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Mullen made some comments about the flea flickers his first season at UF and has said nothing since yet you guys can't get over it and pretend that is still going on. Why so thin skinned?
UCF wanted a home and home series. For Group of 5 schools we offer a 2 for 1 where they come to our place twice and we visit once. You see, we do not need UCF so we can, and do, ask for more out of them if they want to play us. Some do so, like USF some don't and miss the boat, like UCF since they are no longer as highly regarded as they were during their undefeated season
Yes, UF offered UCF the same deal USF accepted and the same deal they offer any Group of 5 program. UCF however wanted to be treated like a Power 5 program and thus was left out.
Nice contrast: Boxster a reasonable UGA fan has a relevant response You, a founding member of the Georgia Moron triumvirate, has a stupid response
You sound really dumb calling out a bunch of people you don't know racist. The race card has been so overplayed lately that pretty soon it will be like crying wolf
Freaking PC Police coupled with thin skinned snowflakes clamoring for safe spaces
That's so funny........NOT. What it is, is more evidence of the Georgia Moron obsession with everything Gator
UCF missed their chance, they got full of themselves after that 2018 NC
Humper no one has ever said Cochran is a "low energy POS". What I have heard from Bama fans on other threads is that he has never had to recruit anyone so I find it amusing that UGA fans are touting him as a great recruiter and even comparing him to an ace recruiter like Brewster. Amusing but not surprising as it is more evidence of the delusion going on in Athens. Kirby The Magician turning a great S/C guy with no recruiting or coaching experience into a great recruiter and excellent position coach. Just by a change in zip code, amazing! If I were a UGA fan I would like ole Kirb to use his magic to conjure a NC. Still waiting
There's Dumbo Fisher for you, overrated. It's actually worse since those numbers are from the ACC prior to Clemson's ascent. Dude had no competition and still couldn't deliver once Shameus Winston left.
Miami may make it, they don't play anyone
Look at that, yet another Georgia Moron with the Gators on his mind
Right, Cochran, who has never recruited anyone, is going to be an OK recruiter like Brewster, who is widely regarded as an ace recruiter according to his track record. I see how that works, Athens magic
Kirby Smart has lost control of his program. Just kidding, don’t get into a wad
Dang, I ask a simple, non threatening question with no insults and this is the reply I get. A typical Georgia Moron reply that doesn’t come close to answering the question but just rambles on with insults and name calling. I thought we were past that. Where is DumbDawg78 to come to my defense when I have been wronged so gratuitously? Rhetorical question, no need to answer BTW. Still why is Cochran all of a sudden a recruiter? Ole Kirb is such a master transforming S& C guys into excellent position coaches and ace recruiters like magic. He should use that magic to conjure an NC instead.......1980
According to Bama fans in a different thread, Cochran had zero recruiting experience or duties at Bama. So now just by relocating to Athens he is a recruiter?
That’s nothing bro but have you heard the one where the gap just got larger because you guys hired Cochran while we only added Brewster? By virtue of arriving in Athens, Cochran just became an ace recruiter. Now that’s a biggie.
Come on man saying GaTech matches historically with FSU is as stupid as saying Vandy is historically equivalent to LSU. Sometimes Georgia fan posts stupid sheet just for the sake of posting on the Gator side
Two points, one GaTech is your equivalent game, talk about sucking, two you guys added FSU, the same team you are making fun of to your upcoming schedule. Your posts thus make no sense at all.
Heck with all their "recruiting national championships" and the legion of 5 star talent it IS a let down every year they don't make it to the playoffs. No one does less with more talent.
That ain't Nostradamus, it's Nostradumba$$ aka Corch nibbling on your ear fool
A Tenessee troll trying hard to compete with the many Georgia Morons. Keep trying bro, you got a lot of competition from the red and dark
You UGA guys are wrong. Your “homerism” doesn’t allow you to understand that Slak is spot on with his response to UGAgrad. Instead of having perspective, while FSU sucks right now, not only have they been much much better than Tech in the past 40 years including now, they have also 3 NCs since your last one. Moral of the story, don’t come here spouting “FSU sucks” when your corresponding rival is GaTech. Don’t be so stupid bro
Yes but some programs have a built in recruiting advantage by virtue of location and in State competition or lack of. Bama better than Starkville, Athens better than Kentucky
The obsession lives on and every fanbase calls you a fool