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Maybe not but we can get from Tuscaloosa to Knoxville with our eyes closed. Simply go north until we smell Shíț, then go east until we see it.
Once again I’m sure I speak for most everyone when I say this. SHUT THE PHUCK UP YOU JOSH MOON WANNA BE MUDDER PHUCKER!
you sure are infatuated with Díçks and “gheyness” aren’t you boy? If there ain’t one in your mouth it’s on your mind huh? You’re Such a coçksman! Good for you buttacup! Good for you!
We all know what you’re good at handling when it’s close to your hands you f cking c òck jockey!
You dumb b ítçh! Have you even paid attention to Georgia’s exodus? Tfoh w that. Lol
If anybody would know anything about needing a mint after sucking on something it would definitely be you, you f úck boy c ock sucker!
Considering you pop your uncles herpes blisters with your teeth in your spare time, we will just take your word for it since you’re obviously so close to that process. Btw “Doug’…F ÚCK YOU!
You must mean Carson Beck isn’t a real QB. You inbred s hit heel! Milroe has more yards and tds and a higher QB rating than McCarthy on fewer attempts. Fart a blow your head out of your as s. You know you do t have to be re tarred your entire life.
Just shut the f úck up. Michicunt isn’t getting out of playing Bama no matter how many politicians cry about it, no matter how hard you bite your uncles d ick. “BIG BLUE” Isn’t getting their bye game. So again SHUT. THE. F ÚCK. UP. Lol
LMFAO!! F uck off ya wanker! Go cry in your sisters panties lil b itch!
IF your dad didn’t have balls he would still be your uncle. Stfu “DOUG”!
Awww here you are again, still on the Bama threads running that Peter puffer. You are most definitely scared. See thing is Bama don’t have s hit to lose in the SECCG. Bama was dead and buried and gone by all of you creek water drinking sh it heels after the Texas game. Now, you are trying to talk yourself up because you know it’s reality that Bama is going to come with it and matches up very very very very very well with ol jawja. But for sh it’s and giggles, Let’s just say ol jawja does beat Bama. They’re #1 and b2b champs, they’re supposed to am I right? Yet, Kirby is still gonna be 2-4 against the real goat IF that does happen, you jagaloon! Now go have a nice tall glass of shut the f úck up, sit down and see what happens next Saturday. We will see you back here on December 3rd either way! Woof woof little fella woof woof!
It wasn’t a woman it was a Tennessee fan. Doesn’t count. Carry on ya twat waffle!
Lmfao!!!! You stupid c unt Drinkofpiss hasn’t accomplished anything but a winning season. Tfoh!
If you knew 1/16 of what you think you know, you’d still be a f ucking retard.
Now that you’ve had a chance to type out that psycho babble do you feel better? You do? Good! Now SHUT THE F ÚCK UP IDIOT!
Statement win? GET THE F ÚCK OUTTA HERE!! Beating Florida this year is the equivalent of being the skinniest kid at fat camp! Got almighty dayum y’all! Lmffaaaaaaoooooooooooooooo
IF, ifs and buts were coçks and nuts you’d be getting gang banged right now. Stfu!
Fortunately for every that matters(not you) we don’t give a flying f úck what you believe or think. So get back to popping your uncle daddy’s herpes blisters and stfu!
Base on what you cuck? Jawjas 2-7 record vs Saban? Or is it’s Kirby’s 1-4 record vs Saban? Hell better yet, is it that astounding 26-42-4 record All time against Bama in football? Ohhh no wait, you must be referring to Baseball softball and basketball. Oh wait nevermind, softball is 21 -51 all time vs Bama. Baseball is 44-56 against Bama all time. Basketball is 52-98 all time Vs Bama. So those definitely aren’t it. I guess you should just tell us once and for all, are you stupid or just flat out retarded? Lmfao what a s hit heel!
Did you cum in your panties as you typed this? Ohhhhh I bet you did, didn’t you? You big ol c unt nugget! Kneegan
The mother f ucker was on his way to being 30 years old. It was about time he learned something you s hit heel!
Imagine… if only your mom had swallowed your two dollar a ss! What a world that would be! :-)
He got a ring and he played didn’t he? You know you don’t have to be a f ucking idiot your entire life? Don’t you?
What does it matter if he did? You’re the re tard that uses a name that’s associated with a football felon who knowingly gave herpes to someone. Tfoh #ronmexico
You know if your dad didn’t have balls, you’d be f king your mother every night instead. Say less fuk tard.