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I just found that out as I sat down to watch the UF game tonight. That means that we cannot watch any game on ABC, ESPN 1 or 2, or the SEC Network. My wife found a deal that you can get a free membership with HULU for 20 days that will allow us to watch the games on a PC for the free 20 days then we have to find somewhere else to watch. Don't forget to cancel before the 20 days are up. That gets Bama through the Texas game.
Talladega State, one of the worst colleges in the state and the country.
I hate to tell you but 52-49 did not bring you close to a national championship. The media made such a fuss over the depth chart at the beginning of last season that Saban threatened to stop handing them out. This season, they must not have believed him because he did it again. He decided that they were being more trouble than they were worth, and decided that he ran the team, not the media, so he followed through on his threat and didn't release one. Neither did Brian Kelly, but you don't hear Brando or Finebaum calling him a bully.
Why not? The media bullies everyone else. I guess he has been talking to his braindead media friend Tim Brando that first started calling Saban a bully for not providing the depth charts, though I didn't hear him call the coach of his team of preference, LSU, a bully when Kelly chose not to release a depth chart. It is not Saban's, nor any other coach's job to make the job of the media easy or easier, nor to please them. His job is to win games for the University of Alabama. If it helps to give the media what they want, fine, well, and good. If not, the media can go to He11, they are owed noting but have become so lazy they believe they are owed everything.
It is amazing that in my lifetime, a torn ACL has gone from meaning your career is over to you will have a chance to play in 8 months.
This has to be a mental health issue. No one is this stupid without a serious issue causing it. To go from where he was as a freshman at LSU to where he is today required more than just being full of himself.
Ashford has always been at a disadvantage as far as what he needed to do for AU to win, and what the fans wanted to see. People forget that when he got to AU from Oregon, that at seasons start it had been almost 3 years since he had played in a football game. He was never able to get in, even in mop up time, at Oregon. This put him behind the curve. There is a lot of difference between running the scout team or whatever, and actually appearing in games. This 3 year gap also probably hurt him in competition with Thorne. He just has had many fewer meaningful reps than Thorne, so he doesn't even have lower level experience to pull from. That he was not good enough to even play in mop up time at Oregon, did not bode well for his success at AU. He is a gamer that gave it his all, but he simply wasn't good enough. I am not trying to be cruel, but it is kind of a cruel game. Be the best or sit the bench. There is only room for one QB on the field at a time.
AU is always dangerous if you have to play them in JHS. That place is haunted, and the JuJu is unnerving. I think they have secret relationships to a lot of voodoo queens from the New Orleans area.
There is one thing about AU that has always intrigued me. No matter how good, or bad, the team is as a whole, no matter the coaching staff, with few exceptions, AU is going to have great kickers. This goes back to when I was a kid, and through many different coaches, and many different coaching staffs, so it isn't like you can credit just one coach, or one coaching staff. Over my 63 years, AU has had among the best kickers in college football.
To head things off, this is not a comment that is meant to disparage anything to do with UT. It is simply that, to me, it is a great example of how not only can the defense help the offense, but the offense can help the defense. With the quick scoring ability of the UT offense least season, teams knew that when they got the chance, they needed to put touchdowns on the board, or they were doomed. I think this is why UT gave up so few points, in spite of giving up so many yards, and also gave them opportunities for many of the TOs. I think teams pressed and took chances when they got close, giving the UT defense the chance to stop them or get a TO, because those teams knew that if they didn't get TDs, they were going to get blown away by the hurricane that was the UT offense. Hooker turned into a VERY good QB, you have to give credit where it is due, and the coaching staff did a great job. Even though UT is a major rival to Alabama, it was heart breaking to see him get injured, especially at that point in the season. It was also heartbreaking to see him not drafted until the 3rd round when he would have been a first rounder if not injured. I think he is going to wind up having a much better career than 2-3 of the QBs drafted ahead of him, maybe even all 4 of them.
It will mean that we are subjected to even more of his verbal vomit.
Well dumb@$$ Danny, they are being ranked for this season, not last season. Who won last season between the 2, and who the teams lost to, or beat isn't the consideration. It is where they think each team is at this point in this season.
That is all TAMU and Manziel needs. The bi-polar, alcoholic, needs to open a bar near the place of his only success in life so he can drink with the people that worship him, which would be TAMU players. That sounds like a recipe for problems.
One thing that may get these schools out of the Grant of Rights deal occurred to me. ESPN made that deal to make money. IF they hold those schools hostage for 13 more years, or for 5 more years. The SEC and BIG10 will have snapped up, probably, all they are going to snap up. The Grant of Rights deal will be worth little, as no one will have much interest at all in the ACC schools by that time, because they will basically be irrelevant. Ratings will crater and the value of that deal will go in the toilet. I actually think ESPN will give them a way out. After all, Let's just say FSU, Clemson, NC, and Virgina are invited to the SEC. Those schools will bring more value to ESPN than leaving them in a dead conference that has no relevancy. I could be wrong, but this is how I see it.
They still have that grant of rights for 13 more years. These schools can't play for free that long, so until they find a way out of that, I think this is just talk to keep alumni happy.
I think FSU's name has value for the new BIG12. Most people are not terribly impressed with their current group of teams, FSU would add some credibility, even though they have been down for a few years.
I don't know about not qualifying academically, but I would not argue with you on the point. They at the very least are not concentrating on the important things necessary to win and are not smart enough to know that what your uniform looks like is not going to win you a championship, nor is it going to get you to the NFL.
That was one he11 of a football game. To me it is second only to the UGA vs Bama overtime championship game for sheer excitement.
Good career, made a pile of money, now relax and enjoy it. Congratulation Sony.
People fly on the interstates in Birmingham also. I just hate to see tragedies like the one you described happen. They are all preventable by just using common sense. Once you have been the first on the scene, and all you can do is hold their hand as they die so they don't die alone, it really drives the point home.
Anyone that gets angry over the decisions of kids needs a major attitude adjustment. There is a long way to go before signing day and some of these recruits may flip again, or they may not but be replaced by other players just as talented. Until they sign a LOI it is just something to talk about.
30% of all traffic fatalities are due to excessive speeds. That translates to about 12,500 people that lose their lives every year to something you deem insignificant. I sincerely hope you never have to face the pain of losing one you love to something that is so controllable. I hope that you do not lose your life to something you think is so insignificant. Also, just so you know, 20 MPH over the posted speed is reckless driving.
Blowing off a court appearance for parking in a handicapped parking space does not give the impression that the person is smart. You just took a relatively minor, nonmoving violation and tripled the problems. Now you have an FTA warrant and a pi ss ed off judge.
The police do not have to be hiding. Most every person I pulled over for speeding came up on me, either from behind or going in the opposite direction. They didn't all get a ticket, few did as I hated to give them, but they were admonished, strongly in some cases, to slow it down. If I caught them again it would not be pretty.
Speeding is going to happen. I am a 63 year old retired cop and I speed. The thing that worries me the most is how fast they are going in many of these incidents. 10 MPH over is not that bad, but when you start you get to 15 and 20 or more you are asking for trouble. It does seem that they are getting some slack given, which is fine. 20 MPH over can easily be cited as reckless driving rather than speeding. Every jurisdiction that I know, and I know I do not know them all, has 15 above the posted speed limit as reckless driving. I hope they get this under control. Not because I am against UGA or Kirby, quite the opposite, I just do not want to see anyone k i l l e d or injured because of the speeds.
To me, overall, Conner does a good job. The rest of SDS gives c r a p. They go for clicks over journalistic integrity. Here he is asking about the hate Gary gets, and SDS is a major feeder of it.
Farner can't write. He is the cut and paste journalist at SDS.
I agree. As I have said before, the only complaints I have about Gary is that sometimes he will get on a subject, play, penalty and just beat that horse to death. He also tries to officiate way too much from the booth.
I know they did, but it was a different world back then and it didn't take them long to regress to normal. Just what did he do for Jackson State, other than publicity? Jackson state had not had a losing record since prior to 1957 and had not won less than 8 games since 1980 so it isn't like he revived a moribund program, they won 10 and 9 games in the 2 years prior to Sanders's arrival. When They ventured out of the SWAC with Deion they lost their Bowl games. So, with his lack of experience coaching, never having even coached a position, and the lack of tradition to hold the program together, I do not look for them to win a NC again, and certainly not with Sanders.