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UF lost their starting QB. Cowturd is overrated.
Ewww I have to agree with a Gamecock? I'm a Navy Veteran so I gotta root for the midshipmen while I root for my ROLL TIDE ROLL Crimson Tide!
I'm a Bama fan and I try to hate him too. He's pretty darn good though. I start him on my fantasy team and I'm on a 4 game winning streak thanks to him. Ehhhh I'll hate him later. For now, Cam the man! Haha.
Don't take your pansy daughter to the game if you can't handle losing. This is a grown man's game. It's not disney on ice.
Kentucky knows all about inbreeding. Preach it!
LSU fans were exposed just as much as the LSU team.
MSU is gonna beat the Rebels. Maybe you should focus on that.
It was legal. Oxford is irrelevant and the road to the Championship goes around Oxford right to Tuscaloosa. Roll Tide and Go Hogs!
It surprised the students who read it, the police who received the report, the news agency that reported the story, Saturday Down South who picked up and shared the story again, and the readers who all clicked on it and read this. Who exactly isn't surprised by this?
None of you know the full story yet you all seem to be little expert richards.
Double O has a good idea about two versions of the call. This is messing with the game. They want you to tackle the knees and break a knee I guess.
What makes you so great bryan? Word on the street is that Bryan is nothing but a thug. I think you should get off your ugly high horse, shut your lips and show some respect for the dead before you get taught a lesson in humility that you deserve.
Bama was just better. UGA still can have a great season and Richt is still a great coach. Calling for him to be fired is silly. Roll Tide
How can the NFL have any fans at all? Nobody attended their nonexistent Universities.
mizzoo should worry about their own team and stop insulting Bama fans. You may be lucky to have a winning season and until you beat Bama you should shut you're foolish lips.
UGA has fans worse than this but nobody pays attention to UGA or their fans. The lime light follows winners so UGA is safe.
Do people realize Alabama was playing 2nd and 3rd string players in the 2nd half? It isn't about covering when you are chasing a championship.
Nobody is saying the SEC is unbeatable. We simply have harder schedules than everyone else. We have more injuries to deal with. We have to get up for a hard game week after week. The competition is fiercer. Anyone can get up for one game. Try getting up for 7 challenging games in 8 weeks. You never have to do it. Most of the country doesn't have to do it. That's what separates the SEC from your baby conference.
LSU has the record for most corndogs and chokes.
No excuse for OSU's pansy schedule. If you have high school teams in your conference, you should schedule better out of conference teams. Va Tech wasn't ranked....so you get zero credit for that. Face it. Buckeyes are afraid.
That's an interesting way of saying they were afraid of the rain. Roll Tide
Both of you make great points. It's just week 1. The rest of the SEC will have time to prove themselves. TAMU and Bama deserve the most credit this week but Auburn looked sketchy and afraid.
Not sold on Kiffin? I'm sorry, but some of my fellow Bama fans know so much about Bama football that they forget common sense. We didn't lose because of offense last year. What about this game 2 days ago led you to believe Kiffin doesn't call running plays? I was at the game. Was your TV screen blurred?
Henry will smash Chubb's numbers little uga.
yea cuz you would recognize everyone of your players in street clothes with a hat covering their face. Can't wait to bust your team's heads in your little stadium and burn down some hedges figuratively speaking.
Yes cuz dating a person is exactly like sports. He should have to provide child support to the school if he changes his mind.
Auburn could use a gimmick. They might be 5th in the west this year. Maybe they can win a uniform trophy.