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I can't even believe that Bama AND LSU have lethal passing attacks lol! Can't we just go back to the ground and pound days with nasty defenses?!
I'm just curious as to how the Auburn fans feel about this. I mean, if he wins 7 or 8 games then I feel like he's safe but if he goes 6-6 then what do you do? That's a decline over 3 years if that happens.
Not trying to throw shade at Tennessee but I think that sounds absolutely ridiculous for him to say. Even with their injuries, I think all Tennessee fans can agree that for the major programs in the SEC our 2 deep, maybe even 3 deep, are on the same level as those Ohio players. I'm sure they have some stud players but overall the talent comparison is few and far in between. I've been waiting on Tennessee to be competitive again but this defensive coordinator sounds overwhelmed and the conference play is just starting to get good.
I really wanted both teams to go in healthy so there won't be any excuses. Should be another good one regardless.
Best hit was still the one put on Hurts even though he was blindsided and didn't see it coming. Fosters hit was a good one though.
Kentucky is favored?
@winsup, first of all it was a great game. Chad Kelley is a great QB and Engram tore us up. The game could've gone either way. Hurts overthrew a wide open TE, the fumble return for a TD should've been called back due to the blatant missed penalty, the 3 overturned calls when Ole Miss couldn't score from the 1 were all justified by replay. Point is, Ole Miss couldn't do enough to win. To say you lost because people were missing is ridiculous too. You don't knkw what difference that would've made. All fans should be cocky about their own team. Bama fans can better justify their cockiness because the teams success speaks for itself.
North Carolina is a better team than most think. Their defense is one of the better ones too. I think Georgia played pretty well and Chubb is a beast. Tennessee fans/players shouldn't be saying anything to anybody about other teams performances. They should have lost and it wasn't Tennessee that found a way to win it was App State that found a way to lose.
What's wrong with hyping up the first home game of the season? At least Alabama and Georgia have teams worth hyping unlike Tennessee who will be singing rocky flop again this season. Seems to me Tennessee should've paid more attention to their hype video before almost falling to Appalachian State.
True, these are the same experts that didn't get anything right before the season started. Well, mostly. Rankings shoukd wait a few weeks.
The SEC east and west are not as strong top to bottom. The east looks even worse based off of week 1 with the west not being much better. His comments are delusional at best and Tennessee needs to realise that preseason hype doesn't win games on the field. This is why preseason rankings are foolish.
The sad thing is that you actually believe yourself. Are you trying to actually justify APPALACHIAN STATE being a tough opponent. I hate Tennessee for obvious reasons but in all seriousness, you have jumped on the preseason hype train like the media did in hyping Tennessee up without seeing them play. App state gave that game away by missing a FG and an extra point and getting super lucky with that fumble recovery in the end zone. Stopped kidding yourself.