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I agree. I think he should be ahead of Jefferson. And I’m not sour we just lost to them. He’s an intimidating runner, but I think he only completed a pass further than 10 yards down the field once (the 23 yard TD). This is like ranking a triple option quarterback in the top 3. He’s a good player—I just think that Hooker displays more attributes that define a good quarterback. Hopefully this post doesn’t anger people!
I’m baffled that UT and LSU fans are saying he won’t be good because he’s coming from a different conference. Your two schools are great examples of out of conference QB transfers having great success in the SEC.
Funny you mentioned Hooker. I’m sure you knew he was going to be this good after going 2-6 in the ACC in 2020. Oklahoma beat Florida 55-20 that year. I think Rattler will be a top 4 SEC QB. I think his ceiling is 2 and his floor is 6.
OL and WR are the two that standout to me. With an A QB and A+ WR’s, we’d be projected to win 10+ games. OL’s ceiling is a B+, and the WR transfers would really have to pan out to be even a B+. The TE group should be ranked higher than the WR’s. But I’ll take the love! Hopefully he’s right!
Spurrier wasn’t going to be fired. He realized he hadn’t recruited well enough to keep the roster/depth where it needed to be and knew the game had changed. Spurrier wasn’t willing to recruit year round, so he left so that SC could hire someone who would. Most SEC fans know that we love Spurrier. He felt bad about the condition he left the roster in and left on good terms. Muschamp on the other hand is the reason the players were always injured. Lots of 1st team offense vs. 1st team defense practices and no rest days. If y’all wanted Muschamp as a head coach, y’all would have hired him. UGA did not want him after Florida or USC. Instead he is back as a DC where he is a better fit. I’m not sure if he’d want a head coaching gig again or if a SEC team would offer him one.
All the comments are from other SEC fans. Guess Vanderbilt fans don’t get on here haha. Wright needs to clean up his passing, but his dual threat ability may allow them to pull off an upset or two this season. Almost got us last year, so hopefully we’re prepared!
I’m questioning if I’d trade an UGA win for blanking during the Orange Crush (last 3 games) at the end of the season. I’d trade a win over Clemson for losing those other three!
Respect for owning it! Florida series is one of my favorites. Can’t ever use the previous year’s game to predict the outcome.
UK has been our Achilles’ heel for a long time—even when we were good and beat Clemson 5 years straight. I like to look to home field advantages in these two matchups as well. I think UT is more likely to be a win than UK this year just because of the home/away location.
I think a lot of the East matchups are toss up games. I would not definitively say which ones we will win or lose. And the ECU and Vandy games are dumb to bring up as close wins. Just because we beat Florida by 23 doesn’t mean that’s going to happen this year. Stability at the quarterback position should help this team be better than last year’s squad, but the 2-6 teams in the East are very close. People treat this like if you beat one team, you’ll beat a team they beat. That’s not how it works. UT could beat UGA and lose to Kentucky. I think the East is going to be fun to watch this year.
Beamer will not be spit out. He’s one of the few guys who will not leave us if he is successful here. We’ve taken 5 of the last 12 with the Dawgs. He sees that 3 game winning streak against UGA from 2010-2012 as the same sustained success he can bring back (in 2011 and 2012 we were the Dawgs only regular season SEC loss). He looks at what Clemson has built in our same state and knows it’s reproducible. We’re not delusional—we were on the cusp of being an every year contender against Clemson and the East 10 years ago. We had winning streaks against top tier programs. We know it’s a slow build. The guys that recruit well based on little successes like an extra big win or two can change the foundation and floor of a program in 4-5 years.
Haha! I scrolled back through because I thought I missed a couple of paragraphs. Zero evidence provided—just Galloway’s opinion.
Cam Newton, Joe Burrow, and Baker Mayfield…Jalen Hurts finished second. I don’t think he’ll win the Heisman, but it’s a terrible argument on your end.
But I do think this staff is better at developing talent. I just don’t think you can assess it til the 3rd or 4th year.
Definitely too early. We survived on transfers and the talent left on the roster last year. Development is not a one year process. I think the players are happier. And the main reason we were successful is having appropriate rest days. Muschamp’s team had an insane number of injuries. A lot of those was self-inflicted by the way they ran practices and workouts.
The good home games are all stacked all at the end of the year. First few include Georgia State, Charlotte, and SC State. These games don’t typically sellout. I think locking in season tickets in the nosebleed section may lock in revenue that may not come in for those games anyways. They are getting paid for what would typically be empty seats. But I could be wrong!
We’ll blame all of our losses on being demoralized from now on if that gets us a pass! I think the larger point people are trying to make us that this article only has us favored in 4 games. Most predictions have us at 6 wins. Gamecock fans are hoping for more than 6, but being favored in only 4 is somewhat shocking. Agreed?
Megan—Twitty? What makes you think he’s the sleeper RB? We have Wake’s starting RB and Lovasea Carroll from Georgia. Also have a solid contributor from last year in McDowell and our presumed starter in Lloyd. Could be right—just haven’t heard anyone talk too much about him.
For a view, Orange Sky is a nice restaurant on the 15th floor of the Talking Stick casino/resort. Has a fantastic view of three mountain ranges and the sunset. It also has just a bar if you don’t want the pricy menu. Other than that, we usually like to hop around Old Town to grab an app/drink at several spots. There are plenty of great restaurants throughout Phoenix, but Old Town is the most walkable. I love Julio Top’s mini chimichangas, but not a place you sit down to eat. Can’t really go wrong in Scottsdale!
They’ve been doing non-chronological recaps for some reason. Since he recapped the ending in the first few paragraphs, he just didn’t go over it again at the end. A couple of weeks ago, they recapped a game backwards (4th quarter to first). Super bizarre. Makes me feel like a crazy person.
Hey these guys work grueling 12 hour weeks!
Because he’s white? I think he’s more like a Brandon Warren. An in between stocky size—hard to find a position for.
App State is in North Carolina. He wasn’t committed to an in-state program—they were saying he lives in SC.
Alex Hickey is a Big 10 fan. This site hires the worst imaginable writers to cover SEC football. It would be like me covering cricket in India and pretending I know about the area, culture, and sport.
I just did a side-by-side comparison for this season. Hutchinson only has 15.5 TFL’s—less than half of Anderson’s production. Leaving Anderson off the ballot is completely unreasonable. He has almost the same TFL total against teams with winning records as Hutchinson has total.
That’s, a lot, of commas, sir.
Most people past the age of 10 know that NC and SC are two different states. Pretty inexcusable error. But that’s what happens when you hire a Mizzou grad to write about the southeast—different culture and no knowledge of the geography.