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Idk why everybody is upset its bama I'm surpised this ain't covered up like everything else they do. The money makers of the sec.
Who cares what they wear they will beat auburn bad I hate to say it but its true. I'm thinking it's prolly going to be worse than 2008 or 2012 prolly 50-0. Maybe they'll get a field goal.
They make statements every week. This success won't last forever so you Bammers enjoy it. The next bama coach won't do what saban has done.
ESPN is just like the liberal news covering up for the lies the truth will come out. I agree with James Carville . We need a trump like man to run the sec bama will fall sooner or later.
Poor Bammers they wanna bring up the Tennessee game but not that ass whippin auburn gave them last year. 26-14..... Who cares that tennessee beat us this year auburn sucks this year so what they'll bounce back. You got all these Bammers who think there team will be successful forever well you won't so celebrate now you will not be on top forever and I can't wait to see the fall of the tide. Party At Toomers for the fall of the tide...
Bama would still get in if they lost. Auburn beat bama last year and still got in. Its bama They they would put them in any way.
I agree 100 percent. Bama gets away with everything they are too ignorant to see it and will never admit it ever. Last year's cfp championship game bama should of never been in it just another fact there is collusion Mr Carville is right. What did they do to even be in the cfp? They didn't win the sec west or sec championship they do got plenty of money to toss around. Auburn always have to play the refs with we play bama always.
I agree 100 percent with that former player thoses are butch jones players not Jemery pruitts players. Saban beat his fromer players I'm prolly the only one that agrees with him.
The iron bowl is more of a rivalry than the third saturday in October.
Well I think he should go he's 1-4 in bowl games don't look like we are going to a bowl this year.
Lsu will beat miss st by 10. Ole Miss will beat auburn I hate to say it but they will auburn 20 ole miss 29.
Well I think its time to part ways. Gus is also 1-4 in bowl games CrankE don't forget that either.
Malzahn is not worth 49 million dollars sorry Mr leath and Mr Greene. Even if Gus left for Arkansas You could of got somebody to come to auburn if you was going to pay somebody 49 million to coach why not les Miles Bob Stoops Dabo Swiney ??? Even if you had to pay somebody less than that anybody is better than gus.
Auburn ain't going to a bowl I don't think so we auburn out of the bowl talk. Course people think bama is going to play in the playoff national championship there only test left in the regular season is lsu if lsu beats bama They prolly win the west.
Bama fans kill me 7-0 and still frustrated its pathetic enjoy being 7-0 you got one more team to test y'all lsu win that you win the west.
I believe lsu is the only team in the sec that has a chance to beat bama. Auburn won't uga prolly not Tennessee nope so good luck lsu.
Yes uga and bama will destroy auburn and a&m will too auburn is done this year idk if we'll do anything next year either. We can't fire Gus its to much money need to fire the president of auburn too for giving him that money.
I'm surpised auburn is number 11 with malzahn as coach. I hope auburn don't end up like some of these other programs before auburn does something about malzahn. It'll prolly take a chizik year before they fire him.
If attendance start declining something might happen. I bet Athens and Tuscaloosa won't see many auburn fans this year.
I wish I could say auburn was going to win big but they ain't maybe by 5 or ten points.
The only team that can maybe beat bama in the regular season is lsu that's it. Georgia might can if they meet in Atlanta prolly clemson Ohio st if they meet in the playoffs. But most likely bama will go undefeated this year who knows when there next loss Will be.
Bama ain't going to be perfect forever saban won't coach for bama forever he ain't young so get ready bama no coach will ever do what saban has done for bama.Gus getting a extension was dumb I wish we had lost the iron bowl and to uga the first time so this loser could of been fired already. Maybe bama will beat us 66-0 so they'll fire him.
I wouldn't be surprised if tennessee didn't give auburn a game or beat us auburn is awful this year idk what will happen Saturday but if we lose auburn will have to figure out what to do with gus. Our defense is good but they can't do it all there self.
Herb hand ain't the reason its Gus Malzahn. He's stupid I hope we don't win another game. Fire this idiot.
Miss st prolly will beat lsu but Auburn is really bad on the offensive side anyway Gus is to blame we need a coaching change idk who auburn could or would want to get but I think its time. What has Gus done for auburn?? He's making 7 million a year time to make a change. Allen Greene Time To Do Your Job....