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Whatever bro but you do realize your chosen name is stupid and exposes your obsession
You have reading comprehension issues, no one in the pre season said that UF was going to win the SEC or go to the playoffs. What was said was that UGA would win the East with Newman named first team SEC QB and Heisman candidate. Same crock of sheet that is being said once again this pre season with Daniels. So your response has nothing to do with what I posted, what was said then and what is being said now. Read more carefully next time
He is not a lousy passer as you will soon see. BTW, I have not been on any hiatus and there is no shame at all
Nice to know but the real question is when will you realize you chose a stupid name alluding to a dumb prediction that never came true?
So will this prompt Corch the Moron to once again change his name? And will his obsession with Meyer, Mullen and everything Gator continue?
Come on Joe be nice to Timmy he's just another silly puppy
The only one who has proven to be a ridiculous clown over and over is you my man. What will you do when the Gator QB proves to be once again better than the UGA QB? You will become more obsessed with everything Gator
Funny how all these puppy fans know everything about Emory Jones and what a lousy passer he is while at the same time believing all the pre season Heisman hype about Daniels. UGA is already the East champ with the best QB in the SEC. Shades of Jamie Newman all you premature prognosticators. Some fools never learn
Guess you missed the article where Connor already crowned JT Daniels first team all SEC QB and pre season Heisman winner
Connor bro you guys need to be more consistent. Don’t write this article saying that to be considered you need to have some SEC starts when last season you guys anointed Jamie Newman first team all SEC QB. What a crock. Being a pre season award it belongs to the Georgia QB, whoever that may be. That way you are more consistent. Might as well hand him the pre season Heisman as well. At least Daniels looks just a little better than Newman ever did. But in the real world, not some Athenian delusion, Matt Corral is hands down the best returning QB in the SEC. BTW very funny that “ the only way they will face each other is if by some miracle Ole Miss wins the west”. Daniels first team SEC QB Daniels pre season Heisman winner UGA pre season East champs UGA best WR room I’ve seen this movie before and spoiler alert .......... 1980
Stupid example, every one knows Franks showed marked improvement his first season under Mullen. More delusional crap that has nothing to do with reality or truth
Heard you the first time dumba$$. Repeating the same thing ad nauseum still doesn’t make it funny
More evidence that Georgia is where 5 stars go to waste or the transfer portal
Guess you missed the part where I said I was kidding. Or where I said 2023 means nothing at this junction. Not much reading comprehension and easily triggered. Make a resolution to slow down a bit and take a chill pill bro
Yo Humper how much did you pony up on that Mims instagram live? Maybe you should start another one for Gilbert
Adam Spencer must have read my post a few days back where I predicted Daniels would soon be hyped as the next Georgia pre season Heisman QB. All we need now is for JT to be named first team all SEC QB ahead of the much more deserving Corral. The good news for puppy fan is that as long as JT takes one snap in 2021, he will be way ahead of last seasons pre season Heisman QB. Is it too soon to say UGA will win it all next year or do we have to wait for training camp
Bring in all the South Florida studs to Gainesville
Another fake story I suppose, there is no way Mullen can get anyone Kirby wants. Besides Gilbert would become the bestest blocking TE if he went to Athens
Another stupid comment BT just like saying Mac Jones will never win the Heisman. What’s wrong with you
LOL nothing to do with you and yet can’t help yourself. Starting to look like one of the Georgia Morons bro, not good
UGAgrad thanks I guess for that delusional and worthless comment
There is nothing about Mac or Trask to bash. Stop behaving like a child
The beginning of the end for Georgia the good recruits jumping off the sinking ship Just kidding, don’t get into a wad 2023 means nothing at this junction
GOW, commie/socialists are long term planners. The Chicoms have a 100 year plan for example. So 96 years of Dem presidents in the freest country in the world is no measuring stick. You have to admit that never before in the history of this country has socialism been so close to mainstream
No need to bash Trask while bashing a poster you disagree with. Trask is a great player and more importantly a great role model, making fun of him only reveals what a Moron you are