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Who cares. Nick Saban is the coach at alabama and will be until he retires. Bama has the coach they want and Dabo will be at clemson til he don't wanna be. So the media needs to let it go til that time comes.
I'm sure you do. Auburn vs lsu some wild stuff always happens its usually a nail biter of a game.
Bama won't have bragging rights forever. Auburn has beatin saban recently unlike lsu. Lsu last beat bama in 2011 regular season.
Dabo will not be going to bama ever so Bammers get that out of your head. When saban leaves your done for awhile
Clemson toughest game next year is Texas a&m. They'll be undefeated prolly win the acc for sure. Alabama's schedule is soft too they open with duke they'll also be undefeated they don't play Florida or Georgia there non conference is duke new mexico state southern miss and southern miss. Clemson plays Texas a&m Wofford and Charlotte that's almost as soft as bama.
Auburn has a tough schedule this year. In the espn preseason poll auburn plays five of the top 10. Oregon Florida Alabama Georgia LSU.. Three of the five is on the road auburn plays Oregon in Dallas Florida @ Florida and @ lsu.
Mark your fake as hell you only went to bama for that big ole check you got. You just jealous bama ain't in it. War Eagle..
StevenT don't be a sore loser. Everybody else is showing auburn respect including bama fans. War Eagle..
Go ahead do it he's just what bama needs he'll fit right in..
Besides the reason bama fired him was because auburn is on the raise. On to the SWEET 16... WAR EAGLE...
Volbeef88. Me too lose every game in every sport.
Bama has some big pay checks in that bank account.
Maybe they'll get somebody real good. I don't except a big name but somebody who could win the sec..
There y'all go again. When will it end??? The NCAA has to get involved sometime players are getting something i know they are.
Georgia will be soon. I wish all the sec teams could of made it.
Norfolk state lol beat the Bammers... Love it but keep Avery Bammers he's doing good..
Bammers must be worried since auburn just won the sec tournament last weekend. Auburn is on the raise... WDE!!
Gotta stop paying the players and you will get a great basketball coach.
I hope auburn picks the right man. But if auburn don't beat lsu Georgia and alabama plus win the west Gus can't stay around.
I know y'all will jump me throw championships at me etc. But Gus Malzahn is the only current sec head coach to beat saban twice. 2013 & 2017... But coach smart's time is coming.
Poor Bammers crying get it over. Can't pay off everybody in every sport. Bama would stop paying them players they could afford a basketball coach.
Au Alum91. He must be a bammer fan I'm telling you right now alabama will get caught soon enough just wait. I'm ready for that day to come they give money to every one of them recruits no way a school can have the number class every year and not give something.