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Poor price tag y'all prolly ain't going buddy. Steve Sarkisian is your New oc and he wasn't fired for nothing. Looks like Bama is in denial and saban seems worried.
Hey bama fans... What is the difference in auburn fans going to a Clemson parade than bama fans getting car tags made that says thanks fsu or pulling for Oregon ??? When and if auburn makes it back to the championship game you'll be pulling for the team auburn is playing..
Clemson does know what's its like to play and beat sec teams like lsu bama auburn Georgia. I think Clemson would do just fine in the sec wish Clemson was in the sec they would do just fine.
Florida is ten times a better team than ucf. Ucf needs to play all 14 sec teams and we'll see what happens then. But play the sec west first. Starting with alabama.
God bless his family I hope they can find peace and comfort during this time. Rip Tyler!!!
Ucf could not handle the sec week in and out. Ucf is in a weak conference that's why they win so much they would be lucky to be 6-6 in the sec. Thank you lsu for beating ucf y'all did good today. Congrats to all the sec teams that won there bowl game.
Glad auburn ain't in the loss column this year. Congrats to all the sec teams that have won so far even the tide.
Georgia should of been in over notre dame. Uga is a good team might not of beat clemson but it prolly would of been a better game.
Georgia should of been in the playoff. Note Dame or Oklahoma should of never made it. The playoff is a joke its not a real playoff to being with.
I'm rooting for all the sec schools except bama. War Eagle for life....
This prolly won't matter at all. Bama will do just fine. They'll beat Oklahoma without a problem.
Kirby is the coach I'm a huge fan of Kirby. Jimbo is in the sec now not the acc he's got to work for it now.
Congratulations jalen. It's good to see him doing good I'm proud.
I wonder what will happen if auburn loses to Purdue. The pressure will be so bad idk what Gus will do. But I do wish the best for Kenny dillingham.
No I haven't changed anything when it comes to Gus I don't believe in Gus at all But I will give the new oc a chance. Gus has had plenty of em and blew every one of em. Now he needs let Kenny Dillingham do his job.
I'm sure he'll be good memphis had some good numbers I know Memphis is in the aac but still. I hope he works out. War Eagle..
Who ever wrote that on his picture saying he didnt lose to Texas that's bc he didn't play Texas. Kyler did beat Texas in the big 12 championship tho. I was pulling for kyler he's good.
Stop crying tua ain't as good as people make him to be. He's ok tua played some over rated teams this year that made him look good.
Good I hope nobody comes auburn loses the bowl game and then they fire Gus.
You ain't going to tell me money ain't flying from somewhere no coach in this world can get players like saban does. But bama is the money makers of the sec.
I Wish auburn would get beat in the bowl game just so they could fire him.
I don't blame him at all. But I'm sure he'll end up at bama when saban sends that check.
Auburn vs Purdue is on a Friday not Wednesday