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And, just like Klatts opinion poll, yours doesn’t mean shît either!! @gayturdnation
0 <———————— that’s the exact amount of fūcks we give!!
This all coming from a shįt heel that came from a diluted conference, Big12-10, that he couldn’t compete in? Lmffao!!! What he needs to do is, write down his solution on a piece of paper, roll it up into a tight little ball, and shove it up his a$$!!!!
It was high, and behind him, yes he should have caught it, but on the money? Not a chance you corndog eating twat!
So you guys just ignore the facts that Oregon dropped a sure TD, missed a field goal, and was moving the ball at will on a drive where they fumbled deep inside the red zone? Ohhh they’re special alright!
Buuullllllshiiiiiiit!!!! You people crack me up. Hurts is a mediocre QB that has great scrambling ability and an inability to read through progressions especially when he’s rushed. He makes a couple of throws when he steps up into the pocket and suddenly he’s a verticals threat?? That’s laughable. Not to mention Houston is the same juggernaut that Army hung 70 on about 8 months ago. GTFOH w that psychobabble!!
LMFAOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!! WTF is he on?!? Oregon gave that game away!! Get real idiot!
Two words... Jeremy Johnson.... NEXT!!!!
You need to stop snorting your daddy’s cûm out of your mommy’s aśś and ease on back down to reality. Georgia ain’t shît. If they showed anyone anything it sure isn’t what to do against Bama. It’s what not to do. Georgia is Bama’s bîtch and so are you!
An auburn fan questing what a players dad is doing with his time? I guess you turds have evolved since 2010.
Great push although, Brown actually got tripped by Matthews. Williams is a beast no doubt, next time maybe wait until he actually does it to veteran like Carpenter, that isn’t tripped, not his back up.
Like the guy or not, what he said about Mullen is 110% spot on. Speaking truth isn’t bringing anyone down except the ones who have a hard time dealing with it. The truth shall set you free, but first it’s gonna piss you off!
Sure Pal I was really impressed with CUNTucky scheduling UT Martin, Eastern Michigan, and Toledo.
It’s because your program is a flashing shït show! Deal with it fûck stick!
If we want any lip from you we will scrape it off of Jerry Denardo’s zipper, do you understand me boy!?
The Hurts jock envy on this site has become pathetic. Let me speak on Jalen hurts as clearly as possible, when it comes to what he’s doing now. NOBODY GIVES A FLYING FUUUUUUUUUUUCK!!!!
Nobody saw it but you fish douche! So shut the fück up about it tardo.
Ahhhh listen at good ol Vawlbîtch. One flash in the pan season in basketball(you lost the SEC btw) and suddenly those côck gobblers go to running their cüm dumpsters. It’s truly poetic, honestly it is. They’re now as relevent as a condom machine at an abortion clinic.
And the volunqueers definitely are not a football school. One flash in the pan basketball season doesn’t make you a basketball school either. So that begs the question... who the fück are the turdseeders? Not shït that’s who! Lmaoooooooooo
And the Bull Bïtches didn’t win that muh fukka either!!! Bahahahahahahahahahaha
Bass fishing, calf roping, and uncle fücking don’t count big boy!
He can ask any question he wants to. If you can’t answer it keeps your pointless diatribe to yourself and shut the fück up.
Nah, but still good enough to stomp the shît out of those fùck boys from Lee county though.
And then your dumb aśs corn dog smelling self, forgot the “ugh” in though, so...yep you sure as hell aren’t a grammar Nazi. “C’mon man!!”
If anyone would know anything about a 3 inch exaggeration of something, it would definitely be your corn dog swallowing self!!!
Weegirl Awabarn can’t block good players straight up. Never have been able to. There’s a reason that pasture grazing aśs school is called chop block U!