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Dang I read the first paragraph without realizing this is another incarnation of Negan The Moron. Stopped reading after that. BTW of course you are wrong again, UGA does NOT "always" dominate the East nor do they dominate Florida. In fact you can say the opposite without the "always". Only a Moron would say always
We have taken care of Okie in the past when it mattered and will do so in the future
Again mega congrats on your many recruiting national championships. Lots of good that has done for your program
If you and Bayou knew any history you would know that in this series the road team wins more often than not. This year will be no exception
Bro it's the preseason, Georgia's best time of the year, go for it. QBU, WRU, the sky's the limit in Athens. In the preseason that is
Don't sell yourself short Humper everyone knows UGA has the bestest of everything so throw in WRU, LBU as well
Easy there dummy, simple mistake. So Arik played in 2020 when LSU had a bunch of players opting out including their #1 WR Chase. Someone had to catch some balls then, good for him. The rest of my post is valid and you should have learned by now that high school stats and star rankings alone do not determine how good a player will turn out to be in college. But I know, you are just too dumb to understand
So I guess you won't be proclaiming "UGA is QBU" like Humper is doing. Good for you, you're a little less dumb for that. But not much
Hey man you brought ole Jamie up and I just can't let that go. That whole saga was classic Kirby QB management
Choke? The recruiting National championships have always been all yours. Keep signing 5 stars and keep missing the playoffs and the SECCG, but hey we got another 5 star. Dang, that says a lot about your coaches. And of course that 1980 thing. QB rosters you say, ours is better than yours now, was better last season and will be better next season too
Poor DumbsOfWar not only counting stars but now high school stats. So because Gilbert was rated 5 stars and the #5 player in the nation while poor Pitts was just a 4 star and #162 player in the nation you conclude that Gilbert will turn out to be much better player than Pitts. You poor dumb Georgia Moron. An intelligent person would wait to see if first, Gilbert even qualifies academically, secondly see how the position change, new coaches, new scheme and new QB work out before comparing the guy to the best TE to come out of college period. Then again no one has ever or will ever confuse you with an intelligent person BTW the freshman numbers Gilbert put up were under Joe Burrow and Joe Brady, not Kirby Smart, Monkken and Daniels. Big difference there dummy.
No one said the Gator D would anchor the team but it will be much much better than the historically bad unit of last year. No one said EJ will be all world but he will certainly be very efficient and will move the offense up and down the field and score tons of points mainly because he has been preparing under Mullen for 3 years and because of his skill set. Kirby is Mark Ritch 2.0, there have been several articles pointing out all the similarities at this point in each of their careers. You see the narrative your type spouts is that EJ can't throw while JT is a Heisman candidate. Neither of those statements is true
What a shame about Jamie, we all had such high hopes about this latest UGA legend to be
You got it all wrong bro, that never crossed my mind. When I read this headline all I could think of was, wow UGA is now QBU! You are welcome to use that at your pleasure, I guarantee no one will laugh at you
Look in the mirror fool, you and your half brothers have been doing this same thing in our boards for years now. Thin skinned Morons
Don't know what a Gatorscp is but nothing about the Gators sucks. The Gator story is not out yet so I came to refute the ridiculous assertion that Washington would look anything like Pitts or that Daniels would ever sniff a Heisman. You and your half brothers have no business asking any other fan not to post on your boards when you dummies post 24/7 on ours
Good one, now UGA's entire O line will be first team SEC by years end. So is this O line better than the one 2 years ago that you dummies proclaimed was the best in football. hope so cause that other one didn't even make the top 5 when everything was said and done. But hey congrats on being the Transfer Portal champs
Washington to next Kyle Pitts? Surely you are joking. BTW, Gilbert ain't Pitts 2.0 either as Dumbs said, that is well, dumb. Can't forget JT Daniels has as much chance at a Hiesman as Jamie Newman did last year. Other than that UGA should be a fine team with a 10 - 2 ceiling and good for second place in the East
You are correct Box and in fact he ain't facing them now either. Not in the regular season that is
One big difference between those two is that Dabo never had top recruiting classes until after he won his first NC. Kirby has had top recruiting classes since he’s been at UGA plus he inherited a very talented team to begin with and yet…….. 1980
Don’t care much about Dave Matthews but Nirvana was a trend setting and influential band. Out of Nirvana came the Foo Fighters which I consider to be the last rock and roll band. Right now I think rock & roll is dead with no current bands that can compare to the classics. RHCP are also very good. But in the alt rock category
Humper, your role model Dumbs hasn't even chimed in here. I know all Georgia Morons look alike but you should have credited dumb marine dawg instead
Hilarious the notion that if Bennet wasn't injured the game would have turned out better for the pups. You just can't make this sheet up
Don't know why some Aggies & Tigers so afraid and opposed to this
Nice to know your opinion, now you need to learn how to post on this SEC site. We don't need to see the same thing posted over and over
The only exception is Negan, he is one of Kirby's top recruiters and has tons of influence over players and recruits
Also the WRs that will be the main guys this year like Jacob Copeland