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Remember the time Bobby Boucher showed up at halftime and the Mud Dogs won the Bourbon Bowl?
Successful? Use the internet. Dooley was 17-20 at Louisiana Tech, including 4-8 his last year there before getting the UT job. Please explain how that is successful.
7-1 start? I know the schedule is fairly easy, but 7-1? They will likely be underdogs to South Carolina and Kentucky. Both of those teams will be more tested by the time they play Missouri.
Really? Clemson won their division in Dabo’s first full year. And I don’t recall him losing to an FCS school. Tennessee can hang on to him as long as they want to. But if Pruitt doesn’t pan out after 4 years, it’s gonna get ugly. The further away it gets from the glory days, the harder it gets to hire decent coaching talent. The truth is, UT couldn’t afford to strike out on the previous 3 coaching hires. That’s what makes it so urgent to fix the program now.
This is outrageous. I don’t think most Vols fans would agree with this at all. Volbean brought up a great point about hiring someone to replace Fulmer if he shifted positions. I think Fulmer is the right man for the AD position, and I think Pruitt needs to be replaced with someone else. I’m not sure who the right coach for the job is, but UT is still attractive enough to find a talented coach willing to take on the job. The recruiting hasn’t dropped off far enough to leave the talent pool dry. This roster can compete with the right coach. UT just has to do a better job in the vetting process. It’s last several hires have been embarrassing. And Pruitt can’t be the guy after these two losses. If their roster was barren when he took over, then sure. But there’s no excuse for losing to an FCS school.
I don't see how this is a response to my original post unless you clicked "REPLY" on accident. You've posted 9 times on this thread, which makes me think you're a Clemson fan. Regardless, the pros of being in the SEC are outweighed by the cons in Clemson's case. They would NOT have been able to build their program to its current standard if they played in the SEC. Dabo would have been fired and relegated to being a position coach again.
Clemson never would have established this dominant of a team if they played in the SEC. After Dabo's interim season, he lost 5 straight to their rival, South Carolina. They only suffered one other loss in each of those last two seasons. If they were in the SEC during those 5 seasons, they would have lost a lot more games. Dabo would've been fired, and they would not have the program they have today.