueless. Bringing in Daniels was one of the main reasons Newman bolted. Then he decides to go with Mathis, clueless again. Then he sticks with Bennet for too long, clueless x 3
The pack the Swamp remarks are only an embarrassment to snowflakes, the Mizzou brawl not an embarrassment either, try to find a real example if you can to attempt to give credit to the narrative you desire. The next few years can very well be Gators beating UGA again, you guys are overconfident in a QB with 4 starts in 2020 while ignoring his previous tenure. Also overconfident in Kirby recruiting his legion of 5 stars that have yet to produce any championships
I agree with you, he should be ranked higher. Thing is all this pre season talk is pretty meaningless unless you're an Athenian, in your case it's all you got. For the rest of us what matters are the rankings at the end of the season. I understand after 41 years you guys can't relate
Nothing Mullen said here is controversial or offensive, it’s just his opinion. There’s always some hateful Moron complaining about what Mullen says or does. Guess what, Mullen doesn’t give a sheet about what you think you big fat idiot
Tennessee should be the one to play UCF home and home now that cry baby Danny White is the AD. If not he is just another hypocrite
"Lets not get stupid here" in reply to DumbsOfWar. Man you have made my day I'm laughing so hard. It's too late to ask Dumbs not to be stupid. You can't ask fire not to be hot or water not to flow or Dumbs not to be stupid, it is what they do
Much closer to home for whatever that's worth, but yeah of all the Texas schools he chose SMU
The correct quote was "I ain't no cracker" just for your clueless half brother grammar police Moron. To continue with the double negative speak, I don't know no Cracker Museum but I do enjoy me some Cracker Barrel
Humper, good one bro. But only in your world does that reasoning make sense since this is the blogosphere and neither you or I know where whip resides so he can safely tell us the good stuff's in the back and it ani't for you
I don't think most Gator fans give a rat's a$$ about playing UCF so a home and home would not do anything for the fan base. Have them agree to a 2 for 1 like everyone else of their ilk or go fly a kite
Humper bro it's obvious whip is hiding the good stuff from people like you. Your best bet is to make it to darth's Trunksnorter bar and pay up like everyone else
It's hilarious how these Georgia Morons behave, camped on the Gator site 24/7 with multiple comments on every single story. One of my favorites is this narrative that UGA is so loaded they wouldn't want any of your players cause of course they have the best of the best. And yet.....1980
Dang here I am 5 days late to the party. DumbsOfWar proves to be wrong yet again, not surprising. While I would have liked to comment in real time I've been busy with work and family time to post as often as I have in the past. Nash killed it with his opening prediction and his response to the Georgia Morons. These trolls are real people, real stupid people, you just can't make this sheet up. Again Nash with the Negan algorithm killed it. Wouldn't mind joining Leghumper at darthA's Trunksnorter bar for a few. Finally, SEC123 don't forget DumbsOfWar, he deserves the a$$whooping as much as the other 2 Morons
Yeah for you, but this is not new Florida is for sure the everything school
Come on man the Auburn fishermen were suspended for Covid violations, not for cheating
Well at least their RBU and LBU claims are good enough for getting recruiting national championships and #1 rankings in the preseason. That’s gotta count for something right?
Don’t get confused Timmy, the correlation I’m talking about is like you say, finishing 1 - 5 in recruiting AND winning national championships. Bama & OSU have been able to do it in the past 5 years or so, you guys haven’t