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You are correct. Lately this organization has been in charge of the investigation of Bamas mediocre football season after a rebuilding year. Case is almost closed.
I’m all for fan smack talk and competition. I work for the FBI and now your IP address is on our list. What you just said is foul and it’s not acceptable. If you have a VPN we are on that too. This is not acceptable. Go Dawgs
I saw something about where Jimbo Fisher gets paid $750K per game vs Cadillac’s $29K and some change. That’s wild.
Hendon Hooker lost his heisman on November 5th. And tha td on your coach. According to your logic.
It’s the titty milk gwhite. Your coach feeds the team titty milk. Quit making excuses. U watched your team get dominated by the Dawgs. And nothing will change it on a neutral field. When the offense throws for more than 4 passes in the second half your team gets whipped, yet again. Big 12 football don’t work in the SEC
Gwhite here’s your cold, fresh titty milk. Tennessee does have a very legit offense. Playing in Athens was tough. But the thing that stands out is that the Dawgs physicality showed. Unless the Vols can match that, they have no chance in the playoffs. End of story.
gwhite you have the most ‘beautiful’ mind on this site. I give u props.
gwhite that expired titty milk is calling your name. Drink up.
Gwhite I think you must’ve breast fed until 35 yrs old. The only explanation how your brain got twisted. Mommy’s milk expired son.
I think Mizzou may throw this game so they can try to end up 6-6 on the season and accept a bowl bid more suitable for them. Ssssh, don’t tell gwhite other coaches are catching on to the ‘real’ winning strategy to be successful in the long run.
Gwhite, it’s like music to our ears. You can’t even eat the crow you dished out and have a slice of humble pie after the results. It takes a ‘beautiful’ mind to actually say your coach threw the game after you say things like this before the game. But you’re right, Vols did outscored Dawgs in the 4th qtr after that vaunted Tennesse D ‘shut’ us down. That TD with 4+ minutes left in the game was cute. The whole nation watched the Vols get dominated this past Saturday. Your coach needs to learn to throw games a little better. It was not close. “The real question is this. Can UGA keep TN from scoring 30 before halftime? No, I don’t think they can, let alone an entire game. To me, TN with the better offense can control the tempo of this game like they did the UK game. I think UGA has no chance at stopping the run or pass of TN because TN can use either to open up the other(pass or run). Few teams can do this. Also, there isn’t a safety of corner that’s been able to stop TN’s WR all season. UGA runs the same Defense that Bama and Saban run, so those matchups won’t work when you consider that Bama’s safety’s and corners are every bit as good as UGA’s and most likely better. There is no playbook or blueprint on how to stop a Tempo Spread Offense run at this level, and in the SEC. If there was Saban, Kelly and Stoops would have found it. Everything Kirby knows is from Saban and your only as good as your teacher. I think TN scores nearly 30 by halftime as near their per usual and wears the UGA D down. TN wins by playing less than 60 snaps on D. TN 48 UGA 28”
Gwhite - did you ever think that Kirby toyed with your coach in his attempt to lose the game in a controlling manner? I mean, your coach has to be an evil genius to even come up with such a scheme….to puppet master a plan not to lose in an embarrassing manner. King Kirby allowed your coach to only lose by 14 pts, meanwhile ruining Hooker’s heisman hopes and meanwhile throwing downfield passes from SBIV like it was taking candy from a baby. And you’re right….JH completely controlled the game in the 3rd qtr when he secretly allowed the Dawgs to run 8 mins off the clock just so he could keep the game close. Your coach is the incumbent GOAT. I can’t wait until he tries to win the game, if they make it to the playoffs.