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What, you agree that the SEC is just a little better than the ACC? Like I said, facts and reality are not your thing
I didn’t get that from the article. I got that you lost a lot on the O side and not much on the D side while we lost just a little bit on both sides
Well according to most in your camp there is this huge talent gap in Georgia’s favor so there is that. If we fail to win the East in 2020 it will be disappointing but it’s only year 3 of Mullen so no pressure.
Sure there is. In fact several of those reasons were outlined in the article, read it again. Having said that there are also several reasons you could pick UGA. It’s just a way too early pick no need to get in a wad over it
Not that much better? The ACC happens to be the worst conference in football by far. If you have to make such a dumb statement in your quest to pump up your new QB it just invalidates whatever you’re trying to say
Even Corch had a normal, non troll like response to my matter of fact, non threatening post. But DumbDawg78 just had to respond with name calling and stupidity. Can’t hide your true nature fool
Cute, 2 Morons patting each other's backs
@ DumbDawg78, well at least you finally admit you stole my ID. BTW, you posted a bunch of times not just 3 but whatever I know facts and reality are not your thing
@ Armypup, the only competition is between you, Corch and DumbsOfWar to see who is the biggest Moron on this site. Step up your game, right now you are #3
Newman is not the "best returning QB in the SEC" simply because he has never played in the SEC
No one has bashed him, the rumors about not qualifying have been out there for a while. Now if you want to count those rumors as bashing knock yourself out
Nice try but he was not one of the top recruits, not even the top WR target and seems he had trouble qualifying academically. But whatever makes you feel better
Congrats on being the first to post a dumb, troll comment. Had to be a Georgia Moron
Well thing is you don’t know sheet and are just speculating
What do you expect from the #1 Georgia Moron Corch, he can’t help himself
It is asinine to even mention Mullen as a possible hot seat candidate. Now if Kirby loses in Jax this season after all his recruiting success then he could be a much better candidate for the hot seat. I know this will rile the puppy fanatics but I mean no disrespect, I mean how long can you go getting top recruiting classes yet keep missing the playoffs
@ Jay just like most UGA fans don’t “support “ UF we don’t eithet @ DumbDawg78 wrong again. I do not call the entire Georgia fanbase morons, but I did coin Georgia Morons for the likes of Corch, DumbsOfWar, Negan, DaJerk and others like them. Thing is your fanbase has many of those trolls, more than anyone else by a long mile. Sometimes you behave like one of those
Gayturds? While you pretend to be just another fan seeking a friendly back and forth slips like this prove you are just another troll like your half brothers Corch and DumbsOfWar
LOL, don’t project. I have no interest in crashing this cheerleading fest, I’m not a Moron troll like you. Best defense ever, good for you. Newman a beast, SEC poy, more power to you. UGA winning the SEC, if you say so it must be true
Keep repeating that to yourself Moron and it will become true in your puny brain
Another loss to UGA would suck but whoever thinks that we would sour on Mullen if that happens is clueless. I would rather see any other team other than UGA win the SEC if it’s not us, your Moron trolls on this site make it impossible to root for your team
Sure, everyone knows Georgia has the best players in college football, the best recruiting classes and the best coaches. That’s why they have so many titles since 1980, more than anyone else
Move on Moron, the point is that MacPherson is better than Blankenship and the numbers bear it out
That’s a minor point that only you and marine pup obsessed over. DumbsOfWar and the other Morons couldn’t wait for this article to come out so they could unload their manure here. More proof you are the worst fanbase on SDS