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You know, I have arrested a lot of people that tried to mitigate their own actions by bringing up the actions of others. You are basically saying that other people are pieces of sh!t and so are you.
Only a few thousand, and those that were not throwing anything were not pointing out the one's that were to security.
You do realize that Bama could beat UGA in the SECCG. Right?
Just beat them until they lose their will.
Then how do you account for the 3 INTs Miss State had?
Do you remember what a natty is, or you just going by what you see on TV?
Hooker was faking. I could tell from watching it on TV. I am good that way.
Many, including myself, donated money to try to save them.
They are showing their true colors. It makes me embarrassed that I actually wanted to go to ut and major in Forensic Anthropology.
Well only if you are an idiot and try to compare apples and oranges. Those incidents happened at homes in personal disagreements. They did not happen in the stands. Sort of like saying it is ok for ut fans to act as they did at the game, because so many more just beat their wives' at home.
ok @sshole then if the Bama fans get mad, it is perfectly ok to fire a golf ball at your kid, who maybe is working the sidelines, and maybe knock out a few teeth, fracture facial bones, or blind one of their eyes. All because the team is not good enough.
Considering he is hired by the Presidents, he cares about what they care about.
Just like no one give a sh!t how you try to justify unjustifiable behavior. They had to evacuate your own cheerleaders, dance team, and band. viles fans are criminals making excuses for their actions.
Trying to justify that behavior just shows you are a piece of sh!t. I hope ut gets beaten by 70 next week.
I'm not worried. If the kid can't stop crying on twitter, the faster he leaves the better. Bama can win with the players that want to be there. Obviously.
I just don't have much for the offense that MSU runs. It may be adequate in the BIG12 and PAC12, they don't play defense. I just don't see it being successful in the SEC when you do not even have to consider a running game.
UGA was my preseason pick to win the SEC, they still are. That being said, do not discount the abilities of the Bama players, or Nick Saban. UGA may win, but they will d@mn sure know they were in a game.
Mike Leach said that he would like a time machine to make his players a year older and a year more experienced. I read that Bama is the 4th youngest team in the FBS. You need to fear playing them this year. Next year you need to be terrified.
Has he ever been a DC? I thought he was a line coach. He is a very good motivator and recruiter.
That kind of buyout will make even the angry seem magnanimous.
Franklin is turning a very average career mark at Penn State, into a lot of talk. He is a 9-4 coach on average.
That is going to be a major stumbling block to any "name" coach LSU wants to hire. They may be looking at having to play the teams you mentioned, plus Florida, and probably Texas. So they get a big contract. It won't cancel the fact that may get 3 years if they are lucky to turn the program around, against that schedule, and they are gone. Or they could stay where they are and coach 10 years and make more than they would at LSU.
Dimming because of one season with 2 losses? I think it would take more than that to dim his career. I would bet they win the ACC again. Yeah the ACC is awful, but it is tough to fire a winner.
Not trying to be funny, but I thought he passed away.
There would be more people coming for Kirby than any previous coach the Gators have had coach for them.
LOL this is a laugh. Gezze! you may as well mention that my dog as been contacted to gauge her interest.