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I'm rooting for Franks to do well at Arky and he should be a big improvement from what they had at QB last year
Yep, unless you have Burrow & Brady 2.0. lol
Foley hired both of those losers and they both got paid when they failed but we have moved on nicely from those mistakes. New AD and new HC looking forward to a much better decade
Throw in the story about the former Bama player who got kicked off his team for saying something that is not only common sense but anatomically and physiologically correct and we may be living in the end times indeed
Amazing that UF is on this list having muschump and bigmac as head coaches for most of the decade
What a stupid example, but then again no one here expects anything remotely intelligent from DumbsOfWar. Every single post of yours so far has to do with Mullen or a Gator fan. Obsessed much
DumbsOfWar, the type O multimillionaire LOL
There you go DumbsOfWar, we already heard from corch now all we need is negan to chime in to complete the Moron triumvirate. Come on negan tell us what a terrible coach Mullen is, armypup and leghumper are vying to take the 3rd spot in the douche bag triumvirate better hurry
You are being unfair to the stupid brick wall
Yeah everybody knows Kirby is the best thing since sliced bread and yet 1980. Idiot
LSU top 3? Not with what they have lost in players and coaches
More Mullen on the tiny brain I see. Death, taxes and another Georgia Moron talking crap about Mullen and the Gators. Sad
Bama's offense will be good this year just like last year who cares if it is considered better or not, they have too many horses coming back. In other news some dumb Kansas State student thinks he can post his own opinions to his own social media account without regards to the thought police and the social media police, the nerve to think and say something contrary to the accepted left wing narrative. And I say this without reading what the poor idiot said cause unless it was a call to kill oe maim someone this is supposed to be a free country
Not only NASCAR but CNN, MSNDNC, and their ilk fanned that made up "news" story gleefully to further their fake agenda that America is a racist country. As if it wasn't bad enough they are fake news, they make up the "news" as well
Strange indeed. TJ Slaton lots of unrealized potential. Maybe Sporting News knows something we don't. Breakout year?
We're a republic not a democracy and thus protected from the tyranny of the majority
Maybe I'm wrong but I don't recall much if any hate being spewed on those articles. It felt more like closing comment section to silence opinions contrary to the running narrative
BC I don’t really care about the confederate flag one way or another. I do think removing and destroying statutes and monuments is asinine and doesn’t solve anything. The media and the anarchists have equated those things with racism to the point where even the Gator Bait cheer has been banned. Very stupid and dangerous the slippery slope we are on. You are not being inclusive when you shame Drew Brees into an apology for something that does not need one, and that is just one example out of many. I don’t need to run my beliefs for validation through any professors. Academia is run by PC liberals and socialists who are a big part of the problem. I would tell those professors and administrators that the biggest challenge in education is to teach our youth reading, writing and arithmetic instead of social justice BS. We spend so much money in education to consistently have our kids underperform when compared to the rest of the world. Sort of like Georgia and Kirby Smart, out recruit and outspend everyone and yet keep falling short of an NC. ( Sorry UGA fan, I couldn’t resist)
Sorry BC but having an inclusive and diverse culture does not equate to changing everything you don’t like or disagree with. That by definition is not inclusive. Sort of like calling yourself an Anti Fascist and employing classic fascist tactics to impose your will on others
Don’t think Hill will be blacklisted for this. The Kapernik situation was different and to be honest everybody seems to forget he has wasn’t very good to begin with. I think that had more to do with him not playing than any blacklist. Going back to Hill what he’s doing now won’t hurt him in my opinion. Heck I expect every NFL team and some college guys too to kneel during the National Anthem. And if they decide to not play the anthem, that would not surprise me either
Why bother writing those articles then? Censorship is never a good thing
That’s nice to know Kirby but the article clearly says SEC West. Not only that but when you read it, only West teams are mentioned. Guess all those clues escaped you
You and your half brothers are here and well represented, that is the usual gaggle of turds. Reasonable fans don't get so caught up in recruiting in the summer
Truth is I didn't even see the vid when I first posted but now that I did this is even funnier. You guys are really that impressed about a guy completing a few passes against air? This is more proof Newman is a beast, LOL, he for sure is a Heisman contender, LMAO. According to DumbsOfWar that vid strikes fear in the hearts of opponents, LMFAO. You can't make up this sheet
Hey village Moron hope you enjoy another hype piece about your super transfer QB. I would caution you to take these things with a grain of salt like any reasonable person would, but why bother. To think that any opposing fan would be scared of this is asinine, so you and a$$es have a lot in common I see. You would think your average multi millionaire would have more common sense
Don't sell Jaime short, he will be the best QB in the NCAA, maybe even the whole planet.....No one really knows but they do know....
Florida beat LSU and Michigan in 2018 Florida beat Auburn and UVA in 2019 ( UVA was ranked at the time)
Funny how Georgia fan mentions perennial when referencing a two year period. I understand you guys believe a 3 year run is total dominance and such but you should be smarter than that. And BTW Kirby as Ritch 2.0 has been brought up several times by different analysts. But I know you guys have Mullen on the mind