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He also just got a much tougher road to a conference championship, and a smaller chance at the CFPs.
The PAC12 simply was not, and would not be, competitive with TV contracts. Last season they had 6 teams, half the conference, with a losing record. Their TOP 2 teams had 4 losses. The PAC12 has not won a bowl game in 2 years. Their level of play was not close to strong enough to pull viewers over the course of a season. They do NOT deserve a guaranteed spot in the playoffs. Even if USC becomes what they once were, that is just one powerhouse bending over the rest of the conference and that will not generate interest in their televised games. When half your conference has losing records, and your tope 2 teams have 4 losses, your SOS does not put you among the top teams in the country.
UUUUHHHHH that would show professionalism. SDS can't have that.
Preach it brother. As a retired Deputy, I have seen so much death that could have been avoided by wearing a seatbelt.
This is what happens when you have a lot of talent on a team. Players have others whisper in their ears about playing time and what not. He may flip back, and he most probably will not be the last to be flipped before 2024.
This has been inevitable for years. When they allowed the 130 schools in the FBS to have the same vote as the 30 schools that actually paid the bills, it was going to change. The 100 schools that did not pay the bills did what you would expect, they voted on things in a way that fit their needs and abilities. The 30 that paid the bills had to just deal with it. They finally got tired of dealing with it and pretty much wanted what we all want, self rule. They are now getting it and many of those 100 teams are going to be on the outside looking in.
You act like you people play above the Artic circle. I doubt that the temps would be so low by the first week in December that it would freeze these poor SEC players like an ice cube.
Too dang hot. It is hotter than the south there.
ND is a better fit in the BIG10, though I would be happy if they joined.
I really wonder why they chose UCLA. They have not even won a conference championship this century.
I have lived in California, and Louisiana. I would pick Louisiana 1000 times before I lived in California again.
Clemson, North Carolina, FSU, Notre Dame, and I think of those Clemson is the weakest and ND the least likely. Though they can all bring in revenue in at least one of the major revenue sports.
ESPN would have a financial reason for doing so. If they do not, it could mean the ACC becomes more of an afterthought and they lose money on the contact, where if they allow some movement, they will make it up with the contracts they have with other conferences.
If you were close enough, I would give you $100 for that comment.
The travel would be easier for them and Washington to go BIG12. They would also be the biggest names in the BIG12 if they did.
When is the last time USC or UCLA won a PAC12 championship? I would say the BIG10 still hasn't answered very well.
Miami's brand is not do hot. You take out a span of 20 years, when they got caught cheating 3 times, and they are not even average.
AU Tville, I wonder what the consequences would be, with that contract, if the ACC folded?
USC and UCLA are going to have to improve dramatically to improve the SOS of the BIG10. Per the last few years, they would be hard pressed to finish in the middle of the conference.
This does not surprise me at all. The PAC12 simply cannot compete with the other conferences. They are too weak. Last season half the teams had losing records, their top 2 teams had 4 losses, and they have not won a bowl in 2 years. Though going to the BIG10 has its share of cupcakes, the top of the conference is going to raise the level of competition that these 2 schools have to play every year. It will be interesting to see how well Reily handles this elevated competition. He did not have this level in the BIG12, and he ran when he found out he was going to have to play an SEC schedule.
The other sports are like the cheese on top of the casserole, it makes it taste better, but it is what is inside that counts. Football in the SEC is what counts. You are doing the same cr@p that you do with Manning and then you turn around and blame fans. You are giving accolades before they do anything. Let them come, let them play, then we can take it from their with whatever success they have.
I would say that Ole Miss is probably behind Arkansas and TAMU as a threat to Bama. It doesn't mean they won't beat Bama, but to be a threat you have to win enough to keep them out of the SECCG.
Is he 6'2" or is he 6'4"? your articles never match the stuff you take off the internet or twitter.
Hot? It is a d@mn cold snap. It only got to 90 here and it has been at or above 100. I have my long sleeves out.
For the offense to be better, the O-line is going to have to be better. Personally, I just do not see that happening. QB is also a question, though one that could turn out well, it is just impossible to predict on the past play of the players in contention to start.
Any school can fire a coach if they want to pay the buyout. With Leach's record he should have no buy out until he shows he can at least compete for his division. If he can't, then there is no point in having a big name coach simply for the publicity from the weird things he says to the media.
You don't even have to have a winning record to get an extension these days. At least show that you have potential to compete for titles before you start handing out extensions. Leach may turn out to be great, but to this point he has not shown he can even have a winning record in the SEC