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You play under the rules as they stood at the time you played. Not rules that are made years or decades in the future. Bush cheated and he admits it, so he is not deserving.
That was my point. He is a good player in his own right, he does need a false tag of elite to make him a good pick up.
They were going to get that anyway. When they negotiate a buyout for TX and OU.
They are going to wind up with a weak conference and no one to compete with OSU. That is going to severely hamper them in the CFPs.
The BIG10 only wants teams that can not compete with their love child Ohio State. They want Kansas, to go with their latest additions, Rutgers, and Maryland, maybe another team that has some name but no chance at actually competing.
The BIG10 is in serious need of better competition in football. They have not added anyone that is competitive since Penn State, and you add those teams to the cupcakes already there and it is OSU then everyone else. When they go to a 12 team playoff, that SOS is going to bite them and bite them hard. The schedule of SEC teams will be viewed alongside them and they will be wanting.
He is the 28th best running back but the 300th best player in the country. There is nothing elite about that. He may be great as a college player, but at this point he is not close to elite.
The 300th rated player in the country. That is not elite. They called the LB Bama got elite and he was the 66th best player in the country. Sorry but both can not be true.
They need better players as far as getting the correct mix. You can't get these 4*, small, speed burners and not get people to block for them. That was basically my point. But you also can not continue to get out recruited by half your schedule.
FSU has a revenue problem and a lot of dissension as to how to spend the money they do have.
With the teams being discussed joining the BIG10 and the ACC they are going to be one team leagues. The BIG10 has not brought in a competitive team since Penn State. Add Kansas to the last round of expansion and the BIG10 will be a 1 team league fill with cupcakes.
And all 3 of them together are not worth as much on a TV contract as TX or OK is by themselves.
Every conference needs cannon fodder. Though the SEC is not like the BIG10 and only invites cannon fodder.
Yeah, going by average Bama has the top class in the country.
He is rated the 300th best player in the country. Bama got a commit from a 4* top 80 player in the country. They are both called elite by Keith.
I said the same thing. Keith calls a player elite if they have a pulse. Not that the kid will not be a Heisman winner, but at this point I do not consider someone 28th best at their position elite.
AU was always going to move up in the rakings as their class grew, even if they were all 3*s. AU has to start getting better players/classes than their competition. That is what is going to make them competitive, or not.
Heck. Be rated the 28th best at your position and they call you elite. I am not saying he will not become a star, I am making more of a point of how Keith calls anyone with a pulse elite.
LOL I will forgive you. As for the media partners I will tell you this. The BIG12 Hire media consultants so that they could begin negotiating their TV deal 4 years early. Their media partners said no thanks. This was with Texas and Oklahoma, so I doubt any of those other teams are going to get them more than $1.50 per game.
Yeah they resisted so hard they added Baylor and TCU. The size of the school makes no difference. What are their sports revenue and what kind of following do they have.
They won't play games on Sunday but no one minds going out to eat on Sunday, which requires others to work on Sunday.
If the BIG10 takes those 2 schools they will be the conference of cupcakes. They pretty much already are, but they have not admitted a program that could compete since Penn State, and you add those with the cupcakes already there and almost every weekend is an open date.