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I couldn't help but laugh when I saw Butch Jones getting the Gatorade shower for his life championship
That's what happens when you hire a losing coach and your star doesn't show up.
Horrible officiating on that 2nd hit. As far as cut blocking, they should get rid of it... But it's perfectly legal right now. Seems like he should be yelling at the NCAA instead of Paul Johnson.
He's already won a championship... He is a champion of life!
How the hell do you even get excited for North Texas football, much less murderous over it?
Awe auforever is sad his team is got their asses handed to them in the iron bowl and now they gotta go get their asses kicked again in the sugar bowl that they backed into
When was the last time Alabama lost without something completely insane happening?
Did you watch those 2 games? He forgot the most important thing... Win the freaking lottery. It wasn't coaching that won them at all, it was the fact he was the luckiest coach to ever roam a sideline in those games. Goal line turnovers, tipped passes for long gains... Every gift that the universe could possibly hand a coach, he was given. Hugh Freeze isn't an expert on beating Alabama, just a dude who happened to be in the right place at the right time twice.
You still sad huh? Don't take it personal. Lane didn't reject you, he rejected your crappy football team, their crappy coach(10-25 without the "interim" tag) and the thought that he could compete for championships of any kind there. Better to take less money to be a head coach at a program where he could at least have a chance to win his division.