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Not as loud as BamaTime walking...EARTHQUAKEEE
You’re one of the biggest crybabies on this site and will definitely call for his head WHEN he starts losing to Florida and UGA every year..
Bamatime is the only recognized delusional and embarrassing Bama fan on this site
And the community college that you admitted you went to doesn’t have a team LMAO
And by everyone laughing at us you mean only moronic Alabama fans while in reality everyone knows their were several missed calls (in your favor) that changed the game...Then again, everyone knows Alabama seems to get the calls
Blocked punted that would have led to UGA points... Missed holding that would have taken away Alabama points... False start that would have removed Alabama's tying touchdown... The entire world knows it bud
Misery is the laughing stock of the SEC, from their fans to their football team...
I don't think a Tennessee fan will ever really be 'elated' at 6-6.
Grantham is at Florida now so you can take them off that list.
*Everyone from every fanbase outside of UA points out the obvious calls in the title game* BamaTime: CRY? TISSUE? get a grip
How about the blocked punt (would have led to points), the holding on Tua's long 3rd down conversation (would have taken away points from UA), or the false start on the TD that tied the game...? Thank you
Correcting yourself 40 minutes after making the post....I really live in your head rent free..
LMAO, you still won't admit there were many calls that changed the result of the game...? Never change..