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Give me a freaking break with this BS about his “packing The Swamp” comments and about what happened Saturday. Any coach that wouldn’t want to see fans in the stands doesn’t deserve to be on the sidelines... of course a coach should want to see fans in attendance: it makes a huge difference! As for Saturday, he just watched his QB take a blatant late hit that wasn’t called: any coach that wouldn’t get off his a$$ and challenge the officials after seeing that isn’t worthy of the players’ respect. Mullen is a players’ and a fans’ coach, and we’re lucky to have him... and Paul Finebaum can stick his opinion somewhere it’ll take a doctor to get it out
Sweet! How soon can he play... I’m thinking maybe this Saturday?
This is just like in “Rocky I,” when Rocky lost to Apollo Creed, and, instead of training up to get better to go back to beat Apollo later, he decided to sue Apollo for being a big meanie-head... oh wait, never mind.
Perhaps McKenzie Milton can help refresh my memory: which team actually beat LSU this season... when they were actually playing with a first string defense, no less??? Oh yeah... that’s what I thought. GO GATORS (BTW: I’m questioning his smarts if he fell for the obviously photoshopped whiteboard )
Looks like that internship at Bama paid off