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I'm glad to see him doing his own thing instead of just following his brother to Florida. They run a wide open offense and he is a gunslinger with a lightning quick release. He will do just fine. I will definitely be watching some Maryland games whenever he becomes the starter.
I don't see how McMillon is going to start. Christian Harris is not going to the bench. His athletic ability and upside are too high, just look at the Michigan game as a preview of what this guy is going to be. Plus he has way more actual game experience than Josh.
Exactly what I was thinking. And then he says that he's not the team. As long as they continue to have that attitude they will never bring home National Championships. That's why it means more in the south.
Alabama's problem's are all related to stopping the run, particularly mobile quarterbacks. Guys are not running around open in the secondary all over the place. That would be LSU. This "NFL scout" clearly does not actually watch the games.
They probably would have lost to Auburn with Franks and the LSU game would have been over at halftime. I have no idea how in the world he was the week 1 starter.
Bulovas has quietly been not that bad during Will's absence. I believe he's only missed one field goal and made all of his extra points.
While it is not spelled with one there is an 'n' in the pronunciation. I could be wrong but every time I hear it said that's what it sounds like to me. Btw it hurt me to even kind of stick up for Danielson because I despise him. His disdain for Alabama is so obvious.
I'm not old enough to have seen Lee Roy Jordan but I read about him and the things he did were just as ridiculous as Tua so I don't know if I can give him the crown yet. I need to see him redeem himself in the National Championship game after last years two interception game before I can even consider it.