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Bammers must be worried since auburn just won the sec tournament last weekend. Auburn is on the raise... WDE!!
Gotta stop paying the players and you will get a great basketball coach.
I hope auburn picks the right man. But if auburn don't beat lsu Georgia and alabama plus win the west Gus can't stay around.
I know y'all will jump me throw championships at me etc. But Gus Malzahn is the only current sec head coach to beat saban twice. 2013 & 2017... But coach smart's time is coming.
Poor Bammers crying get it over. Can't pay off everybody in every sport. Bama would stop paying them players they could afford a basketball coach.
Au Alum91. He must be a bammer fan I'm telling you right now alabama will get caught soon enough just wait. I'm ready for that day to come they give money to every one of them recruits no way a school can have the number class every year and not give something.
I think the cross divisional Games need to stay the way it is. Tenn-Bama Auburn-Georgia are big games and need to stay as is. They are old rivalries that are important to these fan bases.
If bama didn't spend all there money on saban they could hire a great basketball coach. Like Billy donovan from the NBA bill self from Kansas jay Wright from Villanova Mark Few from gonzaga etc. I knew Avery Johnson wasn't nothing he is the wrong guy for bama. But really i hope y'all keep him I like to see bama struggle.
Tua is overrated he ain't much just an ole qb from alabama. Clemson showed everybody how to beat alabama and tua. When ole Steve gets tua and bama's offense they will struggle like they did before. Tua will not win the heisman get over it.
Well I do not like Harvey updike period. He should of spent alot of time in jail like maybe 2-3 years. He's just pissed that auburn had cam and did not buy him if auburn did the NCAA would of put auburn on probation for years. Hell look at all the players bama buys year in and out. The truth will come out sooner or later saban won't be there forever.
Georgia Alabama LSU won't beat auburn forever like they do. Enjoy your winning success now especially alabama saban is only getting older can't coach forever.
He would be 75 years old. He won't be around much longer bama fans need to face it.
I doubt he will be. He would be in his 19th year in 2026.
Idk how i feel about it. Lsu needs to wonder why they haven't beatin bama since 2011 regular season. I kinda liked playing uga and bama so close together.
Tennessee might be on there way back. I say the vols will finish with 9-10 wins maybe a new years six bowl we will see. Jeremy is doing a good job that steak bama has on tennessee will end soon. I Can't wait to see the Bammers lose control it will be awesome.
If auburn beats uga and bama he'll be around for 2020 if he don't we will have a new coach in 2020. He also has to beat lsu auburn ain't won @lsu in years.
I'm sure bama will be number one again. Them checks are huge now a days.
I give clemson 100 percent credit. Clemson exposed bama and price tag. Bama fans think we can't ever lose We got the number one class. Well wrong you have lost and will again. Go Clemson 44-16
Im sure this time is different time. They got jimbo fisher who can win. But who knows might be the same as kevin sumlin.
It's always good to see alabama lose in any sport. Thanks Tennessee.
Oh heck the bottom is falling out players and coaches hitting the road.. Oh lord I love it saban is prolly fraking out.
Poor price tag y'all prolly ain't going buddy. Steve Sarkisian is your New oc and he wasn't fired for nothing. Looks like Bama is in denial and saban seems worried.