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But what about bama they won the playoff...
Ucf is a joke im tired of hearing bout em. I'm ready for somebody to beat them and before somebody saids they beat auburn yes they did we lost to a joke team in ucf. Alabama is national champs not ucf.
It depends on Gus if auburn loses to lsu Texas a&m bama and Georgia he might be in trouble. I don't think the new ad will put up with losing. But we will see no more jj sorry Gus.
I agree with the hogfan its stupid I can't believe this talk of bama beating a NFL team is being brought back up its pathetic stupid it wouldn't happen get over it. Idk why they where in the playoff to being with its fixed and needs replaced.
Its amazing how miss st fans think ppl cares about miss st what did miss st do??? Nothing and I know you'll say well auburn lost 4 games go ahead say it I don't care.
They prolly ain't but the man is 66 years old it wont be long til he retires but he could go til he's 100 lol.
Dang that Crowd where was they when bama lost to clemson? Just goes to show you they only care when the tide wins...
I'm not stupid enough to think auburn should of got in bc we had 4 loses. Bama should of never got in what did they do?
Right Dave if saban went 3-9 lost to auburn 49-0 y'all wouldn't want saban fired y'all can't handle a 10 win season must less 3-9. I'd take saban in a second.
Right Dave if saban went 3-9 lost to auburn 49-0 y'all wouldn't saban fired y'all can't handle a 10 win season must less 3-9. I'd take saban in a second.
Well if clemson or Oklahoma had won at least they won the big 12 and acc bama didn't win anything to even be in the playoff.
Ole Miss is ten times better than miss st fan wise anyway. They think there at championship level but there far from it the way they talk they've won six sec titles won the West playoffs etc but when it comes down to it they ain't nothing and never will be period.
Idk why tennessee fans are talking for they ain't done much in the last few years I mean y'all were 0-8. Kirby smart will have uga up there for the next 10-20 years. Jeremy will have ut back but not next year so vols fans calm down don't be so cocky.
It wasn't a miracle year for uga they'll be right back in it next year.
I wonder what bama fans would if said if tua would of lost bama that game ??? I guess they would hate jalen and tua.
Lol go sit down somewhere and wait for miss st to win a championship. Sec West Champs buddy you forget 49-10????
Yea auburn did finish 10-4 but only lost one game in the sec and it wasn't to alabama war damn eagle 26-14.... 7-1 sec west champs 1st in the West buddy. Wouldn't surpise me if the West came down to the iron bowl again next season. Auburn is 2-0 when the west has came down to the iron bowl. War Eagle.
Hey lsu fan what did y'all do this year ???? Not a Damn thing these ppl that didn't do nothing can't look at auburn and say well that 4 lost blah blah auburn did more than lsu miss st etc bama can say whatever uga can say whatever they did something this year you just need to worry bout your new oc and ask why havent we won a championship in 10 years lsu or miss st since world war 2 so stop. War Damn Eagle....