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I wonder if trolls get job offers or just pretend to have a job and live in a basement
a few of these trolls could use less time glued behind a screen obsessing over bama articles
He was big enough to get an offer from Georgia troll harder
@ negan the sec west has been to the national championship 13 times since saban came to Alabama lsu and Auburn both making multiple trips
He’s a fan no matter what win or lose at least he’s not riding the bandwagon
Nick is the goat and the rings and trophy case don’t lie , at least hugh freeze say he’s beat bama twice , and Tennessee is just like ga one win in 15 years,and literally the first sentence of this article “Nick Saban has long been a proponent of a 9-game SEC schedule”
Makes no sense if you actually read nick said he’s in favor of more sec and power 5 opponents
Alabama is tied with Yale with 18 championships, 1979-2009 is 30 years , 79 bear Bryant won a championship,92 gene stallings , that’s 2 in 13 years and in 09 nick saban so that’s 3 in 30 years Besides all that what does any of this have to with the number one player out of Utah ?
True Yale has more championships not more bowl games though, I don’t know where you get 30 years the longest Alabama went with out a championship was 20 years , And it was auburn who ended the SEC streak of 7 years straight with a national championship
Says the igno-genius whose team won a single natty in 30 years pre-Saban…all hail to Gene Stallings! Alabama had still won more bowl games and national championships Than any other division one school in history and that was before saban , try harder
@ negan like ga hasn’t had any close games do you remember nicholls state? Kirby is 1-4 against Alabama , if Alabama is so bad who is Georgias one loss to recently ,
Trolls comment on Alabama articles more than the scammers, what they both post has nothing to do with the article, the most dumb thing I’ve seen all day
Everyone take it easy some trolls can’t take it if they get any smack talk they can talk it but can’t take it , they still cry and complain and write books on here , so remember that if you have a reply
If anyone is a bama fan it’s you you take the time to read and comment on every Bama article, they sell those house divided tags
Kirby’s has worked under saban longer than he has anywhere else his job stability is because of nick saban taking him under his wing over 10 years
Ohio state is no easy game ga fans should know , Alabama made it look easy 52-24
2008 do you remember that year?blackout game ga’s funeral 31-0 at halftime
Decline ? Alabama holds a ncaa record for most 10 plus win seasons with 15 even after coach saban had to replace over 50 coaches and assistants he can’t keep nobody everyone wants to hire someone from him to try to copy what Alabama does, Nick is the GOAT period, the trophy case speaks for it’s self
Kirby has one win outta 4 against saban and had to play Alabama twice in the same season to win he even admitted if he didn’t call the Michigan staff before the championship he may not have won look it up
Kirby bounced around from job to job until saban took him under his wing , period
Nick taught him everything he knows from The time he worked with him at lsu the dolphins and Alabama
Malik Benson is gonna be Alabamas speedster this year
He got into some trouble that definitely affected his draft stock along with injuries
Milroe is a redshirt sophomore and Simpson is a redshirt freshman Buchner is a sophomore the other qbs are freshman
I didn’t say he would , even if he didn’t come to Alabama either milore or Simpson would transfer if they didn’t win the job he’s another qb to fill that spot
Someone is Gonna transfer after qb 1 is named having more depth is a good thing any qb is one play away from being injured
if Simpson wins the job milroe transfers , Buchner will add depth and experience the other 2 qbs Alabama has are freshmen I think saban is thinking ahead, last season Bryce got hurt it could very well happen this season to
No just and example but if Simpson wins the job milroe transfers , Buchner will add depth and experience the other 2 qbs Alabama has are freshmen