Roll Damn Tide.

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Putting A.D at the 4 and Boogie at the 5 would make their A team even better.
Exodus has in where players who aren't good enough to start there go to a less talented/worse team that hasn't made a bowl game in 2016..?
Self has 1 championship with talent as well..You know nothing about basketball, quit trying.
With Tennessee being as terrible as they are, it comes with no surprise that their few remaining fans are insecure..
You guys ran him out of town and are now stuck with Ed Orgeron..LMAO.
Not me ^^ They also are arguing on every post, dumba$$.. You will be banned soon.
You called McKenzie Milton noodle legs..
Scream strawman fallacy all you want it doesn't change the fact that you're a dumba$$..
My name is copyrighted and I will press charges if necessary..
Kirby, don't get trolled by the troll...Click on his account.
Also, Jonah Williams was dogs*t at the end of the year..Don’t think he will be missed.