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I hope auburn does beat bama again but we haven't beatin bama in back to back years since saban arrived in Ttown. Ain't won at bama since 2010 maybe it'll happen. Beating uga will be great too ain't won there since 2005 I just wanna go back to the sec championship game hopefully playoffs.
I'm so tired of hearing about miss st they ain't nothing at all joe Moorhead will prolly be a good coach for miss st but it won't happen this year. I guess ill have to root for bama when they play msu even tho I hate bama. Auburn will beat msu by 20 to 40 points they'll be lucky to win 6 games.
I'm so tired of hearing about miss st they are so overhyped big time they will not beat alabama in Ttown they will not win more than 6 games. I think I rather hear bout bama I think.
Miss st will not beat bama period. Not in Ttown sorry buddy.
Auburn will not lose to miss st. Why do you think auburn will lose to them? I'm sure joe Moorhead will do good at miss st but this will be a learning year auburn will beat miss st.
Who cares about being number one right now who knows what could happen before February some coach might get fired or assistant coaches they might go some where else etc. But uga being number one is better than bama being number one. Urban Meyer may lose his job and Ohio state gets a even better coach that recruits like better you just never know in college football.
Mississippi state is ranked just fine they didn't do much last year to be even talked about.
Some of these bowls are dumb like the Dollar General bowl dump it. Eight playoff spots would be good or we could do the playoffs like the NFL i guess.
Pretty good list they've all been in national chsmpionships.
When miss st wins a championship then you state fans talk buddy.
Texas a&m needs to win the west first. Jimbo is a good coach he will get them there but win the west first.
He better beat bama or they'll fire him lsu is getting tied of losing to them.
What reason will miss st finish ahead of auburn? Auburn prolly will lose to uga and bama who knows but miss st will not finish ahead of auburn not with a new coach idc what nobody saids. But this is taking season like coach spurrier saids. Alabama Auburn Lsu Texas A&M Miss St Ole Miss Arkansas. Georgia South Carolina Florida Tennessee Kentucky Missouri Vandy. Bammers should be happy I put them first in the west.
I don't want auburn in the East. They need to leave it the way it is.
War Eagle. Washington this year Oregon to start next year in Dallas then the tar heels the next.
I wish teams didn't play cupcakes like liberty ulm ut Martin etc.
Yea til bama has a loss or two. Idk why he's complain for he wins a championship almost every year. There is only a few teams that can compete with alabama in the sec like auburn maybe lsu Georgia just to name a few. If alabama has a two loss season there fans will go nuts. "We suck somebody needs to be fired or benched etc". Nick has no reason to complain at all. Unlike other sec coaches.