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WDE everyone in the universe excluding BamaTime knows this, he just won't admit it.
Citadel won against the worst South Carolina team in recent history at a noon game. Tell me the crowd wasn't a large factor when we got shellacked in 2012 and upset in 2014.
I see you are continuing to live in your world. Let me bring you back to reality, BumTime, where I own you and just recently made your inbred twin quit this website. You can cry all you want, but nothing will change that.
How can I get b*tched by someone that I own. I am in his head rent free just like UGA is in your's..You are a sensitive, delusional crybaby...Sit down.
BamaTime, I am being friendly. You need to look out for Auburn so you don't get humiliated by your biggest rival two years in a row. You are welcome.
Thank you sir, South Carolina was honestly the team I hated most for a long time (that switched to Tennessee when the last few years due to their extremely annoying fanbase), because of the fact they beat us 4/5 years. Williams Brice in my opinion is the hardest place to play in the SEC only behind Death Valley at night.
Good thing he was preparing for the hit and wasn't in a passing stance...An Alabama fan complaining about the refs when the entire universe knows they get every call...classic.
Like I said BumTime, I made a man out of him. He will no longer get pushed around by you and the other inbred brother (who I scared off this sight). You are all alone.
Bamatime is back from his hibernation after being called out by multiple Alabama fans being called a troll by many others. Do you want me to son you again, BumTime?
Baker is a much better college CB that Greedy, but Greedy is more athletic and has better size than Baker.
Obviously, but doesn't mean that everyone after bama is "interchangeable."
Would you consider Tulane having more SEC championships than USCjr a fluke?
LMAO, I am sorry, but I don't think Auburn and Arkansas are interchangeable. Or UGA and Vanderbilt. When is the last time South Carolina has won the conference?
And I am sure Alabama is disappointed they didn't get to dodge the game like last year.
I've finally made a man out of boxster...Maybe now he won't go around giving into anyone who disagrees with him. Now, I just have to teach him to put the Georgia 'G' next to his name (if he's even a fan).
Add another one who cannot defend themselves from LegendDD2... Iron Bowl.
I'd be salty too if my team had lost to UGA 14/17 meetings and scored less than 14 in 5/6 meetings...And if I was guaranteed a terrible coach for the next decade...Also, imagine an Auburn fan calling another school thugs LMAO, have fun losing 4/5 games every year with our school's rejects. B-b-but Scam Newton back in 2010!
He got benched for one of the most talented QBs in the country...Arkansas is an absolute dumpster fire , when is the last time you guys developed someone? Don't act like your school is in position to turn down someone that led his team to the playoffs..
This guy is typing 3 comments all the time, what a triggered, sensitive little guy.
From BamaTime..To OleMissTime..To ClemsonTime...And finally, BumTime!
Not reading all that. Beat Auburn.
I guess we should play terrible teams like Louisville on neutral fields every season..?
Absolutely, I’m surprised he didn’t become an Auburn fat after they humiliated Bama last season, LMAO
Saban is 1-0 against Kirby Smart in large part due to the officials (everyone is finally seeing how much they favor Alabama LOL) and Tua (no game film or preparation for him).. By the way what happened in the last iron bowl? Looks like Jalen Hurts better get ready, Tua cannot stay healthy...Or maybe Mac Jones will get the nod, LMAO!