4-8, 5-7

Losing by 50+ points to our biggest rivals every year!
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I have one account..You know you can change your name right ClemsonTime?
If you're going to dedicate your life to having multiple accounts, at least be funny, BT...
He is slow* Also has a tendency to get blown up by WRs..
And then they would go on to lose by 28 to Clemson...UGA broke Tua..
UGA has more final four appearances than Bama...I guess Bama plays for nothing every year?
Okay, they still have more final four appearances than Bama...
X and I live in your head rent free..You are the fake account, queen.
What happened the last time UGA played Bama at BDS..
What I take away from this is that Bama hasn't had a starting QB in the NFL this century..
Okay...and they have more final fours than Bama...I thought that's all that matters, Bama plays for nothing..
Top 5 memories of my team's season: 1) Winning 5 games rather than 4 (we finally beat an SEC team)! 2) Putting up 14 points against Charlotte at home 3) Only losing by an average of 30 points against our 3 biggest rivals 4) Getting creampied against Vandy and Missouri 5) Basketball season starting
All of these players would be start on my pathetic team..
This the dude that got flattened by a wide receiver..?
Well we haven't made a bowl game since 2016 or beat Vandy since 2015 so you are probably right.
Awwww, he's so slow..This is bad news for SEC teams.
Tennessee is the 52nd best public school in the country..LOL
UTk won't be making the playoffs any time soon, we should focus on making a bowl game.
4-8, 5-7 Haven't won over 5 games since 2016 Get destroyed by all of our rivals Pretend to care about basketball till we lose in the 2nd round Get denied from UGA Nothing like UTk!