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The point of football is to beat your opponents, not cheer for them.
Miss St. vs. Texas Tech is the one to watch. That's Leach vs. his old program. Pretty sure he is going to cook up some extra stuff for his former employer.
I should say, I don't know much about Venables defenses and how good they were / are. I do know he was at OU for 9-10 years so there is an obvious connection there.
Not saying these guys are targeted by OU, just my thoughts. -Coach bro (kliff) isn't leaving the NFL to go coach OU. Even if he wanted to, why would you want that guy? Was his time at Tech not bad enough? -Rhule, that's funny. He's currently coaching in the NFL with a massive contract. I do realize the average NFL coaching tenure is rather short, but anything about Rhule going back to college is 2-3 years premature. -I know nothing about Beamer. -Venables. I don't know much about the guy. -Jim Knowles. Thats an intriguing name. Problem is, who does he bring in as OC and DC? -Fickell. He's not going to OU. -Mark Stoops. That would be a disaster. -Aranda. He's not leaving Baylor (yet). Check back in 3 years.
Aranda isn't in consideration. Whenever you see an article saying he is a candidate and actually look at the article, you find out its just a blogger who thinks he should be considered. Sort of click bait + info manipulation. Plus, Aranda didn't turn around Baylor. They were 11-3 the year before he got there..
He's spot on. You can't have some conferences play 8 conference games, while others play 9 and you can't have patsies in Nov while others play theirs in September. Just apply what NCAAF, its rankings and the absurd CFB to another major sport. Lets to MLB. So there are only 4 teams invited to the MLB playoffs and they are invited based on win totals, or who is perceived to be the best. Well guess what - Atlanta would not have made the playoffs this year. There is no legitimate argument that the current 'system' in place for post season games is anything more than exhibition games pitting teams for the sole purpose to make people money.
The CFP lacks credibility. It's not a playoff, its an invitational. It's not even sanctioned by the NCAA and as such, there is no recognized NCAA champ in the FBS. So all of this BCS and BCS V.2 (CFP) stuff - pointless. It only serves to make people money.
UT alumnus here. It's quite aggravating that the 'powers that be' are not taking into account what these ridiculous "cross the country" conferences do to fans. I'm not spending thousands of dollars on airfare/hotel/car to see an out of state game. No effin way. The fun and excitement of CFB is founded in local / close geographical rivalries. I went to high school with a lot of guys who went ended up at schools scattered across Texas. We trade off and go visit each other, see our teams play. The more they get away from that, the less people are going to attend. I could give a rats behind about playing, well anyone in the SEC. I don't know anyone from those schools and I'm not ever going to fly to see an away game. I hope every 'away' team has zero fans show up to these dumb *ss matchups and maybe they will get the hint.
UT hasn't won a B12 title in over a decade.OU has owned that conference...
The Pac12 declined adding UT years back because UT insisted on keeping their longhorn network and the P12 said they were a conference first organization, not an individual institution organization. That's all you need to know about UT..