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Excellent point. I guess a big consideration will be the relationship he has with Harsin and his confidence in Harsin, and him, being able to keep the job long term.
I would love to see Saban go after him.
I am hearing real strong rumors that Derek Mason may be going to Oklahoma State. If that happens does anyone think Robinson steps into that role?
Heck a lot of surefire 1st round picks from everywhere wind up not producing when drafted in the 1st round. Just check the success of the QBs taken in the first round the last 4 years. McCreary is a legit 1st round prospect, though I will admit that I am not as knowledgeable about Elam.
More than 72 will read it. Come on, use your head. She will require every one of her students to buy it, until she writes another, for a class and it will hardly be used but it will increase her sales and prestige.
You are right, but in this day and age it seems preordained that coaches move on sooner than in my younger years. Heck AU fired Chizik 2 years after a natty, LSU fired coach O 16 games after a natty. This is not to say the coaches did not deserve it, but to say that winning a natty does not offer the coaches longevity. In a lot of cases coaches start hitting a wall at 10-15 years or less. Their bosses change and they do not have the same relationships. Sometimes a change of scenery helps refire their spirit. Look at Kelly leaving ND for LSU. So, it is not necessarily about money, but a boat load of money can make a coach start remembering all the disagreements they have had with their bosses.
They will probably talk to Kirby, Kiffin, Dabo, and some that may surprise us. If he can get Texas turned around, they may go after Sark. Who knows?
Does Kirby deserve a raise? Maybe, that is up to the university and supporters. Is he the best football coach in America? No, not at this point, after 1 national championship. Heck there are 2 coaches that easily come to mind that were fired for poor performance 2 seasons or less after winning a national title. When you have to coach against someone that has won it 7 times, and there is another coach that has won it 2 times, you need to do it more than once to wear the crown of the best. He is a dang good one though.
Prior to the Baylor game, the kid had thrown a grand total of 9 passes, completed 5 of them for 18 yards. This is to say he was inexperienced. That being said why would Kiffin want to bring in a transfer that in no way fits his scheme, when he can find one that is a better, if not perfect fit?
Leg It may not be welcome, but it is allowed. For a few more years anyway.
Kiffin runs up-tempo RPO's. In fact, he installed that offense at Bama. To run them successfully you need a QB that can make the defense respect the run. JT can't. He has also shown to be injury prone so running is not something he would probably want to do. He is a good passer and would have been a good fit for AU as he fits Harsin's scheme pretty well. Though at this time AU has 3 transfers and a pretty good recruit on the roster as well as a guy that will be a redshirt freshman. Way too much competition for a guy who has one more chance.
RIP Ron. It is getting to the point that the voices of college and pro sports that I grew up with are leaving us.
He also had to drop down in classification. Yet you guys will not write an article talking about the less than 40% that actually transfer to a P-5 school or that actually improve their position.
Question. Does playing a PAC12 team now qualify as playing a cupcake? Asking for a friend.
Some folks just throw teams out there. JT Daniels is a good QB but he in no way fits the scheme of Ole Miss.
You are right. Of the players AU has brought in and recruited, I give Finley the least chance of starting. Everyone knows what he can do, and it is not going to be enough to build upon.
Damiels may have been the way to go, but AU already has 3 transfer QBs on the team, counting Finley, and a pretty good freshman coming in. These kids transfer for playing time and it will probably mean that some of these transfers transfer again, since only one QB can play at a time. JT is already looking for his 3rd team, and he is transferring as a grad transfer, if he leaves AU he will probably have to sit out a year if they still have that rule.
I seriously doubt they beat Penn State. Western Kentucky depends on how much WKU lost from this past season's team. Basically, AU is a question at this point. Predicting their season is not going to be possible until at least into fall camp. with the questions at QB, O-line, D-line, and DBs. No one knows who is going to start or back-up these positions. Heck they may even have more transfers after spring or fall camp, specifically TJ Finley.
I read an article that said they had a really good drive that netted a lot of money. The problem is they have always had the boosters, but they do not always give in the manner that is proper. Boosters have had Miami on probation 3 times already. As for the stadium, unless they buy A LOT of land and tear down the businesses, they have no room.
Yet if he could have remained injury free next season, it could have meant generational wealth.
They fact is they are going to have a very hard time maintaining that booster donated capital. As for the on campus stadium, where are they going to put it?
This would be at best a lateral move with the teams, and at worse a down grade in conference.
More Bama players seem to be making poor decisions this year than in past years.
He is not the dual threat that Kiffin needs at Ole Miss. He is too slow and injury prone.
How was his deal any worse than what he got at USC? He was the starter, got hurt, could not get his job back. You do realize that he has been injured every year he has played college football. Though granted one was a carry over.
So, yet another Transfer Portal user that has to drop down in competition to play. What a surprise that they don't all go on to major stardom.