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Thank god we dont have Musberger and Palmer or Gary and Verne.
If you have earphones in the audio is only in the left ear.
I like what he said very classy and respectful, yet confident in his team.
A. Way to leave out the 2013 Auburn vs Alabama game where AUBURN lost the turnover battle and we all know what happend, so the theroy that the only team that can beat Bama is not only false, but illogical. I mean seriously, i guess Picks and fumbles are all just fluke plays and shouldn't count as stats, since there is apparently no skill involved and you must be a complete moron to either A. Throw a Pick or B. Fumble the ball and you apparently have to do it to yourself. Yes turnovers help a ton because of field position, momentum, Your Defense being tired, etc. But to say that turnovers are the sole reason the Tide lose is Insanity. Maybe the Tide actually got beat....... hmmmm thats an interesting thought.... in fact it's so interesting i'm going to repeat it. Maybe the Tide actually you know, might have, kinda, lost maybe? Oh i forgot we are talking about the Great Perfect Alabama and wel all know they could not possibly lose a game without they themselves Blessing the other team with a Win. I mean hell, whoevers playing Bama might as well not suit up since Bama is either gonna win or give you the game.
I'm sorry the dude has ambition. And the Crap about Tebow not having the Armstrength is BS, Tebow never had the Accruacy. Now that being said Tebow is still better than Mark "Buttfumble" Sanchez and Sieman. He would do just fine in a spread offense that runs a ton of short routes and lets him run around. The only reason Chip Kelly brought him in was to sell preseason tickets. Belicheck actually wanted to see if Tebow would work in his system. Tebow would be a fine back up QB say to the Panthers,49ers, Browns or Cowboys. Now to his "Miracle" run. They ran a spread offense most of the game against the Steelers and guess what (spoiler alert) THEY WON! The next game they ran a typical Pro Offense alot of i-Form and Singleback. They ran little Shotgun and pistol unless it was 3rd down. Guess what (spoiler alert again) they lost. Don't give me the "he had a great defense" BS. Did he yes. But so did Peyton Manning last yr. As well as Cam Newton. So did the Seahawks. As well as EVERY Patriots and Ravens team to win a super bowl. But hey we aren't taking anything away from Manning, Newton, Wilson, Brady or Flacco. So why when Tebow goes deep into the playoffs with a good Defense it suddenly takes away from HIS ability?!? No hes not gonna be the Greatest QB of all time but he doesnt have to be. He's an average QB with amazing leadership ability and a work ethic that is unrivaled. And thats what makes him an Above average to good QB. Now as far as baseball goes. Who cares if he doesn't make the Majors? He's at least trying. What more can u ask from a guy he's litterally done Everything any coach has asked him. Except change positions. Why do we care if he doesnt want to change positions? If we asked Cam Newton to change positions to TE and he said No would we care? Nope we'd call his Coach or Media Member CRAZY. Last but not least you saying this is a qoute "But this is a desperate move. And it’s destined to fail — miserably. It won’t brighten one kid’s day, either." Is a desperate move yourself and shows how little class you have. The fact that u threw in that little tidbit about not making any kids day is A. Rude. B. Incorrect. When i saw he was trying Baseball again (which i knew before hand BTW) i was like Good for Him. He's trying somthing else. And C. Classless and tasteless. It just shows you feel the need to put other people down in EVERY article you "write". It just shows you must do that to make yourself feel Big. Oh by the way, Tebow has been WAY more successful already than you ever have been or ever will be.
You wanna know why all the east teams will suck? It's because every player on scholarship suddenly dies. (This was satire.) Now just because i said it was satire doesn't give me a free pass. What i wrote was terrible. I don't wish that on any team. I'm just making a point to the "Writer". I bet he would never say anything like that about his Precious ACC teams.
I like an 8 team play off but with a twist the #1-3 teams get to pick who they want to play excluding the 4th seed, instead of #1 being forced to play 8 they could say we would rather play 6 and then they would play 6. Then #2 could say you know what we'd rather play 5 and so on. That would make it interesting as well as prevent say Bama being a #1 seed and Auburn playing them very well in the Iron Bowl and we squeek in at #8 if Bama doesn't want to play us they don't have to, but if they do its Iron Bowl 2.0
Chizik is a HORRIBLE head coach he lets players do whatever the heck they want, can't lead the players or motivate them. We quit thay season. Flat out quit and that is unacceptable.
My bad. He got suspended for the game Vs Auburn.
The real wildcard is Woody Barret, don't be shocked if he starts. If he's the best QB gus will start him.
I guess Fairly & Suh feel the need to make sure everyone knows they're the baddest players on the field. Both of them set the tone for sure, but i don't know if you want that to be the tone you play the game in.
Lol. Dillon Day was the Trashiest guy ever he pulled that crap against Auburn too.
Marcus Vick was a thug, but Dumervil isn't exactly the cleanest player ever. Fairly was and still is a dirty S.O.B. Sure the hits were "clean" but they were dirty the only cleanish hit was the one where Murray got hurt. Love Murray that dude is tough as nails. I agree with the UGA Fan above Chizik Needed to grow a pair and control his team.
RebelLandSharks at least Bamatime has a job..........
This is a HUGE loss for Baylor. The kid is smart though he knew he was Proabbly gonna be Redshirted this year so you might as well transfer learn a new system, get stronger and come out ready to win.
Ok A. The only reason he went over there was because he felt like that team was trying to take him out of the game. B. If you watched the replay from another angle that coach deserves an Oscar for that acting job. And C. If the coach hadn't been on the field he wouldn't have bumped him. Im not saying Duron Carter was right but, everyone else in this situation isn't just a innocent bystander.
I'm not sure if i should be happy or sad about AU not being in the crotch vortex.
If that's the case he got seriously screwed. I remember watching his coming out party against UT this kid will play in the NFL he's THAT good.