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I think he would benefit greatly from working with Dan Mullen! That would be a fun story for the Georgia/Florida game as well. Best of luck to him wherever he ends up! Go Dawgs!
I’ve seen where a lot of Georgia fans are saying things like “ if you don’t wanna be here then leave” and a lot of other stupid things. Not only is Georgia a better team for having him but he’s also going to make another team better as soon as he steps foot on campus. He’s a generational talent. I’m not saying he should start over Fromm, just that losing him sucks. He’ll probably end up at Florida. Dan Mullen is a genius with qbs. Neverless Go Dawgs!
Oh so now your mad that I was correct on my prediction? Kentucky is back to where they need to be. Liberty bowl. Enjoy!
Have any of you guys read what the dude was posting above?
Dude no one in the SEC gives a sh*t what any mizzou fans think. Y’all suck. Go be good at tennis or whatever your sport is.
Man if Georgia’s red zone offense doesn’t get better, there’s no chance again Bama. I think there’s a slim chance Georgia wins even with better red zone play. Definitely want them healthy though!
Bamatime you’re an idiot. I stated it had nothing to do with the outcome of the season. Your basically making my own point for me
Gave up on football huh? Tennessee best y’all after you saying y’all wouldn’t lose another game y’all suck! Good thing your focused on basketball now. Oh wait how’s duke doing these days. Hahaha
Yeah and auburn was beatable last year and that didn’t help you guys or have any impact on the outcome of the season. There was no slight at Alabama on my comment. I was simply saying they looked beatable. That hasn’t been the case all year so it was just a statement. You guys so easily get your vaginas hurt on here.
As a Dawg fan, it’s quiet embarrassing seeing everyone so happy tua is hurt. Hopefully he recovers fast and comes back for the SEC championship game. I would much rather beat Alabama out right. Not saying it will happen just saying I’d rather both teams be at full capacity.
Not to sure what that has to do with anything but okay.
The good news is. Alabama looks dare I say beatable.
Remember when I said liberty bowl. Well it’s looking tht way kentucky. 9 and three like I predicted. Shoot y’all might drop to 8 and 4
We’ll see. That’s also what you homer Kentucky fans said when I stated Georgia would win by three scores. Look what happened.
And I’ll post when you guys are playing in the liberty bowl. Lol
9 and 3 is more likely. Mixed in with a lot more 9 and 3 SEC teams and Kentucky gets the liberty bowl. Sorry man Kentucky is just not appealing enough to make a ny6 bowl. Better luck in the next 50 years.
Not jerks. Kentucky fans were acting like world beaters. You’ve literally beat Florida and that’s about it. For now? For now this is the best team you guys have had since bear bryant. If you can’t beat us now, you may never. Peace
Although I admire you coming back on here. You were still calling people idiots over predicting a three score win. Well looky there. Who seems to be the fool now. Enjoy the liberty bowl.
Kentucky was lucky we turned the ball over twice. It could’ve been much much worse. Y’all suck and smell is overrated .
Yeah we can tell you guys are real passionate. Judging by 1/3 of the stadium being covered in red thats evident.
This is sad. There will never be a Georgia home game that this happens.
I’m not understanding why it’s hard to believe. You guys are still Kentucky.
Got everyone worked up over nothing. You all lose hahaha
Actually, your point came across just fine. You corrected me on something on a previous post. I was just being an a**. I’m no grammar police. I couldn’t give a fu** either way. Just making a point how annoying it is. So actually I win.
It would actually be. “They don’t do words well”. Too is not needed at all. Thank you for playing Cody.