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I went to enjoy some beers and wings for the game.. I ended up in some random hotel too drunk to go home. I was so upset. Now I got to put up with everyone for a year who isn't in the SEC. That is the one drawback from moving away from Alabama. Murf. tell us some good news for next year.
I admire his skill sets. His football skills got us out of so many jams. But you know what made him even better? His attitude. His humility. His team mentality. His servant's heart. He is Alabama's best QB ever.
Roll tide Murf! hmm why I cannot see my comment? (this is a test comment) Do you approve of comments before they are allowed to be posted...
Murf! Merry Christmas bro. I don't know man, I was never really impressed with Nussmeier, and I was glad to see him go to Michigan. He wasn't bad, but I don't think he was a good fit for Alabama. Im actually glad that Florida has him now. At least it won't be a total blow out when Bama slaps them around. I hope Lane Kiffin sticks around though. I consider you like the Army Rangers of college football smarts, and I would be a weekend warrior compared to you. So I'm probably off in my assessment concerning Nussmeier. But even so, I wasn't impressed with him. I recall Saban saying that he liked when coordinators got head coaching jobs, but it annoyed him when they moved to the same position but at a different school. Or maybe I'm recalling that entirely incorrectly. I fear I might sound like a conspiracy theorist, but I would not be surprised if Saban was disappointed with Nussmeier and considered letting him go, but to save face - He let Nuss quit. Well, you're the OC of an elite college program that JUST won a national title, again, and you take on a job at Michigan who's head coach might not be there for much longer? Nuss must like crazy pie cause he ate some before going to Michigan. (maybe I'm reaching.) But let's look at the 2012 and 2013 schedules. In 2012, we barely beat LSU. We lost to Texas A&M, (The same team who let Louisiana Tech score 57 pts on them.) and the rest of the schedule was weak. Georgia was the only hard team that I recall. *That was a great game by the way. In 2013.. We lost to Auburn? I'm still shocked. And then for the icing on the cake, we lost to Oklahoma. I was at Disneyworld with my 5 year old little girl, wearing my Alabama hoodie, and some douche wearing an Oklahoma tshirt came up to me and rubbed it in. In front of my kids. I was so mad. I wanted to wear his skin as a cape and dance to the rattle of his death and the beating of the drums of hate with his bones. I don' t know. I just don't know about Nussmeier. Roll tide my friend.
I feel bad for Ol Miss. Im a Bama transplant to the Clemson area. That kid had the worst reputation for being the king douche at Clemson Univ. On multiple occasions with multiple people had nothing good about him when college football came up. It was all about his ego and his poor character.
"humping" thats military slang for walking with a loaded ruck sack. fyi for the pervs out there.
ROLL TIDE After 3 interceptions - I thought Sims was going to get the Bench. BUT JUST LIKE SIMS.. whenever he feels the heat, he kicks it into overdrive and becomes this clutch player. crazy game. I felt like I was humping mountains.
by the way, absolutely love your stuff! Its gold. Roll tide
Murf, What do you think the score will be? Second question, Do you have certain perimeters, factors, or formula that you have in mind when you're deciding what clips to show in your articles? For example, would you use a clip from the Auburn vs Louisana Tech game to showcase the running attack vs Auburn vs. Ol Miss for the same thing? I guess what I am getting at is how much do you consider a team's opponents to highlight said team's strengths and weaknesses?
p.s. If I was sick, id go see a doctor. If my car was broken, I'd go see a mechanic. if I want to know about football - you're the man.
Great stuff Murf! I'll be sharing it as always. So here is my question or questions for you.. Now correct me if I'm wrong though. Head coaches have a philosophy and they hire coordinators to carry out that philosophy. So if you could, and if you have time - 1. Who is the best head coach and why? 2. What would you dream team of coaches be? Who is the best DC and OC? 3. I recall seeing Muschamp's resume, and in only a couple places did he help build defenses, but in others - could the argument be use that he was riding someone else's work? Is he overrated as a DC? 4. Whats the future hold for the Gamecocks?
Good gosh, finally some free time.. Murf!!! Good to see your stuff again. I got to watch the last quarter of the Bama/LSU game. Jez, that was tense. I always get a kick out of every fan base thinking their game against Bama is some sort of rivalry game. To me, their teams is just someone we have to get through to get to Auburn. However, I'm starting to think LSU vs Bama .. well, I think this is the start of a beautiful... Anyway, about this article.. I hope Alabama fans and players bring that energy they found during the Bama vs. Aggies game to this Saturday's game against Miss. State. There are some things that you cannot account for. I want another shut out.
Does style count? I mean, Jones just made it look easy. Cooper - the stats speak for themselves. Coop doesn't come off as a show boat as well. Ok, Im talking out of my butt. I really enjoyed the article though. Great stuff Murf!
Alabama reminds me of my very pregnant wife that's due on the 28th of this month. One week she is absolutely sweet and loving, fixing me a cheeseburger with a fried egg served with a beer and a shot of whiskey for supper. The next week she is telling me to look in her purse for my nutsack and calling out my manhood cause I forgot to take out trash. I want Alabama to be that monster and my wife to be the sweet one. Then everything will be right in the world
Told by an idiot, full of sound and fury, Signifying nothing. Roll Tide. - Shakespeare (Yes he was a Bama fan)
Murf, This has nothing to do with this article, but when I look for your stuff to read I always could spot it by the black and white photo used. In the photo a player's uniform would be in color. Now, it seems more SDS writers are doing the same thing. And this is unfortunate. Is there a email subscription to get your stuff or some kind of notification we can receive?
I haven't a clue what will happen. I remember 2010 when Bama went to South Carolina and everyone thought we would roll over a lesser ranked team who had a unpredictable QB. Im just an old grunt, but how I see it is Bama is highly trained and ready to go. However, Bama must bring a "can-do" attitude and have the mental fortitude of completing the mission no matter what is thrown at them. That's what makes someone a badass door kicker. If Bama takes this game serious, we will win a close game. Ol Miss thinks they have a chance which makes them dangerous. I expect a good fight until the 4th quarter.. Ol Miss is going to get worn out.
Its going to be difficult to throw a football when you're missing an arm. Bo Wallace is going to be Alabama's chewtoy. Shut out. Bama > all.
Georgia's boss gets how much?? hahahah hahahah
Your articles are like bacon. Like bacon! Thanks Murf! So much has been focused on Sims and Kiffin with other writers, its great to see some more insight on the defense. What do you think the score will be?
Ok, I'll keep my eye out for that this weekend. Since Bama has been throwing a lot, I wonder how much trouble its going to give the Bama team. Any good news for Bama? (Open ended question because I love your insight. There is the obvious answers but you don't do obvious) Great work as always Murf!
Yes, me too! Break the defense down for us
Day, youre a dbag. It shows his leg come down with an increase in velocity. What's worse is he a liar for writing this up.
Game is over, and SC won. This is the only article that was even close to calling it. Good job, Murf RTR
If you HAVE to explain the difference between one and a cheerleader... smh. Roll tide forever.
Pretty sure you're reading what has not been written. S