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This is a horrible list, and about the only thing right is Bama at the top. Clemson is too low, and what gives!?! USF isn't on the list when they return Flowers and Mack, and has a defensive specialist as a coach!?! Expect them to run their table next season.
Agreed, seatonda. How is OSU in the playoffs, and how are they ranked ahead of Clemson and Washington? And why aren't both Western Michigan and South Florida ranked higher? The only thing the AP has going for it is it's "Stylebook". They are clueless politically and as football writers their opinions aren't even useful to wrap fish with.
Bridles is a good x&o coach who let his program tragically get out from under him. He would take the LSU job for a second chance. However, I suspect he will want a level of control over the program nobody will give him. As I said on another post, Herman is trendy, but can stay put and still end up in a Power conference since Houston is talking to the Big 10. I think, and I hope for my Masters degree alma mater I'm wrong, they will look at Willie Taggert, at USF. The defense wasn't that good yesterday against FSU, but their offense did hang 30+ on the Noles, and USF has been winning more games each year he's been there.
This is about as stupid a move as could be made. It has been Les Miles who has prevented LSU from slipping back to mediocrity. Yes he cannot coach a quarterback to save his life (or job, in this case), but he is perhaps the best recruiter outside Saban and Swinney in the nation. He's better than Harbaugh, better than Meyers... This was dumb.
No, ReauxllTide, look for Florida to start sniffing around Columbia to see if Spurrier would be interested. If Jeremy Foley has his hat in his hands, Spurrier might come back, but if Foley acts the way he did the last time they thought about Spurrier, then he'll stay at South Carolina.
This is about right, although I still contend Clemson is its own worst enemy (and I'm a Clemson alum). Georgia's punter beat us fair and square, but we beat ourselves against FSU - for all but the last 5 playing minutes we were the clearly superior team. Bama is head and shoulders above anyone else. A&M is a good team, but Bama should win that one easily.
Bill Brasky - Are you kidding? Clemson's Defense was and is one of the best in the nation. While it was Georgia's punter that won the game for them (because pinning a spread offense behind the 20 cuts their playcalling in half, and you cannot leave a defense, no matter how good, on the field for that long without them getting tired), that fourth quarter was brutal against perhaps the only SEC-caliber Defensive line outside the SEC. I'm thinking you didn't watch that game, or you wouldn't have made that statement.
Please do not confuse "Clemson Tom" with me; I grew up an Alabama fan, got my BA from Clemson and MA at South Florida. Other than the Gator comments (I grew up in Jacksonville), the piece doesn't work as a comedy sketch. While I agree with Coach Swinney that we beat ourselves against FSU, Georgia's punter should have won SEC Player of the Week when we played the Dawgs. Pinning a spread offense behind the 20 effectively cuts the offense in half play calling wise. You cannot leave a defense on the field as long as the Tigers did and not expect it to get tired.
Richt is the only person in the media that seems to have put the game into a proper perspective. Look, I'm a Clemson Alum, so I have reason to want to "homer" here, but Richt understands that the Georgia MVP wasn't one of their running backs, who are impressive, or their defense, but their PUNTER! One of the side effects of a spread offense is that inside the 20's - going both ways - is it cuts your offensive play calling in half. By consistently pinning Clemson back into 3 and out situations at their 20 or less, Clemson's D stayed on the field waaaaay too long. Remember, Georgia didn't score but a field goal through the majority of the 3rd quarter! They got tired. That is great coaching and a great kicking game that won that game for Georgia. They deserve the congrats, but Richt knows, better than anyone else, how that game was won and that it shouldn't be used to judge the rest of his team.
Yes and no; team wise they are, but their fans are not. I think the team outweighs the fans, issue-wise. I'd much rather see Clemson jump to the SEC, but unless something cam be done about the ACC buyout, not much will happen. Interestingly enough, the Big East blowup gives USF and TCU an opening. Two Texas teams, WVU and either USF or Clemson (or add both and bring in Baylor or Missouri) and we've got a true super conference, rather than a Big Three and the rest, or a PAC Three and the rest.
As a Clemson alum, I would love to see the Tigers join the SEC. Clemson is one of the few schools that can recruit for the same athletes as SEC schools, even though we haven't had much success getting championship performances out of them. By joining the SEC that would force IPTAY to change its practices of controling the coaches behind the scenes in order to compete. Just as important (to me at least) would be the chance to chew up the Gators - I grew up in Jacksonville in the "Wait till next year" years and hate them Gators with a passion. Note to Gamecocks; while having Clemson join might be a strain on recruiting instate, think of the revenue generated by having the annual game as a conference game, especially if the game decides the East!
That gator at the top of the stadium looks like a muppet. Who would be intimidated by a muppet? Musgrave doesn't intimidate anyone, but you have to give him an C for effort.
Ummm, Clemson isn't in Greenville, but about an hour away. They keep getting great talent but IPTAY, the booster group has too much say in how things are run. The AD, while not "in their pockets" financially, does the bidding of IPTAY as far as putting pressure on the Coaches. IPTAY interferes with the Coaching philosophy and even on field decisions. It is the reason no "big name" coach wanted the Clemson job when they hired Dabo - who is a fine coach, but hamstrung by IPTAY. I like Dabo, but he's gone after this year because IPTAY never wanted him in the first place. Oh, and they had Auburn beat, until the spearing started. I think IPTAY wants revenge for that, and word is there is special pressure on the coaches for that game. I don't think Clemson will return Auburn's dirty tactics (and I limit my criticism to the team - Auburn's fans expressed good sportsmanship when they showed concern over Clemson injuries during the game), but either they will let Dabo coach that game unfettered, or Clemson will lose badly from the micromanagement by IPTAY.
Look, I cannot stand the Gators, but Brantley's only problem is he followed Tebow, in an offense meant to cater to Tebow's style of play. He wasn't and never will be an option QB, and Gators (true to form for the most part) will blame the wrong guy for placing him in that situation. What is sad about that is Brantley doesn't deserve his own school doing this to him. Its one thing to say he wasn't effective - its another to say its the man himself to blame. But Gators have done this before - Chris Leak anyone? It almost seems that Gators won't be happy until they get one of their QB's to attempt suicide because he missed a fade route. I'll be happy to see Florida fade back to obscurity, because their fans are so obnoxious.
The prayers of the Bryant family are with this family. We are from the Jacksonville area originally.
OK, I graduated from Clemson and South Florida, and am a lifelong Alabama fan, who grew up in Gator country hating every minute of it, so I have no love loss for South Carolina, Steve Spurrier or Steven Garcia. However, drunk, tipsy or sober, if I walked into a function sanctioned by the league I played in and heard my name being trashed, I'd be upset too! I commend Garcia for not taking the legs off of that "life skills" speaker right at the neck. It was incredibly good anger management on the part of Garcia that kept the scene from getting uglier than it was. And what about the "life skills coach"? We talk about Garcia's behavior, but did that "coach" realize the man he was trashing was sitting right in front of him? Or that South Carolina players were in the room? What kind of idiotic, new age, touchy-feely Gandhi-wannabee couldn't figure out things were getting heated and he was the cause? And if he KNEW Garcia and other USC (take that Southern Cal) players were in the room, why is the COACH not concidered the problem here? Would someone who knows Garcia, please let him know that at least one certifiable Gamecock hater has his back on this one? I'd appreciate it.