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Is this guy a troll, or just an idiot?
Good lord how many times is this guy going to print the wrong SEC record for Arkansas? Complete incompetence
Not pretty. But a W is a W. Anything can happen I college football and there have already been some major upsets this year. 3-0 and on to A&M
I hope the boo’s are so loud he can’t hear himself think
While I understand he did some great things for the school. His negligence and general scumminess sent us into a tail spin and the laughing stock of college football for a decade. I can’t cheer for that
This just further proves that while recruiting is imperative. It is second to developing talent. A&M, LSU, and Auburn are perfect examples. Pittman and Stoops are 2 elite coaches and will continue to prove that over the years
Pittman won’t do it because he is such a good guy but man I’d love to see the Hogs get up big and run the score up like nobody’s business. Can’t wait to hear how defining the boo’s will be when Bobby runs onto the field
While I agree that all the hype makes us hog fans feel a little uneasy due to the past. But I think Sam Pittman is truly what this program needed and they look completely different than teams of the past 10 years. And yes, beating Bama is a tall task and I’m not saying we certainly will. But I think it’s time we get excited and expect the hogs to be a top half SEC program moving forward under this staff.
Also, Texas rising in the polls after a loss in insane
What Pittman has done at Arkansas is incredible
Stoops and Pittman aren’t leaving you can go ahead and mark those off the list
That Arkansas BYU game in Provo is looking more and more like there could be some major implications
Don’t understand the constant disrespect for KJ…
This is the first time in a long time I’ve actually been excited to watch my Hogs play Bama. Usually it’s off by the 2nd quarter. An upset would be incredible but I’m just hoping for a competitive game… woo pig!
Are you 80 years old? Serious question. Someone take this guys computer privileges away. It is college… midnight is early for 18-24 year old kids, that doesn’t mean she is asking to get RAPED. You are an awful person.
Except for Miss State. Losses to Memphis & LSU, and a 1 point win on Louisiana Tech. I don’t think Arkansas deserves to be ranked at this point, but Arkansas 3 losses are to the #1, #13, and #16 teams and with a mutual win over A&M. By the committee’s logic, the Hogs should be ranked higher. This weekend will play that out though.
Miss State at #17 is really funny. Losses to Memphis and LSU but they are #17, that is wild
These rankings are HILARIOUS. Wisconsin??? Mississippi State??? Cincy at 6???
What makes you say you can’t trust Franks for 60 minutes? What has he shown this year that makes you believe that... the guy has been a model of consistency this year. Guarantano over Franks is laughable
Franks is under appreciated and quite frankly (see what I did there?) one of the most important quarterbacks in Arkansas history
A&M, Tennessee, Mizzou, & LSU all look like winnable games. When will y’all take Arkansas seriously?
Arkansas should be ranked. Gotta love the SEC protecting Alabama’s ugly stepchild
Arkansas is 2-1 and Auburn is 1-2. I’ll always count that game as a win considering it was taken from the Hogs. Can’t decide if I’m happy of the outcome though cause that keeps Gus and Chad at Auburn which means they will always be average.
Oh are you referring to the confirmed fumble and then clear Arkansas recovery 2 second later? Enjoy this * win. It will show the rest of the season as Auburn is severely worse than anticipated