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Deboer is putting together a great class top to bottom, the Tide just landed 5 Star ol Ty Haywood
When you have to compare your self to another team is that success? Btw when was the last regular season win for Ga against Bama ?
4 years is a lot better than a 40 year drought how many accounts does one troll have
Imagine what would have happened if Saban hadn’t taught Kirby everything he knows about the game of football leg
Pthericker google it for yourself it was on 247 sports and Al.com
It’s not talked about much but yes it did indeed happened before harbough got busted with the ncaa, kirby doesn’t admit to anything it’s kinda strange he called the Michigan coaching staff
Keep telling yourself that whatever makes you feel better doesn’t change the outcome though 27-24 Remember Kirby had one win against Nick he admitted to calling the Michigan coaching staff before the game
1-5 vs Nick is embarrassing,and Kirby called the Michigan coaching staff before his only win he said it was the biggest difference in the game
No one cares bubbles your opinions are irrelevant and unnecessary in the Texas Pete comment section
It’s all about what your phone says to you Doug ,to a football coach recruiting and evaluating is a lot more than that
A lot of people were saying Deboer couldn’t recruit he’s proving them wrong
Micah DeBose just committed and Bama is in no 1 spot for Caleb Cunningham
Seems like Deboer knows how to evaluate talent , he let the film speak for its self not the school he was committed to or his stars and rankings
Doug Deboer can recruit the whole country Bama just landed a 4 star ol from PA
I don’t think Doug realizes he turned down his GA offer
Are you sad sayin didn’t go to ga Doug ? And you don’t wanna hear it ? So you can dish it but can’t take it, I bet you was excited to see Nick retire must have been a huge relief
I was replying to bayou tiger he said we flipped him from smu a lot of great qbs played at small schools and yes donk the stars and rankings are not a sure thing
Kurt Warner played for northern iowa in college, Cason wentz played for North Dakota state, Josh Allen played for Wyoming, Ben Roethlisberger played for Miami of Ohio
Kirby must not know how to coach them then all those good recruits and only one win against Alabama
Doug Bama is ranked higher than GA in the 2025 and 2026 Ga isn’t even in the top 10 in 2025 , and ranked 10th in 2026 Bama is ranked 5th
Doug I see you had a meeting with your colleagues
Doug I can’t believe you let Jane Fonda post first , Roll Tide
I said some people not Doug but hey if the shoe fits
Some people need to find a job idk how anyone has time to constantly troll every bama article
It turned into a beatdown in the dawgs backyard, 27-24