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You know man I got Hulu but not Hulu live. I should of because direct tv was going to charge 200 to just to watch tv I threatened to leave so they lowered but should of just left. I wish I had of went to Hulu live.
What if Pruitt goes winless ??? What will Tennessee do?? It looks like that might happen. Will fulmer fire him?? He might but I honestly think he deserves a chance Tennessee can’t keep hiring and firing coaches. I feel bad for the Vols I know it sucks right now haven’t won a sec championship in years haven’t Beatin Alabama in years no national championships since 1998 no playoff appearances its bad at Tennessee right now. But just give Pruitt a chance I think he can turn it around. Gus Malzahn don’t have any National Championships as a head coach he does as a oc did play for one as a head coach in 2013. He does have 2 sec west championships and one sec championship. There is only two sec coaches with a national championship fisher and Saban. Why didn’t tennessee go after fisher ?? Or Kirby Smart?? Pruitt has a lot of work to do a lot but i don’t think this season will end good for Vols fans.
Michigan ain’t going to the playoffs it ain’t happening. But if they do Alabama will beat Michigan up something like 55-0 they barley beat army. As for auburn as of now I don’t know if it will be a January bowl i think auburn might finish with 6 or 7 8 wins maybe. Auburn has a lot of work to do on the offense side of the ball. I believe they can get it fixed but gotta fix it soon. Texas a&m is coming up Florida Lsu Georgia Alabama etc.
Jeremy Pruitt better find answers quick it won’t get any easier from here. Gotta Start sec play soon Georgia Florida Alabama etc. I’m a little surprised Tennessee is 0-2 a little surprised. I do agree with the bama fan Pruitt did inherite a bad program but that’s prolly no excuse saban inherited a pretty bad program he didn’t start 0-2 I know saban is different from Pruitt I guess.
Alabama fans are just pissed auburn beat a ranked team and they didn’t. Bama is worried auburn is going to whipped that a**. Tua ain’t Mr Perfect he’s overrated Clemson showed that I knew a team would eventually figure tua out and whip bama. Mr Tidepit77 is nervous about what he saw.
Tennessee Fans I’m sure it will get better it’s just one game. I know it was Georgia State and as a auburn fan I’d be pissed too but I think coach Pruitt will get it fixed you can’t go around saying fired the guy it’s his second year not his fourth or Fifth year. Tennessee can win some games if the mess gets cleaned up it will be ok. I know y’all are tired of being a mediocre team and wanna win games and championships he will get you there.
Don’t be pissed bc auburn beat Oregon. I mean we all can’t play duke. Who was once on a 20 game losing streak.
Round Two here we go. It’s getting closer til kick off. I hope it’s a good one like the championship game let’s go auburn. War Eagle . Beat Oregon!!!
Go Gators.. I hope florida whips Miami but I’m sure it’ll be a good game. Go Gators...
I disagree wde0012. Auburn could of got somebody real good before jimbo went to Texas A&M Kirby Smart before they hired Gus in 2013 could of got Brent Venables the Clemson DC etc. If auburn underperforms this year with 8 or less wins Gus is out I believe. There is nobody there to protect him like when Jay Jacobs and Steve Leath was there.
I think A&M might be better than 7-5. They might beat Auburn it’s always a good game between Auburn and A&M. They might pull out a win at Clemson. They are going to do better than 7-5.
I agree Gus should be a oc instead of a head coach. If he gets fired this year I don’t think he’ll be a head coach again in college football. At least at any power five school.
Idk why South Carolina hired him. He wasn’t going to be a different coach than he was at Florida. He just needs to be a dc coach somewhere.
One thing that they need to get rid of is polls. The only poll college football should have is the playoff poll. Commits don’t mean much usually some guy commits to Auburn and then changes his mind on singing day or before it’s crazy I think they shouldn’t announce anything til the day or a few days before or whatever.
It all starts with the head man. Saban threw his players and coaches under the bus after the kick six too.
Alabama fans and coaches better get over it. Move on it’s a new season I’m sure Bama and Clemson will play again I bet saban will have his team more than ready.
Alabama pays their players. Saban has been at lsu michigan st toldeo and now bama he has not had the success that he has had at bama. He did pretty good at lsu but something is fishy at bama I mean it'll come out sooner or later. I just dont know how he gets those players unless they're some money flying from some place and nobody can deny that. The tide fans are going to be very pissed when it does come out i hope America is ready for the explosion that will happen in Tuscaloosa.
I'm sure it'll be Alabama Clemson Georgia the most plus everyone else.
If auburn doesn't win 8 9 10 games plus beat lsu Georgia or bama Gus will prolly get fired. Or at least one of them i think they make a change.. Who would auburn hire??? idk. Gus is making way to much money to be 7-5 or maybe even 8-5.
That would be dumb as Hell Tbh why would they do that? All those acc schools fans would not like that. That would be to far its crazy to me just saying.
I don't think Gus can go 8-4 and be safe. If auburn loses to uga lsu and Bama auburn might make a change auburn hasn't won at lsu since 2000. Auburn Will have to beat at least one of three I'm hopefull auburn can do better than 8-4 maybe win 10 games its going to be tough. Winning the bowl game vs Perdue helped going into this next season.
Auburn and Bama have always been rivals and always will be. The last time uga beat bama was 2007.. The last time auburn beat bama was 2017.
Even tho I'm still young I planned to retire in auburn too. I'm going to build a home down there. When I'm done working I'll have a place to stay when I go.
It's bc bama owns lsu right now. The games haven't been that close.
War Eagle. I can just hear rod bramblett now he would be so proud. We sure do miss rod and will never forget him or his calls. Rip Rod..