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BTW preseason rankings mean as much as what’s between your ears, squat
Well Napier brings back the Mertzinator while Norvel had to go buy a used Ukakele. Advantage Gators
Since when is Norvell considered to be such a genius? I remember 2 years ago they were calling for him to be run out of that sht town
Yeah that’s all FSU has, a chance at an automatic bid by winning a sht conference
Only a complete idiot has such short memory where he forgets he made similar dumb predictions one short offseason ago only to have them blow up in his ugly face and doubles down the next offseason with more asinine predictions. Maybe you forgot but we didn’t you big ignorant buffoon
Great game and great series. Congrats to Tenn. SEC rules college baseball, not even close
Them Brits with bad teeth have no business moderating sht until they recognize dentistry as a health care profession
Why does leeland is always first to ask the important questions? And bro, I always love me some run on sentences
Those numbers speak for themselves and prove my point, thanks
Again you show that this is way above your pay grade. No one is taking about 4th place rings or trophies, except for you that is. Maybe this will help you out. CWS/Omaha is equivalent to NCAA tournament/AKA Big Dance which is equivalent to the CFP. The NIT you keep bringing up has no similar thing in other sports. I was going to compare it to football Div II playoffs but that’s not fair to DivII schools. Best comparison is NIT is leftovers
What do you expect from a puppy fan, he thinks the NIT is the real tourne
That question is meaningless and besides the point. Just a feeble attempt to compare a baseball power to a one trick pony. Go ahead and ask someone who knows about college baseball. I don’t know, maybe someone like Jim Schlossnagle. Your comparisons suck big tine bro, quit the stupidity while you can
" one of the final 4 in historic Hinkle Fieldhouse in Indianapolis " Exactly what I'm talking about. Yeah I know you don't get it, maybe one day you will. Then again with Mikey leading your team you probably wont. Better go back to talking football the whole year, there aint nothing else for you
Good comparison to Skylar, we have many Gator Greats across multiple sports
Right on mustard man and don’t forget lacrosse on that list of sports where SEC teams excel
Bro you’re way off comparing Mediocre Mike’s season with Sully’s. I give you the benefit of the doubt though since you root gor a team that has no baseball or basketball history. Sully’s team had a very mediocre regular season indeed but they more than made up for it by being one of the final 4 in Omaha. O know a UGA fan doesn’t understand what that means but trust me. It really shows your ignorance to compare that to Mediocre Mike making an appearance in the NIT. Bro that’s like comparing apples to rotten oranges
Another Gator Great. Thanks for the memories and good luck in the pros
The lack of reliable pitching finally caught up with us. Still heck of a run to be one of the final 4 standing in Omaha. Only a complete imbecile and ignoramus would have anything negative to say about this team and you know who you are so own it
Not crazy, these are the results you get when you have great pitching. You don't have to qualify it by saying you were without some of your best guys when you did have your best pitchers playing and doing what they're supposed to do. To make it all the way in Omaha you need those ace pitchers. We didn't have them, you do. There's a very good chance you will get the trophy this year
Which also beats talking about 2026 recruiting in June of 2024
Give the idiot Negan some slack in this instance, I believe he was triggered by leeland talking baseball in a football article. Remember the team he roots for is a OTP
Dumb and ignorant comment. UF is not "throwing a freshman" and obviously they don't "think lightly" about TAMU. If you knew anything you would know that the freshman has been the day one starter since the end of the regular season. This UF rotation is just more of the same, nothing to do with TAMU or anyone else, it is what it has been for a while.
No, you're the delusional one. I'm not talking about the distant past. Talk to any college baseball expert about which teams are considered national powerhouses today and the Gators will be on that list.
This fool is definitely mentally deficient but I am amazed at the variety of trolls that root for the Athenians. They come in all kinds and are plentiful. This one example is a bloviating delusional idiot, then you have the obnoxious ones, the juvenile fools and many other types. An endless supply of Morons from Georgia
I see what you're saying and you have a point, my only answer would be that this is a baseball article and in that context it is funny to me that you guys are changing the subject to football