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If we want any lip from you we will scrape it off of Jerry Denardo’s zipper, do you understand me boy!?
The Hurts jock envy on this site has become pathetic. Let me speak on Jalen hurts as clearly as possible, when it comes to what he’s doing now. NOBODY GIVES A FLYING FUUUUUUUUUUUCK!!!!
Nobody saw it but you fish douche! So shut the fück up about it tardo.
Ahhhh listen at good ol Vawlbîtch. One flash in the pan season in basketball(you lost the SEC btw) and suddenly those côck gobblers go to running their cüm dumpsters. It’s truly poetic, honestly it is. They’re now as relevent as a condom machine at an abortion clinic.
And the volunqueers definitely are not a football school. One flash in the pan basketball season doesn’t make you a basketball school either. So that begs the question... who the fück are the turdseeders? Not shït that’s who! Lmaoooooooooo
And the Bull Bïtches didn’t win that muh fukka either!!! Bahahahahahahahahahaha
Bass fishing, calf roping, and uncle fücking don’t count big boy!
He can ask any question he wants to. If you can’t answer it keeps your pointless diatribe to yourself and shut the fück up.
Nah, but still good enough to stomp the shît out of those fùck boys from Lee county though.
And then your dumb aśs corn dog smelling self, forgot the “ugh” in though, so...yep you sure as hell aren’t a grammar Nazi. “C’mon man!!”
If anyone would know anything about a 3 inch exaggeration of something, it would definitely be your corn dog swallowing self!!!
Weegirl Awabarn can’t block good players straight up. Never have been able to. There’s a reason that pasture grazing aśs school is called chop block U!
Crotch, you give morons a bad name with your level of stupidity. Had Jawja some how miraculously won the past two against Bama you wouldn’t be spewing your dumbass psycho babble. What you’re saying is the equivalent of when your old lady dumps you, huh uh I dumped her I didn’t want her anymore. Just stfu with your ignorance. The only person you’re fooling is yourself retard!
Almost as funny as your lack of football knowledge. Tell me shït stain..has he been able to do one for the corn dogs against Bama yet? No? Then STFU ya cünt!! Lol
Hell no we aren’t. We can sleep well tonight knowing we’re not coon ass, corn dog smelling uncle fücking LSU fans! Enjoy your night!
It’s a free country. Don’t tell him what to do ya fücking libtard!
It was fûcking Purdue you shît heels! Lmao!!!!!! Yes, the same Purdue team that had to hang on by their cûnt hairs and beat Indiana to become bowl eligible.. you morons need to calm the hell down. Gus has been calling the plays all along, and if you think different then your mother is your sister and your dad is your brother. Well that actually goes without saying anyway, considering it’s auburn we are talking about!
Problem is, it doesn’t add up to shït when they can’t beat Bama on the scoreboard.
2018 SECCG 35-28 2018 CFP National Championship 26-23 2015 38-10 in Athens 2012 SECCG 32-28 2008 41-30 BLACKOUT in Athens. How do you relate now? You ignorant fück... Lol
If Murray was the best QB then I guess Jawja was the best team, isn’t that right #5 ? Lmfao!!!! Just shut the hell up cûnt nugget.
Inbred? Lol This is coming from a guy, who’s sister says everytime you talk she can smell your daddy’s cöck on your breath. She would know too!! So get your moms panties off your head and settle in for another year of sniffing Bama’s jock strap, bîtch!
That’s great and all, but the score wasn’t 21-14 at halftime of the 2018 NATTY!! Ahhhh folks and their attention to the details.
If you think for one second Auburn passed on Kirby because he wanted to coach through the championship game, you’re a borderline retard. Kirby wanted complete control of the program like Saban has, because he knows that’s part of the blue print to having a stable program. They wouldn’t do it so Kirby passed. That’s why auburn ended up with another Fück boy of a coach, and they will again. They cherry pick the staff for the coach! Face it, auburn is a flash in the pan program and always will be. They’re so pathetic now that even when they beat Bama and Georgia, they’re still losers! Lmaooooooo
And yet he’s still got bigger balls than you do boy!!! Stfu! And get of his nuts!!