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I don’t believe auburn will beat Georgia or Alabama I might be wrong but I mean if we do it will be because of our defense. Georgia has a better defense than Alabama. Alabama has a better offense than Georgia does. I believe Auburn’s next win will be samford that’s just me.
Gus and his offense is pathetic plain and simple. No way auburn beats Georgia & Alabama no way I don’t believe it.
Arkansas should of took Gus.. I’m sure Arkansas will fire Chad Morris he’s not a sec coach he might of should of stayed at smu.
Auburn would be undefeated if it wasn’t for ole Gus. We got one of the best defenses in college football who keeps us in games. As long as we got Gus we will be mediocre that’s it for me Gus Malzahn’s time is over at auburn I no longer support him. He’s 2-4 in bowls only power five win in a bowl is Purdue pathetic it’s time to move on. Idc what happens vs Georgia or Alabama Gus has to go. FireGus!!!
I’m sorry but auburn will not win but two more games ole miss & samford. Gus is done at Auburn he’s killing the program fast auburn needs a winner not a mediocre coach like Gus.
Lsu ha a really good team this year. I’m not sure auburn will win. Auburn hasn’t won at LSU since 1999 it’s been 20 years so I don’t think that will change. I mean crazy stuff happens when auburn and lsu plays but I think LSU will win.
Being number one ain’t going to matter if you don’t beat bama. The LSU-Alabama game should be a good one but I’m sure Alabama will win.
First I wanna say I hope tua is ok hope he makes it back soon. Next I wanna say those new led lights are awesome I love em. Tennessee I’m sorry you’ve lost 13 in a row to Alabama it must suck to lose that many auburn lost to bama 9 years in a row once I mean I wasn’t born yet but I know about it. Get better soon tua.
Alabama will kill Tennessee once again. Tennessee will win one again one day but not this year Alabama’s WR are really good I didn’t really know until I seen the A&M game my god they are good. The offense is really good I don’t see anybody beating Alabama other than maybe just maybe LSU but nobody else will including Auburn it kills me to say that but it’s true.
Who really cares about this poll. Auburn shouldn’t be ranked in my opinion only good thing about auburn is the defense period. I also think the LSU game will decide Gus Malzahn’s future. If not LSU Georgia & Alabama will for sure.
I’m against athletes getting paid if they wanna get paid get a job. Them getting paid will make college sports very uninteresting they won’t care about it that will just make them do whatever they want. But i do think some teams are playing players to play for them.
If Auburn loses to LSU and Alabama auburn will have no choice but to fire Gus. Auburn already lost to Florida Lsu looked good on offense Alabama looks very good on offense Georgia doesn’t look that good to me. I don’t think the iron bowl will be that close myself I guess we’ll see.
Auburn & Georgia is great too but I prefer the iron bowl. When Auburn does beat Alabama it’s the greatest feeling in the world I’m sure bama fans think so about auburn too.
The iron bowl is the single best rivalry in college football nothing comes close to it. Look at all the great games between Alabama & Auburn no other rivalry has those games. The last few iron bowls has meant something like the sec championship and the winner usually ends up playing in the national championship. Manly Alabama goes but still its the greatest ever.
Again it all falls on coaching if it wasn’t for our defense it would of been a blow out. Gus also can’t use crowd noise as a excuse texas A&M crowd was bigger 101,000 people over there so don’t use that Gus. It all falls on the coach I blame 100 percent.
I think it will be a really good one. The only game beside Bama and Georgia I’m worried bout really is playing LSU in Death Valley I’m worried about it. LSU is tough at home. Auburn lost a close one last year in Jordan-Hare.
Let’s see auburn has beat so far two top 25 teams maybe three this coming Saturday with Florida. How many ranked teams has number one alabama beat ??? 0
Plus bama will play western carolina. Georgia did beat notre dame so I guess I agree with that one. My top ten would be Georgia Lsu Auburn Oklahoma Clemson Alabama Ohio St Texas Notre Dame Wisconsin.
Idk why everybody is high on Ohio st what have they done??? They are undefeated because they haven’t played anybody no top 25 wins there non conference sucked Florida Atlantic Cincinnati & Miami Ohio. Alabama too 0 top 25 wins there non conference was Duke Southern Miss New & Mexico State. Bama won’t play any good rank teams til prolly Lsu.
It’ll be a good game I’m sure. Last time Auburn and Florida Played at Florida it was a heart attack game 20-17. Idk if this one will be or not but I expect it will be. I almost died that night very close very good game.
If Auburn beats Florida that will be Auburn’s third top 25 win. What other school can say that??? We got some tough games left Lsu Georgia & Alabama. Auburn beat Oregon Texas A&M maybe Florida.
War Eagle.. Its good to see Auburn 4-0 (1-0) Sec glad they got the win more work to do. Good Luck Georgia Hope Y’all Beat Notre Dame.
You know man I got Hulu but not Hulu live. I should of because direct tv was going to charge 200 to just to watch tv I threatened to leave so they lowered but should of just left. I wish I had of went to Hulu live.
What if Pruitt goes winless ??? What will Tennessee do?? It looks like that might happen. Will fulmer fire him?? He might but I honestly think he deserves a chance Tennessee can’t keep hiring and firing coaches. I feel bad for the Vols I know it sucks right now haven’t won a sec championship in years haven’t Beatin Alabama in years no national championships since 1998 no playoff appearances its bad at Tennessee right now. But just give Pruitt a chance I think he can turn it around. Gus Malzahn don’t have any National Championships as a head coach he does as a oc did play for one as a head coach in 2013. He does have 2 sec west championships and one sec championship. There is only two sec coaches with a national championship fisher and Saban. Why didn’t tennessee go after fisher ?? Or Kirby Smart?? Pruitt has a lot of work to do a lot but i don’t think this season will end good for Vols fans.
Michigan ain’t going to the playoffs it ain’t happening. But if they do Alabama will beat Michigan up something like 55-0 they barley beat army. As for auburn as of now I don’t know if it will be a January bowl i think auburn might finish with 6 or 7 8 wins maybe. Auburn has a lot of work to do on the offense side of the ball. I believe they can get it fixed but gotta fix it soon. Texas a&m is coming up Florida Lsu Georgia Alabama etc.
Jeremy Pruitt better find answers quick it won’t get any easier from here. Gotta Start sec play soon Georgia Florida Alabama etc. I’m a little surprised Tennessee is 0-2 a little surprised. I do agree with the bama fan Pruitt did inherite a bad program but that’s prolly no excuse saban inherited a pretty bad program he didn’t start 0-2 I know saban is different from Pruitt I guess.
Alabama fans are just pissed auburn beat a ranked team and they didn’t. Bama is worried auburn is going to whipped that a**. Tua ain’t Mr Perfect he’s overrated Clemson showed that I knew a team would eventually figure tua out and whip bama. Mr Tidepit77 is nervous about what he saw.
Tennessee Fans I’m sure it will get better it’s just one game. I know it was Georgia State and as a auburn fan I’d be pissed too but I think coach Pruitt will get it fixed you can’t go around saying fired the guy it’s his second year not his fourth or Fifth year. Tennessee can win some games if the mess gets cleaned up it will be ok. I know y’all are tired of being a mediocre team and wanna win games and championships he will get you there.
Don’t be pissed bc auburn beat Oregon. I mean we all can’t play duke. Who was once on a 20 game losing streak.