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A gymnast dwarfing a football player? Not gonna happen but thanks for playing!
Since Cochran has been dead for 15 years might as well throw Jerry Callo, with a C in there also!
We have played TN for a very long time on the 3rd Saturday in October!
Come on admit it, you don't want Bama in the East! It's ok to say you're scared, we understand!
LOL, go F your sister again she's waiting! And I live in the Shi%hole called Athens, Ga so I get to see you inbred retards everyday!
Dawg fans are against it because they would have Bama every year hahahahahahahahahaha
Missouri wouldn't have to move, Bama and Auburn to the east and OU and Texas to the west, why is that so hard to understand?
The man is focused! Good luck to you Jordan, you have a good head on your shoulders.
#1 won't happen, #2 will happen only Milton becomes the work horse for UGA and is a stud! Love the way that kid runs the football, wish he was at Bama! #3 with the defense we should have this year being better than last year, led the SEC in points allowed, Young will have room for a few mistakes but not many. We still make the playoffs over UGA b/c they have 2 losses, one to Clemson and one to Bama in the SEC Chanpionship!
The UGA butthurt is hysterical! Do some research and educate yourself instead of just arguing and calling people names but that probably is too difficult for UGA fans!
Hey troll, let go of mommy's teet and get a job. Worry about Clemson you MF'er and I'll take care of mommy!
When have you ever seen Saban kissing up you idiot? Maybe to your mother, lol! What a worthless troll you are.
He should have started with "My daddy Nick" then we would have known exactly who it was!