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Hyperbole. Be a homer if you wish, but UT is probably going to go no better than 6-6 and get blown out fairly regularly.
Saban has as much business being President as Tommy Tuberville did being elected Senator. That is to say NONE.
This will be a question that is repeated ad nauseum, until the day he retires. My money is on Saban getting tired of it and tearing the bark off a few so called journalist.
There is nothing wrong with a scrimmage. This helps the players and coaches just as much as any scrimmage. Tough like any other scrimmage, the spring game has no meaning when it comes to projecting to the next season. Also it is a way to bring fans to the campus and town.
LOL, probably why he is a receiver now.
This is not a flame. I was just reading where AU had only 7 first round draft picks in the last 14 years. They have had some great players in that time. Is it because of recruiting or development that they have had so few?
It was not the QB's fault when he dropped passes right in his hands.
Hey, I am so smart I can hand out those pearls, and not even realize it. LOL Good catch.
I hate to hear of kids that have these injuries. That they come before they have a chance to win a job, and in these circumstances, just make it more gut wretching.
6-6 is pretty well trucked. If you have lowered your standards, then maybe by your definition, UT will not get trucked.
Spring games mean nothing. Every team wins theirs's.
I thought he was collecting Social Security. It is funny how some players seem to play much longer than they do. Like Hunter Renfrow. I swear that guy had 3 grandchildren and was on SS by the time he left Clemson.
Kind of tough NOT to like Gus. I always did. I think he could talk more and say less than any coach in the county. I use to be amazed listening to him. He also seemed to be as genuinely nice and caring as a HC could be.
That was a surprise to me. AU has an abundance of tall, athletic TEs. They could create some bad mismatches if they were/are used.
Spring practice games are pretty useless in determining how good a team or player is going to be during the upcoming season. I guess this time of year it is all anyone has to talk about though.
I think you could be correct. You can make a dang nice living as a back up QB in the NFL. Heck you will probably make more than you would in an entire life in the workforce.
Seth Williams is a baffling player. That is why he is not getting much hype. He can make a miraculous catch on one play, and drop one right in his hands on the next. The drops will keep him from catching on in the NFL. If he fixes those he could be elite, but that is a big if.
Fuzzy I think you are right. I think people will sleep on Kentucky at their own risk this year. UF is going to see a drop off.
Fromm was good enough to have UGA leading at the half of the CFPCG 3 years ago.
UT is going to get trucked this year. Only a blind homer could think otherwise.
Penn States failure last year was a big surprise to me. This year may be a make or break year for Franklin. Another year like last year and I do not know how benevolent the PSU administration will be. The Penn State vs AU game is a tough one to predict at this point. With Penn State's record last year, and AU having a new coaching staff, you may have to throw a dart at a board.
I can't recall. Even if they do Div.111 is more competitive.
I think the biggest thing is going to be how HE recovers from the fact he killed 2 people. He has got to get over it and move on, and to be a better person for what he did. If he was my child he would be going to counseling a couple of times a week.