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I personally have not heard any Auburn players, coaches, or fans express any ill-will towards Joey Gatewood, although I’m sure there are some narrow minded fans with negative sentiments. Joey appears to be a great teammate and did everything asked of him while on the plains. Just didn’t work out for kid. I’m proud of Auburn’s cooperation with Kentucky to set Gatewood up for success and would love to see him play in JHS on the 26th.
Much deserved for Coach Steele. If Auburn can’t give a good enough to complement his stellar defense, or at least keep them off the field against Minnesota, at least we can give the man some money.
I also didn’t start trash talking a stranger who merely criticized the subject of this article by bringing up an irrelevant bowl game. Apparently this guy doesn’t have a whole lot going of if he’s initiating back-and-forths over nothing.
Don’t worry, the 2020 season is only about 8 months away, and you can finally have a reason to live again.
Relax buddy. I didn’t say anything disparaging about Alabama or Najee Harris, but rather made a comment on click bait articles such as this. What I said applies to the multitude of similar articles about Auburn players or players of any other program who “have made their decision” but haven’t publicly stated it. You seem a little butt-hurt. Still sour about that iron bowl? I’m sure you’ve got a cute cousin that can cheer you up.
Good for him! I sat next to him in a class when I was student at Auburn. He was always a nice dude and very humble.
It always blows my mind that someone gets paid to write articles like these that tell us nothing. Another article that could have been a tweet: “Najee Harris has allegedly informed the Alabama coaching staff of his decision regarding the 2020 season. But we still don’t know what he’s going to do.”
Yeah! It’s a great time, as always, to be a Razorbacks fan!
He was arrested for driving without valid vehicle registration or license, admitted to smoking marijuana, and had an unlawful opened container of alcohol. I would think that would at least warrant a first half suspension. But, beauty (suspension worthy offenses) are in the eye of the beholder.
And Kirby still let him play in the sugar bowl! That’s why I’m surprised Georgia backed out on this kid.
Remember that time a Bama fan published that "Dear Tua" piece and pleaded and begged him to not "take the money and run"?
Can't be a bigger headache than Crowell, Holloman, Harvey-Clemons, Pickens, etc. etc. etc.
If Kirby allowed Cook to play in the Sugar Bowl, then this kid will fit in just fine at Georgia.
This aged well. Looks like he took the money and ran!