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Do research. Markell Pack has a tendon issue in his hand and may not be able to play this year.
frivolity: Ha, that's rich... Well, when Georgia beats y'all this year, don't jump off that ledge. I wish Ole Miss were playing TN this year too so y'all would be 0-2 vs the two teams, you say, have "no impact on the CFP".
Bamatime: Quit acting like you've actually read the NOA. There's no pay for play involved whatsoever... Just stop. Also, Laremy's response saying he received money, he was referring to scholarship money. You'll soon find that out. Probably (hopefully) October, when Ole Miss can FINALLY say something.
Well, Bulldawgrock sure is bitter.... must suck having ZERO chance, as usual.
Oh look... another Bama tool bag. I'll pretend to be shocked.
I, along with all of Rebel Nation, want Mullen to stay forever! He can't touch us in recruiting and, besides that one fluke Egg Bowl, he can't beat us on the field (under Freeze). Mullen desperately wants out but no one will hire him as head coach. He puts his name out there every year and has no takers. He has some "interviews" but they never pan-out in his favor. armyguy007 is right... he can't keep assistant coaches because, word on the street is, he's horrible to work for and MSU is not a "destination" job. As long as Mullen is at Lil' MSU, Ole Miss will not lose to state again. Mark it.
Uh... that's clearly Southern Cal (USC) not South Carolina. The article states he's considering three SEC schools and those are Alabama, Ole Miss and Texas A&M. Try again, sir.
Haha ok. Now, when he's Mossing your DBs in late November, remember what you just said.
Parade? Ha, what parade? What could y'all possibly be celebrating? Thanks in advance.
Both Wilkins and Judd have he ability to bowl over defenders... reference Egg Bowl 2015. Rest in Peace
Ha, uhhh yes they will. God rest their souls. (also, it's "well" not "good")
5-star DE Jeffrey Simmons will be a Rebel as will 5-star LB Mique Juarez and you can count on that 100%.
Amen to that.... I really hope he doesn't go to the Cowboys... Regardless, I'll be happy for him wherever he goes though.
In regards to Ole Miss, I believe they have a legitimate shot at getting all three (Gary, Simmons and Juarez). With Gary, it's really between Michigan and Ole Miss at this point and it can go either way. It's up to Mama on this one.... and according to her, for Ole Miss "there's really nothing more they can do or say to give us or themselves a better impression. They are most definitely a top consideration!" With Simmons, I feel the Rebs have him locked up. Juarez, it's 50/50 between UCLA and Ole Miss and location is the main reason it's even up in the air. He wants to be a Rebel. Could happen... Just never know!
I know it's ALL about the money BUT... Bowl games used to actually mean something. Now it seems any average Joe can go to a bowl with a non-impressive season. It should be a minimum of 8 (EIGHT) wins makes you bowl eligible. A team with 5 wins going to a bowl game?? There are about 30 too many bowl games... 75? What a joke.
Nooooo Dan please stay at state forever! It's fun destroying y'all in recruiting and whooping up on y'all on the field.... I don't blame him if he leaves. Man hasn't slept in quite some time.
Daniel - what the hell are you talking about?? The cowbell is respected?? By who?? Darviathar is spot on with evey word he said... This Stingray guy is so embarrassing, along with MSU's "traditions" or lack there of. Please retire from posting on this website.
The math is correct. Chirs Wuensch accidentally put "game" instead of "carry". Relax people.....
Its actually correct. Jaylon Walton has only carried the ball 21 times for 136 yards. Jordan Wilkins is second on the team with 20 attempts for 122 yards.
I was specifically talking about LSU... I'm aware that there was footage against other teams... Either way, you completely missed the point of my post. State rarely ever beats LSU (71-34-3) and that trend will continue Saturday.
Those TWO game footage videos against LSU must have been the last two times they beat LSU... Notice the time gap. Don't worry... There will be another gap just like that. LSU wins Saturday.
HAHAHAHAHA!!!! This dude is the perfect representation on MooU... Good God, what an embarrassment.
Glad to see you broke away from your meth lab for a few minutes to post a comment. Very nice.
Oh Lord, the delusion... Miss. State will lose to Bama, Auburn, Ole Miss, LSU and A&M for sure. MSU MIGHT beat Arkansas and Mizzou... again that's a big maybe. The best record MSU will have is 7-5 this year. Accept it.
How about showing the locker rooms and facilities that are actually there NOW.... I'm not sure about the rest of the schools but Ole Miss' is all brand new and way nicer than the old facilities in this video. So, I doubt any of these are actually up-to-date.... zero credibility SDS.... way to go.
That's great looking! Will Nike be doing this shoe for every school they have a contract with? I see the Texas one and it's sharp too... I'd like to see all of them if there are more. Nike is head and shoulders above the rest and Adidas is just embarrassing. So glad the Rebs are with NIke.
I wonder how many times Dakattack will take this survey. Not saying he's obsessed with Ole Miss or anything but......... He is obsessed with Ole Miss.
Jaylon is already in Greg Little's ear! Come on down Greg... Hotty Toddy