Born in the mountains of Norway raised on keystone and sec football he chose state as his team because nothing splits heads like a cowbell in fall

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There isn’t a men’s soccer team at Vandy, or the majority of major universities because of title 9
I wouldn't say they have the highest upside. Without a serious upgrade to their Backfield they wont even be able to use him properly.
Good pick up, but let's calm down a bit. Bryant isnt as talented a passer as Lock, I doubt he does better without a serious upghto the run game. If Mizzou can't run vs SEC defenses Bryant wont be effective.
I completely disagree with No. 1, I actively root against UCF. I'm in a college football group on Facebook with 30k members, and every other post is against UCF as well.
All do respect to Mizzou, he should go somewhere he can win. So Auburn is probably the best choice, or State who will be returning a good o-line and will have a good d
I hate the he claims State as his school, it's an embarrassment
They should just make it illegal again, so we can "sneak" them in and ring them whenever we want as loud as we want like we used too. I went to state before it was legal, and I guarantee I was louder then
First off let's be honest the coast is the nicest place in the state and it's not even close. Oxford is just a knock off Ocean springs. Secondly the top tourist destination is Biloxi (casinos) which is also on the coast.
when was the last time Ole Miss made it to the final in the CWS. was it 2013 oh wait no that was State
Is that why Msu's recruiting class is ranked like 20 spots higher than Ole Miss and we have won more eggbowls than Ole Miss in the last 10 years
LSU has to start over with a new OC a new QB, A&M is starting over with all new pieces, and State has a Dominant D-Line and just signed 3 big 4 star wide outs to give Fitzgerald some serious targets. I'd take State vs each of those teams
Seriously South Carolina, Texas A&M and LSU ahead of a Mississippi State team returning a whole lot of serious talent. How does that make any sense.
Yea but they'd have to be extremely desperate to go to mizery. They'd probably rather stay at Ole Miss than do that.
I seriously don't understand mike Norvell or brown. Norvell is winning against nobodies and Troy is a nobody
Im ok with venables, that would be a good hire, but why in the world would we want Neal Brown from Troy.
Mullen has done more for this program than any coach before. We should be thankful for his time at State, and be respectful of his decision to move on.
We need a little drama. We need someone who can win now, and who can keep this class together.who cares if he leaves after a few years if he wins next year
We need kiffin now. Someone to go balls to the wall to take us to the next level
State should be the top ranked 2 loss team if not only behind aubbie
Hurts is barely completing half his passes of more than 10 yrs and less than 15% of his deep balls that doesn't shout elite to me it shouts liability to me. But we will see when UGA shuts down that run game
No I don't trust Fitzgerald I honestly feel like we should've been starting Thompson all year as he has the ability to throw the ball downfield as well as run
if Mississippi state has 2 losses to the number 1 team and the number 10 team then why are they ranked behind ohio state with losses from number 5 and 20 and penn st with losses from 13 and 21
I'll put trust in Hurts the day someone shuts down their run game and he comes in and saves the day passing. the last time someone shut down their run game was after scarborough left the Natty and we all know how that turned out
What's funny is that State and Bama both have Potentially better QBs on the bench. I also completely don't understand the Hurts Hype, yes he is a great runner but other than that I think he's just benefiting from being on BAMA. thus the lack of Heisman Love. In all reality if Bama could rely on Hurts to throw then they would've won the Natty last year, the kid is a disaster at mid range throw and it's gonna cost them
While I agree that amari cooper is an unreal threat the likes of which state hasn't come close to seeing, they've done alright against teams big name receivers. As for the Blake sims thing you're right about him being a redzone threat I'm just more concerned with him hitting cooper for a long breakaway than sims getting it done in the redzone. I feel like if states defensive front can do work against that run game and force sims to make throws he's either not comfortable with or one his receivers may have trouble fielding. On that same note I believe that's were coopers talent comes in, he'll be able to play those off passes but the hope for state is they'll keep him from stretching the play. Also great job answering comments, I know you have too ignore most of them but it's nice to get feed back
I know it's hard for a misery fan to swallow this, but a w is a w. I understand that not much is being written about misery right now because you are irrelevant this year, and that must suck but please be quite while the big boys decide who gets to annihilate the east champ in Atlanta. Speaking of defaulting if misery is east champ it will be by default.