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So after reading the article and most of the comments it is fair to say UGA still has no idea who it's QB will be going forward. I like that
The Georgia Moron narrative is proving to be well, moronic
Dang what a variety of trolls we have on this site, amazing. After his record setting performance, Trask still has some detractors, although most are envious puppy fans. Here's hoping he shuts them up in the games to come
With the receivers we have we are not envious of anyone
I'm sorry but you sounded just like all the Georgia trolls. Now if you are truly a UF fan then I'm even sorrier for you. Heck even Bama fan has more knowledge and perspective than you do. No, our D did not look championship worthy in that game No, our D will not cause us to lose 3 - 4 games this year No, OleMiss is not a terrible team on offense Yes, OleMiss has way more than "decent" talent on offense. Corral is a top 5 SEC QB, maybe the most prolific passer we will face all season. Moore is a heck of a WR. Ealy is a very good RB. Kiffin is an offensive genius. OleMiss may not score over 30 and put up over 600 yards on everyone they play but they will do so in a few more games this year. Thing is the problems on D can & will be solved as the year progresses, I expect the D will be much better this week. So don't be such a negative Nancy that you come off just like a troll. It's OK to be concerned, but to expect losing 3 - 4 games is way way over the top. To claim Ole Miss is a terrible team on offense and has no good players is just plain ignorant. Get with it
Probably will not stick around for 2021 or beyond
So you say you guys were expecting Newman to bail a few weeks before the first game, Mathis to start and suck big time, Daniels to not be ready and Beck to who knows what happened to him? Not so fast. All offseason the talk was Newman for Heisman, then Daniels for Heisman, then Mathis has such a strong arm and is so fast he looks like Justin Fields and now Stetson Heisman Bennet is the second best SEC QB, 5th in the country, will score 50 points minimum if he starts and looks like Baker Mayfield. Make up your mind fool
Sorry but weren't you the loon that during the pre season was claiming LSU would repeat and that Myles Brennan would be the best QB in the SEC? Pretty sure it was you, what happened?
Nice attempt at a troll job even with all the exaggerations and falsehoods. Not bad but you need lots more practice
LSU has no business being labeled a contender. If you guys haven't noticed yet, Myles Brennan is not ready for prime time. Myles Brennan is not even close to being Joe Burrow. Keep talking about pass defense when the main problem is Burrow, Brady and 90% of the starters from last season are gone. Newsflash, this is 2020, 2019 is gone. Yeah but we have all this talent and have recruited so well...….you sound like a Georgia fan. Remember Georgia keeps winning recruiting national championships and yet 1980. A & M also doesn't deserve to be considered a contender. MSU is better than either of those teams
Not so much obsessed, just taking full advantage of the current situation to give some much needed payback
Congrats O'Gara, you are the first one to state the obvious, that Daniels may come in just to pull another Mathis. Recent Georgia QB history has not been good for UGA, this season just amped it up a notch
@ Gatorgrad These mutts are not very original, as you point out. Leghumper is the latest one to spout the Moron narrative about some receivers having to bail out Trask. The stupidity never ends
Grimes was also wide open on this play, in fact more so than Pitts
The wannabe book writer is back. Your long arse diatribes have so many falsehoods not sure where to begin. For one Trask was not a walk on. E Jones was always a 4 star. Stick to the Georgia players you know nothing about our guys
Show me where I ‘m bashing Bennet or any other player
Tell that to Corch, Negan and DumbsOfWar
Trask is so average and yet is better than your 5 QBs put together including the Heisman winner who bolted because he was outplayed in practice by the one who had to be pulled in the second quarter because he couldn’t do anything against the worst team in the conference and was replaced by the one who was last in the depth chart because the other Heisman winner has a boo boo on his knee and the other prized recruit is inexplicably not ready. How’s that for a run on
You have tons of options at QB, and all were great in high school, however this Barret guy has been under the radar. Who is this new Heisman UGA QB Barret?
DumbsOfWar says Bennet is the second best SEC QB and 5th in the country
Not so much loyalty but more like delusion
Miami has not played anyone, neither has UCF, and Louisiana Lafayette, please
So in other words we have 4 all world QBs but we still don't know who will start