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First, a couple of baseline statements: 1. Well documented history that Lincoln Riley is offensive minded and can polish a QB. Hence, 2 transfers, 2 years, 2 Heismans. 2. Well documented that Saban quite possibly is the GOAT and has a long record of evaluating talent, building great programs, successful teams, winning championships and populating the NFL. Saban’s got an eye for talent and is one of the few coaches in the game that can silence the peanut gallery and make the best decision for the team. With that said, I take nothing away from Jalen Hurts. He will forever be a Bama legend, a champion and an all-time great collegiate story. Hurts simply had a case of bad luck when he went head to head with Tua. If anything, Saban showed Jalen the ultimate loyalty as everyone saw Tua’s ability and Saban stayed with Jalen even while he struggled. Saban simply had Sophie’s choice between two QBs with different skill sets and now moves forward with a new year and a new team. Everyone needs to be okay with Riley being a “QB whisperer.” He’s got a knack for bringing out the best in a QB and showcasing their ability. Saban may not polish a QB as well, but he knows talent, he knows teams, and he wins championships and that’s just fine with me (regardless of what Skip Bayless says...)