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The funny thing is you’re to f u c k i n g stupid to realize this Jawja program is literally built by Bama! Smart Cochran Muschamp, learned it all from Goat Saban!! Often imitated but never duplicated and the sum b i t c h is STILL 1-4 against him…. Lmfaoooooooo you got dayum r e t a r d!
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And yet he’s still 3-1 vs Jawja. Say less you f u c k i n g r e t a r d.
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And you shouldn’t be on here posting your meaningless bûllshï+ comments. Yet here your Josh Moon wanna be rèt@rded áś$ is, killing it.
Bįtch please! You keep Saban in your mouth so much when you burp it smells like his kock! Not to mention He literally owns his little minion elf ol Kurrby! 1&4 Mother Phucker! ONE AND FOUR!!! It has a much better ring to it than 2nd & 26! Pos window licking phucktard!
Coach Leach left an indelible mark not only in the 3 conferences he coached in and all of college football, but the people he came in contact with as well. Great human being gone too soon. Thoughts to find peace and comfort for his family, friends, colleagues, players, and all of the Mississippi State administrators, personnel, staff, and fans. #hailstate #airraidpirate
That’s great! Now that you’ve clarified that, you and your meth mouthed inbred kin folks can finish cooking up your meth at the chittiest trailer park in the pasture and fist Phuck yourselves while it’s cooling!
Considering you’re. Mizzo “fan” you’re really not much of a “fan” of anything are you? ???
And? What difference does it make? It’s still just as true the third time. Say less you phucking mutt!
You do realize the yellow turds of Knoxville are on Bamas schedule don’t you? Not saying much for the meth mouths of rocky top are ya boy?
From scratch? Lmfaô you really are ret@rdèd aren’t you? Richt was 145-51 in 15 seasons at Jawja. That’s averaging almost 10 wins per season. Richt went 10-3 his last year. Not to mention he coached in a much tougher eastern division than Smart ever will so Richt didn’t leave the cupboard bare. He is 1-2 vs Saban at Bama, ol kirby is 1-4 vs Saban, he hasn’t done shî+ except beat a depleted Bama team ONCE after getting curb stomped by the same team a few weeks earlier, so the best thing for you to do, is spit Saban’s b@lls out of your mouth and stfû! Have a nice evening! Built a championship program from scratch my fat a$ś! Smdh
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Again, it wasn’t a woman it was a Tennessee fan. She’s gotten worse beatings for making her daddy pull out. Let it go inbreed.
That wasn’t a woman, it was a Tennessee fan. You can let it go now, aśśhole!
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No phuck he hasn’t. You may know how to use the “Google machine” but you sure as shît can’t read or comprehend what he’s said about it. Direct quote from the “Google machine” you inbred shîtbox! "I don't know that expanding — if this is the best four teams and they played each other, I don't see the logic in: If we had more teams, there would be better games. I don't know how that adds up. But I'm really not in position to answer that."
Funny thing is, after you supposedly “said” all of that no one, except for you, actually gives a dàmn Congrats you’re still a phucktard, Kneegun! :-*
Why don’t you tell us who to prefer? You Jawja inbreeds are much more accustomed to playing Phuck Boy teams in a bowl game, than Alabama ever will be. Then again you pretty much are the phuck boys other teams usually play in a bowl. lol anywho….When you get done popping your uncle daddy’s herpes blisters, get back with us and let us know, aight?
They’re also just 2 plays away from being undefeated. So just shut the phuck up genius.
What do you think happens when the players don’t have faith in the coaches anymore dumbaśš? They play vanilla uninspired sloppy undisciplined football!! It amazes me to no end, how many of you aśš hats don’t know about how this sport works as a whole. Just Stfû!
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Saban and Alabama are like a kock in your world. If there’s not one of them in your mouth they’re definitely on your mind Uncle Phucker.
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UnclephukkrU is just mad because he can’t be within 1000ft of a playground school or day care for the rest of his life and it shows.