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I agree that Simmons' punishment should've been harsher. A whole season would've been a good start. However, rescinding his scholarship only opens the door for Hugh 'I like hookers' Freeze to offer him a scholarship (and don't think he wouldn't). It's nice seeing an OM fan making comments on a Miss State story in light of the dumster fire that's been the OM program the last couple years.
A Georgia fan's comment carries little weight. That is all.
Need to hang on to Grantham as well. What he did with the defense was miraculous.
You know who I'd love to meet face to face? SECond to None. It'd be fun to watch him clam up quick.
OM is dirty on and off the field. Enjoy the tainted win.
Look at the guy who dove for his feet. It was a shady play at best.
I will say this. Look at what Alabama was before Bear Bryant. Look at Florida before Spurrier. Tennessee before Fulmer. Mullen could be that guy at State.
Also, I've read all the comments youve made. Every single one of them is either about MSU or Ole Miss. For someone who claims to hate Mississippi so much, you sure do spend a lot of time thinking about it. Actions speak louder than words. I wouldn't expect less from someone who likely dropped out of high school.
You're not offering facts. What you're doing is hurling insults. That's different. Fact: I received my degree from Mississippi State and am using that degree to work and live my life. Fact: Your juvenile behavior can't change that. Fact: You are completely irrelevant.
I'm sorry that you're blaming it on your crappy IPhone. Your much better education has instilled in you such a work ethic that you can't even be bothered to check your spelling and grammar. You talk so much crap while you hide in anonymity. Classic troll behavior. Sad. Pathetic.
'A school know for its education...' Hmmmm... I see you probably didn't do well, wherever that was.
Facts? Lol. What facts? I only see ignorance from someone who won't even claim his school!
Florida would NOT be a better job. If he doesn't win a national championship is the first 2 years, they'll fire him. It's about more than the facilities and the money. There's something to be said about job security.
How am I a disgrace to the conference? Please explain.
Apparently you do. You keep commenting on articles about it.
Somebody actually talking trash over UNIFORMS?! Good grief!
Blah blah blah... the stuck record continues. I've not seen one State fam talking smack. We are supposed to think our team will win, you dense moron. I've never seen one person b*tch so much about what other people say about his/her team. You must be PISSED that Georgia wasn't picked to win the SEC, national championship, the Woeld Series, and Wimbledon. Give it a rest. Jeez!
You've been whining about this game for a week. Last I checked, Georgia is favored to win. Chill out, you big crybaby.
I do not like these kinds of articles. It creates drama where none should exist. The ONLY thing anybody associated with MSU football should be thinking about is the game against Georgia.
I love passive aggressive garbage. Nobody here is taking like that. Stop being a drama queen.
It burns, doesn't it? Realizing your team is overrated? You should be careful hoping we will 'have dozens of similar pictures'. If we really are that bad, what does that make LSU? The bottom line is LSU got their collective ass kicked and you're looking at someone to dump on. Sore loser much?
This game really surprised me. I expected another close game. LSU played hard, but lack of depth at DT and head scratching penalties didn't help. Hopefully, we can ride this momentum into Athens next week. HAIL STATE!