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Like Neil said, Langford has a high baseball IQ but more importantly his first name is Wyatt
Not what was said silly puppy. Any normal SEC fan agrees with the author on who the 6 traditional SEC powers are. Only insecure Morons try to diminish their foes like you did here and one of your half brothers did before with Auburn & Tenn. It's a relatively new disease, The Georgia Moron Grand Delusion, a syndrome where you believe UGA is the bestest, has always been the bestest and will always be the bestest. Not a good look bro
Now that I got that out of the way. Curse?. What curse? Nothing like home cooking. Bats waking up and pitching clicking, this team has what it takes to go far if not to take the whole thing. But I don't want to jump the gun lie some other fans have done, we got to take care of business in the supers first
StlGator you had to know this was coming. I was just waiting to see which Georgia Moron would be the insecure one to utter that nonsense. Humper is the Moron du jour
Humper told me that UGA will field a baseball squad in 2025 or 2026. Delandman is going to help him get that going as soon as he moves to Fulton county
Yeah I don’t think so. Florida is in the mix as one of the top teams. Your list is lacking and way premature
The bats woke up and the pitching has been stellar. Lots of grit and effort to win 3 in a row and climb out of the hole
There you go again, Kirby is the bestest and will always be so. I gotta coin a term for this stupidity. The Georgia Moron Grand Delusion. THMGD there you go
Thanks with proving my point along with Negan. Good company BTW. After 41 years in the wilderness you finally break through for 2 years in a row and now you believe you have always been there and you will always stay there. Can’t help you with that but I suggest you see someone who can
Sure Humper everyone knows UGA has the bestest of everything, has been the bestest for many decades in a row and will always be the bestest. Now back to reality, it sucks to lose this game but no need to go full negative so prematurely unless that’s who you are. GFA good to hear from you it’s been a while
It is the best he can do. I choose to make fun of him and not try to prove him wrong. Seriously a puppy fan that supposedly knows so much about the Gators, this is the definition of obsession. Throw in the fact these Morons have won 2 nattys in a row and yet spend so much time trying to convince you that Napier can’t recruit and doesn’t have a chance it’s pathological. Insecure and obsessed idiots
Interesting conversation involving stats, that’s some funny sheet right there. It may be interesting to you. Stats can be manipulated to prove your point. Seriously now you waste too much time trying to find stats that prove your narrative. Like someone said, stats are for losers
Nothing to see except another Gator victory and shut out pitching by Jactani
Only thing that comes to mind is that Leghumper has proven, over time, to be the foremost authority, the fountain of all knowledge if you will, when it comes to anything Gator. So you can have all the numbers you want, all the stats and records, all the common sense, all the math and the science and still Humper knows better
Dear Humper, you can't have it both ways, thought you would have learned that by now. Also if you hear hoofbeats behind your back, stop looking for the fraking zebra
Here we go again with the LSU super team, if that were so they would have ran away with the conference tittle and be the overwhelming favorites to win it all. And yet
Don't worry Nuts, Leghumper tells me that very soon Georgia will field a baseball team
He is and his players are sticking around and contributing. There is no metric that measures when your top recruit transfers after one year or when a large percentage of your class either doesn’t show up on campus or shows up and does not contribute, something that happened to Mullen routinely
DumbDawg are you imitating Negan? You sound more juvenile and dumb with every post, slow your roll a bit
I’m not the one talking about Kirby’s first season you dumb cluck