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Aww look everyone, it is Alabama’s biggest fan. He might try to say he is a Georgia fan, but he spends more time on Bama articles than anything else!
You are an idiot. Whenever I have a bad day, I just remember that I am not some 50 year old obsessed with teenage boys like you are.
If they were as fast as WR, they would be WR and not TE. It’s funny watching how desperate you are getting as the season gets closer.
Why does Alabama always come out of your mouth? You are obsessed with them. Nick Saban doesn’t like it and has already filed a restraining order against you.
Why do you and Doug spend some much time on Bama sites? Are you both secretly Bama fans? Both of you come of as really desperate and it is just sad.
Ozarkian - there are many things wrong with Negan. Unfortunately, you are trying to deal with someone who is not mentally stable. He faked his own death to get sympathy from people. SDS knows who this person is but isn’t going to help them get help they need.
Hahaha your name is Doug and you spend all your time on Alabama sites. You really are a desperate Georgia fan and your parents must have hated you.
Wow, just wow! You really are special and not the good kind. You and 2008 should just go away together. I figured that is what people with split personalities do.
Thanks, Leg! I want to say most Bama fans love listening to him. I listen to him and mute the CBS announcers when Bama plays on CBS. I know it does not line up with his voice and the play on tv, but it is better than listening to Gary talk.
Best case scenario: Negan will never ever post again. Worst case scenario: his caps key gets stuck and he posts even more in all caps.
Doug, I did not know cashier at Dollar General was considered Corporate America! Good for you!
So your name is Doug and you are from Alabama? Growing up just have been ages for you. Your parents did not do you any favors
Lol your name is Doug? Man your parents must of really hated you.
Leg.. this might be the first thing that we agreed on lol.
If Negan was smart enough he would have known that red said he was not offsides AND that the player from Alabama moved prior to the snap. It would have still been a penalty and Alabama would still have had to punt. The block would not have counted either way. Alabama still won the game!
Lol you think you had the best pass rusher last year? Will Anderson probably thinks that is cute.
Sorry, NCAA isn’t going to stop them*
This really has been entertaining watching Negan have a meltdown. It is so bad that he actually thinks they won in 2017. What Negan cannot understand is that the days of high school kids committing to a school or even signing with them and it mean something is gone. The transfer portal has made it where people can just up and leave a school without any issues. Coach said something negative to you, just leave. Did it ever cross LSU fans minds that Eli Ricks would sign with them only to leave for Alabama without any penalty, or Arik Gilbert doing the same to leave for Georgia? Just because a kid says he is going to a school doesn’t mean anything any more with NIL and transfer portal. The NCAA is going to stop people from tempting kids with large sums of money to go play at a different school. We basically have the minor leagues of the NFL now.
Negan, it is you’re not your. Your intelligence is so low. You’re never going to understand this are you?
Hahahah! Yes, Negan, your intelligence is so low that you thought it was a good idea to fake your own death, which backfired because nobody cared or believed you. If you are so good at predicting like you say you are, prove it! Give me the scores of week 1. Who is going to make it to the playoffs? Who is going to win the heisman? I bet you won’t give us your predictions to any of these.
Honest question, what does Florida has in terms of depth at each position? They probably have a solid first group, but do they have the depth to rotate to give the 1s a break? I know that is typically an issue with all new coaches where a lot of players leave and there is very little depth.
I could see Florida getting back to where they were. They have a lot of great recruits in their backyard that they need to get to stay home. I’m not sure if they will be back to the 05-08 kind of teams, but they should be able to compete for the east and have a top 10 team in a few years.
Hahaha oh 2008, you pathetic little troll. What’s funny is watching you try and troll on here. But but but… the refs… the turf… have fun living your pathetic life. Now back to your momma jokes. Speaking of…
You do need to learn something… it is I’m not i’m. Good try on the pathetic comeback of a little girl spat.
Hahahah 2nd and 26 will never be overshadowed as it will always live in your head rent free. This has been really funny seeing how mad and upset you are getting. Why do you take this so seriously? Why do you have to write such long comments that nobody reads? This whole thing is a GAME THAT KIDS PLAY! It is fun to watch and cheer, but you are obsessed with the lives of teenagers. That is really creepy coming from a 50 year old.
Hahaha just like you were serious when you faked your own death? Do not believe a word that comes out of your mouth. And please do not blame your sister, which by the way you tried to hook her up with people here. You really are sick
Why don’t you learn how to post under the correct comment, and then I will learn to be nice…
Why do you care what they think? You are still going to troll them every step of the way… you are just an idiot
Oh yeah! I’m a regular client of your mother. Do you ever think it is sad that nobody reads your articles?