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Someone that would have turned down Tennessee like everyone else
Unlike Alabama fans, people have lives outside of college football and don't enjoy/thank other teams for injuring players...
Tennessee fans saying they don't want him...When will they realize they should be thankful for anything they can get and aren't a premier job?
Why would UGA thank Alabama for injuring a player in a game that they lost..
Catch fromm in the playoffs, Eason in the first round, and lock winning 6 games against awful teams
Drew Lock has never and will never be on a team that wins more than 7 games...He is a pad statter and will be competing for nothing again next year
Sadly for you hogfan1, my mom is not interested in fat hillbillies like yourself
I don't think anyone that doesn't live in Arkansas goes to Arkansas...
Um...its Arkansas...No good cities, Fayetteville is a glorified trash can. Meanwhile, Athens is known to be one of the best college towns in the nation. Enjoy your terrible football team and hillbilly state.
It’s hard to really be the class of the conference when your team never plays for anything
There would be a huge argument for non champion and the reality some conferences are better than others. Why expand to 6 when the 4th ranked team this year had a pretty flawed resume
1. Georgia 2. South Carolina 3. Florida 4. Missouri 5. Kentucky 6. Vanderbilt 7. Tennessee
Rooting for a good football team doesn’t make your life any less pathetic my man..
0-8 in the SEC, fans scaring away coaches, irrelevant for a decade...
Thankfully your opinion doesn’t matter
both teams aren’t as good as last year, this should be a close game for 4 quarters that goes either way