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No it wouldn't. The guy is a G-5 coach that is going to do what any other coach was going to do if hired. He is going to try to hang on for a few years and when the sanctions hit and he has 15 scholarships a year for 3 years and a 2 year bowl ban, with players bailing, he is going to leave. If he does not leave he will be fired. He is not going to be the coach after the sanctions.
Maybe, but I have to make a much bigger fool of myself to be in your league. Give it up, you do not have what it takes to hang.
That would be "look up that word". You must have suffered a traumatic brain death at some point. Don't worry, when it comes to UT football you will not miss anything when they pull your plug.
Ok in the last 50 years, UT has won the same number of national championships as UGA.
He seems like a good guy and he is a good coach. Is he good enough for the SEC meat grinder? We all just have to wait and see.
Like we were suppose to book Clemson, ND and then OSU. One thing we can book is you are an idiot and have no clue what you are talking about.
The guy may be great, who knows. What do people expect coach O to say? "We couldn't get anyone else so we hired the first guy that would sign the contract"?
Too bad all that talent the LSU coach bought could not do it.
CAN they? Yes. WILL they? Highly doubtful. The NCAA tournament is rarely won by the best team, it is won by the team that gets hot at the right time.
So. You live in a fantasyland that thinks UT is going to be able to get a name coach or even a top coordinator to come fan the flames of the dumpster fire. UT is not going to get one of those until the sanctions are over.
Right now it is. It is all about expectations. If Fleck can win his division once every 4 years, and go to a bowl the others, he will be worshiped. The Vols still think so highly of their job that they actually think they are going to get a homerun hire to come before the sanctions are complete and that hire will make them competitive again. I hope I am wrong but I would not be surprised if it was 10 years before they are competitive again. Provided that the allegations are true. If they are not they still have the problem that they did all of this to get out of paying a coach his contract.
I am sure there is a lot of interest in the job. Just from no one that is any good or hopes to have a bright future in P-5 coaching. But heck I bet there are thousands of high school coaches in Tennessee and beyond that have interest in the job.
Actually if he would take the job he would be a good choice. No matter who takes it is going to get plowed for a good many years. Then when probation is over and they can start to rebuild, go get a better coach than Sumlin.
ADs are responsible for all sports. The football coach is responsible for one and he has to own the losses no matter the excuses for them. There is a big difference. Though it does not surprise me that most UT fans can not see the differences from their happy place. I am sure that John Gruden is going to take the job and lead the Vols to the promised land.
Yeah but at least at AU he had a roster. The one at UT is getting smaller by the day.
I may be wrong but I don't think he was there more than 2 years. The sanctions were still in place when Franklin was hired and were then rescinded.
In the last 53 years, UGA has won the same number of national championships as UT.
The mess at UT that he stepped in for was an administration that let a fanbase alter their decision on who they had hired to be head coach. If you let your fanbase make decisions on your HC on Twitter, you are a dumpster fire waiting to happen. They were all sure they were going to get John Gruden.
I retired from law enforcement in the state of Louisiana. You really do not want to go after Alabama, or you may get yourself embarrassed.
He is makin a pretty big jump in a major program. This has hold your breath and pray written all over it.
He would be as good as anyone to get them through the probation. Then make you a major hire.
No different than saying that Elliot is going to finally leave Clemson, where he is highly paid and competitive, to take his first head coaching job at a school that is staring down the barrel of NCAA sanctions, in a few years time. It would be different if it were a normal year, UT could be a great job, but now it is a career killer waiting for a coach to step into the circle.
He is going to make people wish they had picked him, I do believe.
Yeah and I would put the scrutiny and expectations at USC up against most anyone. Texas acts like they are royalty, yet they have won few championships.