I Am a Florida Gator fan (Georgia trust us we will destroy you or at least come close to doing so) i have been since when i remember and i hope we win a natty some time in the future.

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Dang this kid had a lot of potential to bad he left, y is every one leaving it seems like.
Cause alot of those schools are rivals of Georgia Escpecially Auburn, and Alabama.
Dude i noticed Negan Georgia has got good recruits but is it just me or does he not like Georgia get your facts straight your wrong as usual.
Aman Byu obviously had a better offense and samething goes with Bama, Coastal, Gators, and possibly the end of year uga.
Lets go my guy. Georgia fans hated you, we loved you, and now you really did prove that you are fast (was already pretty obvious) and because of that you might just be one of the best nfl prospects.
Not gonna lie you all have a fairly decent QB now, but it depends on your O line will they be able to protect him well enough. i mean sure he is fairly accurate but will in some essential games will he be able to compete with Jt Daniels, Emory Jones (the best of them all o_-) Bryce Young, Matt Coral. Now this kid defiantly has the potential but he will have to step up his game... a lot. But like i said he has a lot of potential especially, with the new coach Tn has.
Dang that impressive, Now that i saw him i want to see him race that kid from georgia Ben clevland
Yes i have seen them practice recently, and well i focused on Emory Jones, and his accuracy is defiantly improved and also his run game is better than it previously was, which is surprising because he is already a great runner, so i agree with you, Emory is going to surprise a lot of people.
It s kind of embarrassing i mean we beat a top ten team then next thing i know we lose to a team that we could have easily beaten, but at least we tried.... i guess.
Oh no poor kid. I hope the person that did it gets punished really really badly. To bad that dont hang people any more.
Who knows maybe this kid could help us rebuild our offense (i mean we dont have a bad offense this year by any means) but i wish him luck out there and welcome to the family!
Y'all still need a five star but still good job at getting him just hope he does as well as he did in hs
Mhm, even if he does lose weight you will say he is to fat cause you jealous that we have a legit good dt.
True sure they got the defensive guy from Notre Dame but i think not even Nick Sabin could rebuild a team like this, the skill is just not there.
Same Florida Got nailed by Number 21 (the only rank that is able to beat us) we need to do better defensively
Good job kid i am very proud of you, anything to keep Tn from Being elite again is a good sign in my book.
i mean it kinf od depends on how much either team loses by just say they lost by 1 touch down and we only lost by a field goal, that would mean we would most likely be #1 in the division or vice versa
Guys... if i get recruited by Tn and Clemson i would do what this gut did and go out to Clemson
Red and black sorry to say nick Saban is still gonna melt y'all like he did last year