Born and raised in Tuscaloosa. Attended Alabama starting in 2012. SEC football advocate. I’ll even pull for Auburn in non-conference games. (Better to beat an Auburn with a good resume than a bad one). Played football as a place kicker (and soccer a striker) in high school, earning All-area honors in both sports, with FG total of 10-13 with a long of 46. I love watching every SEC game I can and as a life-long Bama fan am able to appreciate the dynasty that Nick Saban has built and hope to see him cement himself as the undisputed greatest college coach of all time in the following years if the process continues to work as it has in the past.

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Take all the substance(s) you want we got the trophy lol
I’m thinking somewhere along the lines of 45-10.
Shouldn’t you wait until after Saturday to display your spite against Bama? I can understand how you might be salty due to your decision to support a team so horrendously inconsistant as Auburn, but come on.... You’re merely spewing hate. Also, please try to conjugate verbs.
I would vote to run the wildcat with the Harris-es, Jacobs, and Robinson the whole game and play like GA Tech lol. But, seriously I hope Mac Jones gets plenty of reps and is able to find some sort of rhythm in case he is needed later.
Did you even listen to the video? MS State players weren't exactly saints either.
It was, but in all fairness State deserved that touchdown that got called back. It was a poor call, and I think it was the result of the angle that the ref had on the play, not a biased call. That being said the refs did make several poor calls throughout the game, such as not reviewing the early fumble by Bama, but State did have the option to challenge. The game would have been a little closed with better calls, but Alabama still likely would’ve won by a couple scores.
Right? Seems to happen pretty often for whatever reason. Great way to break your knuckles!
How exactly did Georgia score, “three field goals, a safety and a lone touchdown”, against South Carolina and only win 16-0?
LSU- 34 Florida- 20 Missouri- 28 South Carolina- 27 Alabama- 55 Arkansas- 10 Texas A&M- 38 Kentucky- 34 Auburn- 27 Mississippi State- 17 Ole Miss- 48 UL Monroe- 24
Not sure if you have faith in our kicker(s) to make two FGS or miss an XP lol. But you’re probably right, he’ll likely get one late on our backups.
I’m guessing it’ll most likely be something around like I don’t know....59-17? Whatcha think?
What do you think the Missouri vs Alabama score will be?