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Cale has been such an incredible force on the team this season. All the best to him in the future. If he doesn't end up playing on a professional level, I would love to see him come back as a coach.
I'm legitimately worried about what he's going to do to our secondary. This game is going to be a shootout.
You guys always know how to keep it close. I'm expecting that the game on Saturday will come down to whoever can close it out in the 4th quarter.
That game has potential to be very close, if you can stop Etienne I think you guys have a really good chance. Rooting for you guys!
The Florida game always makes me nervous. Looking forward to a good one this year.
Rountree is poised to have a really special year, here's hoping he stays healthy!
Do you even know of this case? 1 tutor was caught doing homework for a few players and Missouri was the one that reported her to the NCAA. She was acting on her own, not under the direction of the football program, and she was turned in by the program when they found out. That's showing integrity to me. Should we be punished? Sure. She was cheating and that is not allowed. But the University of Missouri has done everything to keep in line with NCAA standards, did not try to hide any wrongdoing, and were slapped with an egregiously heavy punishment for doing so.
Arkansas-PineBluff has one of my favorite logos for any college football team; I love that crazy lion with UAPB in his mane
Kim was such an incredibly smart player, on and off the court. Good pick up, Tennessee!
I'm liking Bryant more and more each day. Looks like the team is rallying together, hopefully he can step into a leadership role and come into his own at Mizzou
LAX is garbage. Fly into Burbank instead. Flights might be slightly cheaper, but you're in and out of that airport in half the time of LAX, and it's much closer to the Rose Bowl
Truman is so dopey and I love him more than most of our players
GREAT news! Here's hoping he and Bryant can connect a lot next season
I'm really going to miss Drew. Here's hoping he has a decent career in the NFL
That was my favorite bowl game to attend live. Not only did we hold Heisman runner-up Darren McFadden to 100 yards rushing, but Tony Temple ran for 280 yards and scored 4 touchdowns.
They beat us once, in 2015. But I'm with you, I don't understand why the rivalry hasn't found footing. One of my favorite games to attend as a student was the 2008 Cotton Bowl. Heisman runner-up Darren McFadden was largely ineffective, but one of Mizzou's forgotten RBs, Tony Temple, ran for 286 yards and scored 4 touchdowns, breaking a Cotton Bowl record. Mizzou won by 30 points. You'd think, after a beatdown like that, you'd be fired up to get revenge.
I'm loving the white helmets this year. Was not expecting that.
Also, the name originated from the Civil War, so I think a lot of Missouri fans hold the title "Tiger" near and dear to our hearts
It's definitely time to sink or swim for this Mizzou team. They definitely have flashes of greatness, but it's going to take a lot more than that to pull out a win.
I'm excited, should be a good game. I don't see Georgia losing, but if Mizzou can keep it competitive, I'll be happy.
How is this wearing a costume? It's all white for an away game, for crying out loud. They're wearing a white helmet, so what?
The look is classic enough, but not too flashy. I wasn't completely sold until I saw the columns on the waistband.
I'm completely with you. As a former alumni, I know how uncomfortable of an atmosphere it was on campus for people of color. Other people are calling to take their scholarships, but I don't think they realize that this is bigger than football. Yeah, sports are great, but if you don't feel safe living in a city, why would you want to get an education there? Racism exists, but just accepting it as "something that happens" is a dangerous sentiment. I'm extremely proud of all of these students, and disappointed in sports fans for not understanding how brave these kids are being.
Just so you know, the only reason that fumble was called was because Arkansas called the timeout and gave the refs time to review the play. If you hadn't have done that, the ball would still be yours. Whine all you want, but Arkansas shot themselves in the foot there.