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Negan- I think you meant pole rider instead of pale rider.
Pay no attention to that Doug. It is clear he has Bama envy. He comments on most Alabama posts, and he even put that he is from, which is nothing to brag about. I know the editor there. They said they stop allowing comments because he was making nasty comments to underage kids. Pretty gross
How so? You mean the 3-point victory this past season, and the first time since 2006?
Ohhh!!!! Doug just got busted in a lie!!! What happened to this great job making a lot of money and not being on here?? Guess the family you mentioned is not real either. Good to know you are a liar!!
Nope, just amusing that here you come commenting on my post again, and I didn’t even call your name. Again, the control I have over you is amazing. Come back again and comment some more.
The obsession you have is really sad. It is obvious this sport consumes you, which is sad that a 50+ year old is that obsessed with 18-21 year old kids. I would suggest getting off this forum and getting some fresh air.
I think we will all agree you need to be injected with some sort of medication.
I told you that you would respond! This is the type of control I have over you. You will again respond asking the same dumb question again, failing to understand what kind of puppet you are. Go ahead and respond like a good little boy, but I am done with you for now. I will come back when I want enjoyment of picking on you some more. Happy pride month!
Once again proving that you change the subject when you cannot answer simple questions. Must be hard coming back for more punishment over and over again. Guarantee you respond to this message. That is what kind of control I have over you
Also found out that 2008 is another Doug account. He had to create multiple accounts to get a Georgia fan to agree with him since nobody else will. He also made up his fake wife and daughter. Not sure you can claim them on your taxes.
2008, then why comment on this Alabama article if you are a “wolf.” Get back to me on this. I’m concerned you guys don’t know how to troll correctly. Happy pride month by the way. Proud of you
Come on little Dougie, reply to this comment like a good little boy.
I don’t have to try, you do a pretty good job at that not even knowing what season we are getting ready to play. What season is it again, 2023 or 2024? Hmm… let’s also understand you live on ever Alabama board there is, but you rarely if ever comment on Georgia’s board. Why is that? Thirsty much? Even Georgia fans have called you out. This great life you keep lying about is probably the only thing keeping you from truly seeing how pathetic your life is. What I am doing with the name is trolling. What you are doing is just showing how someone who lives such a sad life cannot even enjoy the success of their football team without trying to bring another group down. It is quite comical watching the hilarious comments you make. I’m sure you are a hit at the unemployment line.
That is only twice Alabama is losing. Where are the other two that you predicted? Oh wait, you don’t even know what season it is. Man you are so dumb. It is actually comical watching you come like a lonely pup looking for attention.
Yet here you are on every single Alabama article putting a comment on it, which tells everyone that you cannot even enjoy Georgia’s success without thinking about Alabama. This is what makes it so great! We are always on your mind. Hahahaha
Notice who started the conversation, a Georgia fan. Thirsty much?
What is so hard for you to understand? He won the mvp of the camp he went to. It really isn’t that hard to understand.
Anyone seen the dumb Doug? I need to ask him what year this season is.
This is amazing! Even other people see what a fool you are, Doug. Maybe you should sit a few plays out before coming to the grownup table.
Did we forget about the 2023 season? Not surprised that you do not even know what season it is. The fumes from the paper mill must be getting to your tiny brain.
Aww look at 2008 trying to troll. Boohoo 2008 is such a tool. I guess I should lay off of him since it is pride month. He earned it.
Good to see the usual suspects on every Alabama article. Doesn’t look like you got your meds corrected.
That is just sad that is your comeback. I guess that is all you got when you get owned
Hahahahahaha. Someone is getting their feelings hurt and making empty threats about getting sued. All this person said was Hugh Freeze gonna Hugh Freeze. You took your many years of internet detective work to make a case that this is slander. You would take gold if there was ever an Olympic event for jumping to conclusions!
Just looking from a different perspective, I think Bama fans are a little nervous that we won’t be as dominant as before and that scares them. Doesn’t mean they will be a 6-6 team but 10-2 is very possible, which to some people is a disaster of a season. I remember only winning 3 games and being on probation. Fans back then would have killed for a 10-2 season. Not defending Donk, but I also see where he is coming from. It is not uncommon to see multiple trolls from other teams come to every Bama article and start commenting; looking at Negan. You really don’t see them going to Vandy articles and commenting. I do believe we will be more of a 2015 team and rely more on the running game. Not with one player like Henry, but we have 4 pretty good backs that can carry the load. We just need enough of a passing game to keep teams honest. This also helps manage the clock better for our defense. Who knows what this season will bring. Nobody, other than a delusional Negan, can predict it.
This is how we know Negan knows absolutely nothing of college football. You act like the head coach is the only one spending all the time with these players. What do you think the OC is doing? The QB coach? Georgia had a great OC that helped develop their QBs, as did Alabama. The head coach acts like a CEO and brings talented staff members in to coach the different groups. Your ignorance and lack of knowledge is very apparent with your comments.
2008 is a sad troll with “little man’s” complex. I have heard he is scare of locker rooms because he feels less like a man, but I’m told he also gets turned on by it. So strange
Then you have a very sad life if you think there is no greater victory. 2008, good to see Alabama lives in your head rent free. I would talk about your mom, but I’m told she is 6 feet under. No need to “dig up” the past.