Vatsity Basketball #3, Varsity Baseball QB #10, and class of '21 at the University of Georgia.

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Oklahoma is a blue blood program Arkansas is a mediocre program (at best)
Tennessee's most hyped team of all time, best team of the century!!! and it ends with a win in the music city bowl... another 8 years of rebuilding
More people care about the masters than any game AM is playing in
Orgeron is a worse miles
The SEC thanks you for hiring Ed Orgeron
No one is afraid of lsu or your obese coach
No it is not and you should still be in the B12
Did your UGA boss fire you again? Get off the couch and take a shower
Most LSU fans live in trailers and smell like corn dogs? Take a bath
Does anything need to be said about LSU? Ed Orgeron is your coach, Jimbo Fished wanted no part of you, haven't won your division since 2011, can't develop a QB, oh and....their academic standards.