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Wasn't the only bad call. The targeting call at the goal line. Was NOT targeting and may have cost Auburn more in the long run. Without targeting it would have been 2nd and goal, they lost yards on the next 2 plays. The play they scored on 3rd, would have been 4th. I doubt they would have passed up a sure 3 points to get a sure 4 point lead when the just lost yardage 2 down in a row.
Just remember this is only his 4th year of fully his class. His first class was only partly his. First year coaches have to take the bulk of the previous coaches commits. 2013 NC appearance with players from previous coach 2014 top 10 in Nov. most of these players and previous years left for NFL 2015 7 - 6 rebuild with JJ QB miscalculation 2016 8 - 5 rebuillding JJ QB miscalculation 2017 10 - 3 so far Won SEC West That's really good for a 6th year head coach. Gus is learning to be a great head coach. Look at Saban's record his first 6 years. Gus just jumped in the deep end of the pool to learn to swin (The SEC Weat)
You have to call 3 holds with the runner in the middle on a game deciding play.
A big part of JJ's problem is he over cooked his arm in the weight room while sitting on the bench. If you watch his touch throws, on swing passes, he has no idea where they are going. That was the problem with the interceptions early in the year. He has one speed, 96 mph fast ball. He wasn't like that last year. If you are talking "get rid of Gus" you are a Bam period. 2 NCG in 5 years and we haven't seen one in 50 years before Gus. Sorry Bams we'll go a long way down the road on the Gus Bus. Even if it takes him a couple of years. Remember he is a 4th year HC. He is going to make some mistakes, have some down years. Saban's best season his first 6 years at a major school was 7-5. He has been coaching 15-16 years. Gus is a winner. You children wanting a new coach every time we have a bad year need to go suck your thumb. You haven't lived thru 25 years of 19 -1-4 behind the Bear. The Old Sorcerer