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Good pickup. This line is a bit cautionary “productive against small school competition”...but I’ll assume he can step up several levels.
One of the things I get a kick out of with NCAAFB as a whole, and we SEC fans specifically, is how folks bad mouth their own teams. “Yeah, suck. Can’t wait ‘til next year! We’ll whip butts!” Can’t wait for September!
Agreed. However, The bowl record is misleading. The SEC was favored in all but 1 of the bowls. They were supposed to win a huge percentage of those games.
Time to move on from Fromm. Great run. Maybe he’ll find an NFL team that needs a slow, relatively small, mediocre arm leader who has good character. Basically, Tim Tebow without the size, running ability, Natty, or Heisman. No idea why UGA recruited dual threat QBs with the offense they run. They really screwed the pooch with Fields. Gonna be loads of changes on the offense. Look forward to seeing how it plays out.
This “Bowl Challenge” is silly. The SEC was favored in, what, 8 of the 9 bowls they played in. Years that the SEC was “down” in the bowls they weren’t favored. Just silliness. Now, how many times did they, or another conference’s teams cover the spread? That might tell you something. Otherwise it is just a inconclusive way of determining which conference is deeper/better.
I call BS on “arguably the best offensive line”. That’s just wrong. Show me 3 games where they dominated the line of scrimmage in the first half. The pass block well and run block well in games where the other team isn’t deep. And, Finebaum has got to know the receiver drop off between last year and this year was huge. It was a bit of a smoke and mirrors season for UGA, imho. Given how they played most games, they did well. Most of that is/was due to depth on defense. The offense was abysmal given the supposed talent and hype of that overrated O-line. Still...Go Dawgs! Love watching them (and about 8 other teams).
Urban needs to learn that is not just him that needs to have fun, it’s also the viewer. Pat does a good job as an analyst and is also funny. Maybe Urban should jump in a lake.
And it’s not like it was the first time that phrase has been used.
its the inconsistency that’s frustrating. SCAR has historically been really tough on defense, especially d-backs. They typically can run the ball well and throw good enough. They’ve had injuries, which may explain some of it, but they are just inconsistent. They looked good against UGA, as an example. That’s a coaching thing...may not be Muschamp directly, but he’s got to take the blame and ownership. I don’t think he should go...yet. Doesn’t help the Clemson is pulling top tier talent from not just SC, but the neighbor states and nationally.
Yep. Go to Minneapolis! Doesn’t change the importance of the LSU-Bama game and shows a little love to the gophers. They were just at NDSU-SD, didn’t impact the WISC-tOSU or AU-LSU. Gopher it.
I’m pretty tired of hearing about UGAs offensive line. From what I’ve seen they are big. That’s it. Sure, they are better in the 4th quarter, mostly, but they’re mediocre, at best, early. Pass protection has been poor, partly because receivers don’t get open/separation, and the run game has been getting worse early in games. 4 turnovers vs anybody, as was the case with SCAR, make it hard to beat anyone. Hopefully they’ll get their act together in Jacksonville. Go Dawgs!