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Just imagine if rich rod would of been named the Alabama coach. Prolly no championships for Alabama. Tuberville would prolly still be at Auburn prolly no cam newton at auburn no national championship at auburn. Bama wouldn’t be what it is now things would of been different for sure.
Rip Kobe.. Can’t believe this legend is gone what a great player. My condolences go out to his family and his friends. Rest Easy Fly High..
Who knows who’ll be in the playoff. I didn’t think LSU would win the National Championship before the season started. But Alabama will be back in the playoffs.
Georgia is mad because they ain’t won a National Championship in 40 years.
I agree . Just think if LSU has beatin auburn in the 2016 season Gus would of been fired instead of les miles. But I hope LSU beats Clemson I say 49-17.
Alabama & LSU might of had a rematch if auburn didn’t beat Alabama.
Alabama will be back in the playoffs next year I know they won’t miss back to back trips. Alabama will be just fine as long as saban is coaching.
Just to think if auburn had lost to Alabama plus Minnesota Gus would be out. Glad Auburn beat Alabama but I think new leadership is better idk. But whatever I’m sure Mississippi St will find a better coach somebody who can take em to Atlanta. Three new sec coaches including who ever state hires.
Auburn gets Gus for atleast one more year. Gus’s buyout goes down a little after this year.
My top teams of the decade is 2010 Auburn 2011 Alabama 2019 LSU 2013 Florida State 2014 Ohio State
Maybe so but LSU won at auburn last year. We ain’t had no luck at LSU in years. But
Who needs him I’m sure money was involved like with Ruben Foster got a auburn tattoo and everything Money Money
Three new sec coaches well two has been in the sec already. Welcome wish them all the luck this is a tough conference.
But I am pulling for LSU I hope they go all the way. I don’t believe having two sec teams in the playoff I think you should have to win the sec.
Idk why Alabama fans keep saying anything about Mac Jones and him being the 2nd string qb auburn only won because tua wasn’t in. Well LSU beat Alabama with tua in so stop with the excuses get over it already. Just wait til next year if bama beats auburn it’ll be just like last year in our face y’all suck blah blah blah. But when auburn wins oh y’all didn’t beat nobody it was a fluke. Get Over It.... 48-45!!!!!
One day Tennessee will beat Alabama again idk when but they do it will not sit well with the Alabama fans. They can’t take losing to auburn they lose there minds. How did y’all make it through the pre saban days ?? The streak auburn had going??? Kirby Smart was the reason for that great bama defense hell even Jeremy Pruitt. Welp the dynasty is over for now maybe LSU or Georgia will win it this year. 48-45.. I’ll root for either I don’t mind seeing Georgia win a national championship.
We will see how he feels if Alabama beats auburn next weekend.
I’d fire Malzahn right now If I could he’s a waste of seven million dollars. He’s garbage he’s wasting Auburn’s time somebody out there would do a better job.
Gus Malzahn is garbage he ain’t no winner he sucks. What has he done at auburn ??? Nothing if it wasn’t for 2013 & 2017 he should be winless right now vs Bama and Georgia. He’s winless at Ttown Athens and Baton Rouge.
Auburn will make a change if Alabama beats auburn by one Or fifty. Auburn will have no choice to The auburn people are sick of Gus idk why he was hired to being with. Kirby was also interviewed in 2012 should of went with Kirby he’s doing great at Georgia I’m a Kirby fan great coach. Kevin Steele would do good as a head coach I love his toughness and his discipline he’s great hire him as head coach with a great oc.
Unaffiliated wrong auburn has the money to fire Gus might not can get a great coach might have to settle for somebody like Bill Clark from uab but auburn can fire him I believe that.
I’m tired of Gus Malzahn and his S***. He’s a joke he’s no coach he is running auburn in the ground. It’s the same old crap every week the future is bright it’s on me blah blah blah. Allan Greene do your job and fire this joke of a coach can’t believe he’s making seven million a year to be 7-3 zero national championships winless in T-Town Athens and Baton Rouge 2-4 in bowls etc. #FireGus...
Kirby was my pick to replace gene chizik but auburn picked the dumpster fire Gus. Kirby Smart is a really good coach pay him what he’s worth.
Gus and his offense is garbage time for him to hit the road. I’m glad Georgia beat Auburn I knew they was anyway I said it six weeks ago I hope bama does too so we can fire that waste of a coach.
Prayers For Tua. I hate that for him he’s a good player I’m sure everything will be ok.
Georgia ain’t going to lose to auburn. I hope auburn wins but ain’t going to happen auburn will lose to Alabama too.