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Simply because they are a football school with some history, Kentucky has and will always be a basketball school.
Deshaun > Cam? Never thought about it, but probably. Definitely should have won the heisman
Or won a heisman, first overall pick, nfl MVP, won a national championship by himself
By bowl season, Kentucky basketball will be the only focus
As stated above 90% is a stretch, but a player shouldn't be kicked out of a game 3 minutes into a game for a hard non helmet to helmet hit. Also, running backs lower their head all the time and are never ejected
"For better or for worse, the current rule is the best we’ve got right now."False. Incorrect. Lies. 90% of targeting calls aren't even helmet to helmet and key defensive players get ejected for making a play
"I could make a more compelling argument that, based on precedent, schedules and results, a 1-loss B1G champ deserves to be left out entirely"No you couldn't
A weak Michigan team beat the back to back east division champs pretty badly
The B1G is stronger than the SEC right now and it's not remotely close
A&M will be putting up banners at Kyle Field honoring their 8 point loss to Alabama
By reading these comments it seems like playing A&M playing Alabama relatively close was their best moment in program history
Idiots calling them bandwagon fans when the same thing happened in 2015
Lmao root for your team not a division that you are at the bottom of..
You've said the same for Ole Miss, Tennessee, Auburn, etc..
I think you have called every SEC team outside of Alabama moral victory u, it just loses its ring after 6 teams
I think it's time we admit the SEC isn't the conference it once was. I don't think there is a clear top conference, but the SEC is extremely poor right now with the exception of four teams
Sure, but you were that drunk, crazy fan nobody likes not a player on national television
We played our worst offensive game and won by over 40 points