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It all starts with the head man. Saban threw his players and coaches under the bus after the kick six too.
Alabama fans and coaches better get over it. Move on it’s a new season I’m sure Bama and Clemson will play again I bet saban will have his team more than ready.
Alabama pays their players. Saban has been at lsu michigan st toldeo and now bama he has not had the success that he has had at bama. He did pretty good at lsu but something is fishy at bama I mean it'll come out sooner or later. I just dont know how he gets those players unless they're some money flying from some place and nobody can deny that. The tide fans are going to be very pissed when it does come out i hope America is ready for the explosion that will happen in Tuscaloosa.
I'm sure it'll be Alabama Clemson Georgia the most plus everyone else.
If auburn doesn't win 8 9 10 games plus beat lsu Georgia or bama Gus will prolly get fired. Or at least one of them i think they make a change.. Who would auburn hire??? idk. Gus is making way to much money to be 7-5 or maybe even 8-5.
That would be dumb as Hell Tbh why would they do that? All those acc schools fans would not like that. That would be to far its crazy to me just saying.
I don't think Gus can go 8-4 and be safe. If auburn loses to uga lsu and Bama auburn might make a change auburn hasn't won at lsu since 2000. Auburn Will have to beat at least one of three I'm hopefull auburn can do better than 8-4 maybe win 10 games its going to be tough. Winning the bowl game vs Perdue helped going into this next season.
Auburn and Bama have always been rivals and always will be. The last time uga beat bama was 2007.. The last time auburn beat bama was 2017.
Even tho I'm still young I planned to retire in auburn too. I'm going to build a home down there. When I'm done working I'll have a place to stay when I go.
It's bc bama owns lsu right now. The games haven't been that close.
War Eagle. I can just hear rod bramblett now he would be so proud. We sure do miss rod and will never forget him or his calls. Rip Rod..
Alabama won't lose to South Carolina if they lose to an sec east team it'll prolly be Georgia in Atlanta if both teams make it. Sooner or later Tennessee will beat bama again idk when but it'll happen. Prolly won't happen again til saban retires.
Ain't Florida in a championship drought? Its been eleven years since Florida won a chanpuonship. It's been 8yrs since lsu won a championship.The sec West has been Auburn or Alabama since 2012. Auburn vs Georgia is one of the best rivalries in college football some games have been closer than others but it's still is great.
Rip Rod. It won't be the same without you. It's very sad.. You was the voice of auburn football you made it fun rod. My thoughts and prayers are with the family. We have lost one of the best and can never be replaced. Rest easy rod.. WAR Eagle.
Who cares. Nick Saban is the coach at alabama and will be until he retires. Bama has the coach they want and Dabo will be at clemson til he don't wanna be. So the media needs to let it go til that time comes.
I'm sure you do. Auburn vs lsu some wild stuff always happens its usually a nail biter of a game.
Bama won't have bragging rights forever. Auburn has beatin saban recently unlike lsu. Lsu last beat bama in 2011 regular season.
Dabo will not be going to bama ever so Bammers get that out of your head. When saban leaves your done for awhile
Clemson toughest game next year is Texas a&m. They'll be undefeated prolly win the acc for sure. Alabama's schedule is soft too they open with duke they'll also be undefeated they don't play Florida or Georgia there non conference is duke new mexico state southern miss and southern miss. Clemson plays Texas a&m Wofford and Charlotte that's almost as soft as bama.
Auburn has a tough schedule this year. In the espn preseason poll auburn plays five of the top 10. Oregon Florida Alabama Georgia LSU.. Three of the five is on the road auburn plays Oregon in Dallas Florida @ Florida and @ lsu.