Vatsity Basketball #3, Varsity Baseball QB #10, and class of '21 at the University of Georgia.
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USCjr has returned to irrelevance sorryThey do not have a shot at the East lol
MSST will be irrelevant for yet another season
you are comparing the best team in a conference (really the only elite team) to an entire conference
Or they punish the players by kicking them off the team and then Auburn recruits the convicted felons...and still loses to UGA:)
Thats a good one considering UGA has dominated the farmers at Auburn this century
good point, either way it was a great game
I didn't realize going a decade without losing to a team was luckyA hail mary is lucky D:<
Lmao it is very possible. About as possible as the other thousand times they've beat you there
Oklahoma is a blue blood program Arkansas is a mediocre program (at best)
Tennessee's most hyped team of all time, best team of the century!!! and it ends with a win in the music city bowl...another 8 years of rebuilding
The SEC thanks you for hiring Ed Orgeron
No one is afraid of lsu or your obese coach
No it is not and you should still be in the B12
Did your UGA boss fire you again? Get off the couch and take a shower
Most LSU fans live in trailers and smell like corn dogs?Take a bath