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Ole Miss should be nowhere close to the top 25 lmao
Remember when this site was full of Tennessee fans a couple years ago, where did they all go?
My god the west is miles ahead of the east more than they ever have been. I love my dawgs, but I could see Georgia dropping 2 or 3 games if they played in the west. I guess Alabama is better than Clemson based off their performances against TAMU.
I saw that, there is a CHANCE he thought it was play action the way Fromm was still pretending to hold the ball. I'd have to see it again
Probably a bit of both. Missouri has a good front 7 on defense, but they got gassed late. Georgia has a lot of work to do if we want to be on Alabama's level, this game against LSU in a few weeks is getting more and more interesting
Just glad we got out of Colombia with a win..Very sloppy game, but Missouri seems to have a solid team this year. Meanwhile, the most impressive thing Drew Lock did today was draw a roughing the passer penalty. Bravo!
Part of me thinks it is a bad day, but I would agree that we have a long way to go to be on the same level as last year. Missouri's defense has been great, but if we had kept running the ball maybe they would be gassed by now
We are nowhere close to Alabama's level at this point..So many sloppy plays and piss poor play calling.
Has anyone else noticed that all Bama fans communicate with each other using very small words?
And no surprise we have another airhead Alabama fan...Trailer Park U
Georgia's play calling has been pretty questionable as well, give the damn ball to #7
BamaTime can you admit to the fact that maybe he played so well is not only because he's an unbelievable talent, but because UGA did not prepare for him all week
Two of the biggest trolls and losers going at it...This is a sad sight
I wonder if Doozer will realize that you are the biggest troll on this website and that Alabama's fanbase doesn't claim you here...He doesn't have to look far
According to BFBstats, Missouri is a below average football program!
Wow what a beautiful statement and some great life advice BamaTime...Don't know if you're the type of guy that should give out advice...
As said before...My fan base accepts me while your's doesn't...Says a lot
LMAO I just looked and the only one with any issue is either you or a triggered Missouri fan... Meanwhile, it is fact that you are a known troll that no one wants around...Do the site a favor and leave little guy...
I guess what everyone says is true..You really do live in your own world with your own reality...Do you imaginary friends as well?
Every cornerback on UGA's roster would start over Acy
That has literally never happened...The fact that me and tigurr got in an argument about a week ago doesn't help your case either moron...Lmfao
LMAO he's a regular poster based off his profile...This has to be your biggest reach yet...Not a good look for you bud