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I hope coach smart beats the Hell out of alabama I'm pulling for em when they play next.
Little arkie fan when you win something then you can brag. Like beating Nick Saban.....
Bama will never be kept out. There money makers for college football.
Georgia singed a great class this year and im sure they will again Kirby is s great coach wished he Had beat Bama.
This don't mean much til they sign in February.
Where is the Bammers? Oh yea that's right they didnt get 1st.
If bama didn't win the championship vs uga the articles would be different like can bama win the big one again has auburn taken over stuff like that.
We also beat TWO number one teams at home in the same season.
Cool auburn did have a great year just didn't finish winning the West beating bama and appearing in the chick fil a bowl. 26-14
13-Auburn 26-14.... Winning it all is great but so is beating bama. 26-14 26-14 26-14..... War Damn Eagle...
The Boss Man I agree 100 percent. You took every word right out of my mouth this is the best comment ever posted on here way to go bro... WDE
Everything bama is stupid everything. They need to ban rammer jammer. If only I ran college football the Bammers would hate me.
First of all idc who uga hires they could hire Obama's brother in law from Oregon state. Plus I didn't hire Bruce pearl auburn did and auburn ain't the only school the Fbi is looking into. Kentucky Louisville Michigan st alabama etc. Well Collin Sexton... Myself Bruce pearl ain't done nothing for auburn they could fire him for all I care.
Yes it is good to win them. Wish auburn would win them all the time but betting alabama is Great. Alabama fans are like liberals they whine complain they always say we got robbed it was fixed blah blah blah things can't always go your way. 26-14.... Just let Bama win this years iron bowl it'll be on car tags billboards shirts the internet etc. Don't forget your coach is 0-7 vs a 9 + win auburn team. Also 2-0 when the west is decided in the iron Bowl. Which iron bowl drives the Bammers crazy 2010 2013 ??? The streak who knows if I where a bammer thank god im not it would be the kick six I think. Well bama time y'all sure would be bragging if the iron bowl was the other way around. Bammers act like beating auburn ain't great whatever say it if you want too buddy. Hope you are enjoying your championship hope auburn wins another national championship soon. 26-14 being state champs is GREAT 26-14 26-14.....
I wouldn't hire him. What about jay Wright from Villanova?? Thad Matta former Ohio state coach Bob huggins from West Virgina?? Just saying who knows who they'll get.
Sds1967 so if bama won the iron bowl and auburn beat uga in the playoff you wouldn't be bragging about the iron bowl??? Ok Yea right that's all we would hear about til the next iron bowl buddy. Good for y'all bama won 10 17 45 67 or whatever national championship last season. I have tons of respect for any other sec team but bama I hate them 110 precent. Yea we lost to ucf that's fine we won the West and the iron bowl. Bama should of never been in that playoff period what did Bama do to even be in it? Explain to me.. It was all for ratings that's it.
Oh so if auburn won the championship game vs uga in the playoff and lost to bama in the iron bowl you wouldn't be bragging??? Ok give me a break. That's all we would hear till the next iron Bowl.
Bammers are pure thugs simple as that. Football baketball softball the fans etc. Let me be clear I HATE ALABAMA WITH EVERY BREATH I TAKE. 26-14 War Damn Eagle.... Nothing to this video at all Bammers are thugs.