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Defense was AWOL because of Bama's gameplan, give credit where it's due. Typical Dawg.
Ha!Ha! Go eat some more crayons tard, ya'll are out of the playoffs getting blown out and manhandled like that!
Anyone who thinks UGA can't beat Bama is an idiot! I actually think this is their year. I see Bama/UGA playing for the SEC Championship and Natty although it will be tough to beat either one of these teams twice in the same season let alone twice in a month-ish!
too bad Pollack's vagina wouldn't let him play anymore, neck my ass!
glad you took time from s@cking off your boyfriend Negan to comment
Hey crayon eating window licker, where ya been? Mommy's waiting on you to come back to bed.
Ya'll are going to steamroll Auburn!!
Bama and UGA are 1A & 1B however you want to put them. There is nobody close to these 2 and we should be treated to a good SEC Championship and then Natty as long as the "Playoff Committee" doesn't place them to face each other in the semi's. That would be my argument is that as long as they both show up undefeated in the SEC Championship there is no reason that the loser drops below 2.
Do you even watch football or can you not get off mama's tit long enough? Keep licking windows and eating crayons tard.
I thought your mothers vagina was the new Death Valley you crayon eating, window licking tard.
Put us at #10 if you want, 4 games in doesn't mean sh!t. As long as your ranked in the top 4 on 12/5 that's all that matters!
recruiting doesn't mean sh!t, you gotta coach them up.
So he scores every time he catches a ball? Impressive
Why don't you go curl up with mommy again? Maybe she'll give you some crayons to eat and windows to lick. Moron
And if you believe that you are just as f@cking stupid as he.
That is the dumbest statement ever! We got our asses kicked for 3 quarters, couldn't run the ball, couldn't tackle and it was never in question. Please be a fan of someone else, we don't need that level of stupidity in Tuscaloosa.
will you be eating crayons and licking windows at the "Parade"? The only parade UGA is going to is the LGTBGQ parade! Don't forget your helmet!
here we go with the "we were missing 3 QB's, 8 WR's, 9 O-lineman and 6 D-lineman" argument from the UGA fans! LMAO
SEC123 thinks he's a big man in here, get lost clown!
this is a Vols article? And you're calling everyone else dumb and stupid? Go away BOY! Enjoy that beatdown on 10/23!