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Greg McElroy is a good dude why hate on him???? I like him anyway.
LSU only won bc Gus is an idiot a big idiot. If he was a coach at all he would of never let our team stop playing and boy did they im pretty ticked Gus has to go.
Fire this joke of a coach now. Auburn is in trouble wait til the tide and dawgs get hold of us. Idk who'll auburn would get but auburn will be better off without gus and jay jacobs. Fire Gus fire gus.... Oh let's not forget about Texas a&m they'll beat us too.
Alabama is a really great team really good but beating ole miss wasn't that great buddy you beat a team that will prolly be on probation for a long while so don't be so high on your horse buddy. You prolly won't lose in the sec but alabama will lose a game this year atlease once. I hope clemson beats y'all again when y'all meet or hey it might happen in Atlanta vs uga.
Mississippi State ain't what they thought they where.
War Eagle.... 49-10... I knew bama would win but not the way they did.
Thank God its about time should of happened when chizik went 3-9 (08) SEC.... It's time to make great things happen again at auburn. WDE...
Man that's crazy. Whats wrong with being the rebels???? Does it offened people?? That's what I know them as but whatever.
Gus is done it will be final after the iron bowl. Auburn will be hiring after the game.
He's gone face it. He will lose to lsu uga and bama. A new day will happen in 2018....
Lol and beatin auburn is something right now? Auburn is down and will be for as long as auburn has GUS. Maybe y'all can win the east after 12 yrs or so buddy or a championship period lol.
I'm behind auburn 100 percent but I really don't wanna win anymore this year just so we can get rid of this loser of a coach. There is so many coaches we could get I never wanted Gus but after 13 season I thought that he may be the man.
Blah blah same ole junk from 14 15 16 blah blah.
You sure ain't got to worry about auburn's offense this year. Prolly not next year either or for as long as Gus is our head coach.
Fire the dumpster fire.... By gus you got to go NOW!!!!!!!. Same stuff different year.
Well I'm sure they do. As a auburn fan I wanna win em all but I for sure wanna beat alabama.
These a&m fans are acting like banners. What a shame in the end its just a game what a shame.
Well don't worry about it. Alabama fans are always doing something they shouldn't be doing. Poisoning trees tea bagging beatin up woman stabbing ppl etc.
Got to behave.. You make alabama look bad
I guess alabama fans don't know how to behave them selfs always in trouble always.
Great job to all the sec teams that won. Maybe next time Florida and Texas a&m.
UGA fans are just pissed bc they ain't won a championship in 12 years or a national championship in 37 years. Weagle 99 is 100 percent right. WDE!!!!
That bama fan don't know. That's why they lost to Clemson. Just hand it to em.