Play football from 4th grade up to 3 years of D1AA football, understand the game really well, from Mississippi so football is life!

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Mississippi State is like a leopard crouching in tall bushes ready to pounce! best quarterback in the sec, all sec freshman d-lineman, all sec freshman linebacker... very experienced secondary we should be better than decent.
Thank you for saying what you said, state fans are really getting beside themselves... For a coach to change the culture at a program like our with as many losing season, you would think he would get more thank you from fans even if he decided to leave... And I don't know what's worse a state fan agreeing with an ole miss fan or some of the acting like ole miss fans... I hope state fans don't become like ole miss delusional fans...
Ole miss fans really chaps my bottom, fishing for complements we all said good win but still going on and on... Than Mullen is a great coach and Mullen and miss state shaped and developed dak into the QB he is today the same QB ole miss and the media wrote off saying he can't throw but look what you saying now, the same Mississippi State that was picked last in the west division and Dan Mullen done it the right way recruiting honestly! Can any ole miss fan tell me how a unknown high school coach take over a 2-11 program and get 3 top players in their position and a handful of 4 star athletes to Mississippi? And don't say the program because it suck before he got there
You I think a lot ppl read what USA today wrote and think this rivalry was named because two bad teams but I think I was named the egg bowl because it was originally played on thanksgiving make sense!
Love how Christopher Smith threw a slant toward Mississippi State next year, haven't we made analyst eat enough words... Still not full i see, luckly thanksgiving can hold you over!
This tells me even if every other team ahead of Michigan State win out Michigan is still getting in
The offensive line in this game look like a high school line at best that was just embarrassing as a unit you tell me we have the best QB in the sec and can't protect him just awful... We have up like 5 sacks in the first half alone... And the worst part I haven't seen a soul get into this offensive line ass for horrible play all season long. And Kivon Coman can't be you game ball player this the guy who missed both tackles on Henry with went for 140 together he was literally scared to tackle him and the last one he had an angle on herny and its like he didn't want to touch him
You guys stay tuned to this team called Mississippi state we are scratching and claw our way thru this sec thing every year starting last year!
FLA State is the real mystery in this new poll gators beat Vandy and drop 1 slot semionals lose to Clemson and stay at 16 doesn't move WTH!!????
what the hell you mean, every student that attend that school have to pay the same thing athlete or not... yes their are on scholarship but considering what they have to go through and also keep their grades up to hopefully get a degree to hopefully get a job in this lopsided economy.... and this is 2015 athletes dont need national exposure to get in the NFL, what the hell is fast track i thought they get drafted and signed around the same time, and no they are not living poor but its not far from it
says the athlete who conference makes 30 million a year but he only see about four thousand a month in scholarship money if that!
love our fans being realistic about this game... but there is a possibility, we have to execute at an high level and find some type of a running game if any!
yes if they lose late of course they wouldnt get in the CFP, but they will more than likely get into a new years six bowl instead of a better and more deserving team because of nearly insane preseason ranking and weak scheduling....
You know it's really not fair the big 10 and big 12 get to hover inside the top 10 because the are yet to play a good opponent and they don't play each other until the last couple weeks of regular season, for these teams they should be ranked strictly on strength of opponent... It one thing for a team to play a decent team and figure out who's good and who not as dominate like what happens in the SEC.... But it's another for top ten teams to struggle with teams ranked outside the top 35 in preseason and still rank outside the top 35 during the season.... Kudos to teams like LSU, Gators, and Clemson who worked their way in!
And it sucks cause we got teams ranked ahead of miss state like unc who lost to SC who's down this year and ok state who's yet to play a meaningful game Baylor also...
State wasn't really rebuilding we just got a good bit of unknown players... The media write state off every year because there lazy when it comes to ms state, the same guys who have you thinking auburn would be conference and national champions,
Hope miss state players stay if so we controlling the west next year!
yeah and the reason why state have flown under the radar is because we got snubbed in preseason rankings!
I know who's really pissed, those boosters for the 2013 class and the KKK that shows up there every single year must be comfortable!
I do think there is a lack of fundamentals as for as carrying the ball and receiver looking the ball in! But state as a team is one of the least penalized teams...
we are in of a play maker on both sides of the ball, we had a good amount of turnovers but none of them came by the way of int, somebody must step up!
i hate to say but, Dan Mullen need more management skills with what was not good and very scared at times, and playing freshmen who's clearly making plays, defense - we cant blame them but this sitting back and taking it til their in the red zone is not getting it done, we are giving away the whole first quarter to the other offense.... the offense its just not getting it done the coaching chemistry is not good and its obvious.... dont understand why we changed the game plan thats been working for us since the lsu game!
state just have to protect itself from big or explosive plays, if you take explosive plays away from atm i doubt they are 4-0