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Pittman just needs to win 1 game and it will be considered to be more successful than Morris.
I will only go back to 2012, since we joined the SEC, so that wouldn't include Aldon Smith, or someone like Maclin. Mizzou would probably be looking at the DL, so one of Charles Harris, Kony Ealy, Shane Ray, Markus Golden, or Michael Sam. If we were to go offense, probably on the Oline, and I would go with Mitch Morse. If we went skill position, it would be hard not to choose DGB, but I would ultimately choose Marcus Murphy.
Just a tidbit from the Mizzou side, we did not offer him, did not feel like he was SEC level recruit. Could end up being but the way our coaching staff has attacked the state and not offered stands out a little bit. He is not a top 10 recruit from the state, maybe top 20. His teammate is the best recruit out of KC, and all indication is down to OU or Mizzou.
Not one mention of Mizzou in a SEC basketball preview, not even for our November Tournament Hall of Fame Classic. We also play a ranked Xavier team in November.
I'm sure Chad Morris can finally win his first P5 game in year 3.
Since 2015, there has been a real decline in fan support, and many of those fans won't return. That's a shame but thats their decision. Realistically, the fans won't come back until they compete for an SEC East division championship. Looking at it from the past, its about the same attendance compared to early Pinkel years until he started winning Big12 North Titles, then the placed sold out for the most part.
Kentucky could lose this game and still likely get to a bowl game (arky, tenn, vandy, tn-martin, and louisville). They also get Missouri at home. Even though its still a long shot, South Carolina can still get a bowl game with a W.
In no world the situation for the hawgs even comparable to Mizzou right now. Enjoy the cellar.
I saw this one being floated around: Mizzou wins 11 games but doesn't win a game against a ranked team.
Could this be the first not to have the Washington State Flag waving in the background?
Same thought, would be nice to see clear pics of them. Save the videos for Fridays.
Part of the Independent that is allowed. Ask Tennessee.
As a Mizzou fan, a lot will have to go our way to win the division, especially with playing at GA, but we do get FL, Tenn, and USCe at home, plus our West Division opponents are Ole Miss and Arky. USCe has to play both A&M and Bama, which will probably be 0-2, which automatically puts them behind the other "contenders".
There is a clear difference between that and the Penn State kicker, and that was when the player grabbed the kids throat and choked slammed him. If that happened in a college game, that player would definitely be suspended by the team/university/conference, the opposing university would support assault charges be filed, and yes there would be a review for expulsion.
Let me know how you end up after putting your mortgage on wyoming beating mizzou. Or too big of a pu$$y to put your money where your mouth is.
I do not see LSU making it through this season with less than 5 losses. Auburn could very well lose 4. I think they will have to both be top 15 at the end of the year to make it past other teams vying for a playoff spot. There are a handful of teams outside of the SEC that can afford 1 loss and still make it into the playoff. USC or Washington from the PAC Michigan, Michigan St, Penn St, or Ohio St from the Big 10 Oklahoma, Texas, TCU, or WVU from the Big12 Clemson, Miami, or Florida St from the ACC Notre Dame All of these teams would go ahead of Georgia with 1 loss
she was not a journalism professor, so not understanding the point you are trying to make
trying to call out Kentucky, Missouri, and Vanderbilt inexplicably. As a Tenn Grad/fan, makes sense
Graduate from Tennessee, makes sense that this is a sh!t article now. Go to real journalism school. And win a few games before calling out other programs not caring about a sport you suck at.
I agree with you about Odom. Basically the author is saying there is a 10% chance he is fired. I would say there is 100% chance he is fired if they don't make a bowl game. The author then must think that they 90% to make a bowl game. Will fans be happy with only 6 wins? No. We are expecting a shot at the East title with what players we have returning. Not saying that will happen. Anything short of 8 wins plus bowl will be upsetting.
WR: Nate Brown is the right choice unless any of the newcomers take over, which I believe would be limited to Harry Ballard or Daron Davis. RB: Combination of Rountree and Crockett will be one of the best next year. I am more worried about the 3rd running back than replacing Witter. DE: I do not know how 4* Tre Williams was omitted, while also not including 4* Daniel Parker Jr. Both will see field next year. Nose Tackle: The players listed will probably be depth guys. Jordan Elliot, Antar Thompson, and Akial Byers, along with TBJ will be the 2 deep at DT. Safety: Perkins is a downgrade from Sherrils. We don't really have any other options outside of moving Demarkus Acy back to Safety, or Grad Transfer. This to me is the biggest concern on defense for next year.
Then why did he include Colorado St which is in the MWC? Memphis>Colorado St @Purdue is a Power 5 team, better than .500 and coming off a bowl win against Arizona. I am not saying Mizzou's Non-Con scheduling is the most difficult, far from it, but these games are superior to both the Colorado St matchups. It's almost like the author didn't even look a the Mizzou's Schedule.
Not sure how Mizzou hosting Memphis is omitted, yet Colorado St is on twice. Memphis is clearly a better team. I would even argue Mizzou @ Purdue is a better game, considering both Mizzou and Purdue are better than both Arky and Colorado St.