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You’re fvCking retarded if you think these kids aren’t compensated. They get at least $45,000 a year in tuition room and board etc. not to mention the stipends and travel expense and all of the stuff they get when they go to a bowl game. I’ll be anything most of you dumb fûcks who are for this NIL bullshît don’t even make that much a year. Tfoh with that shît.
You can’t tell those inbred aśshats to act like they’ve been there before, because they haven’t.
Yea he’s a smartass but he’s our smartass and he absofûckingloutely owns Georgia’s $2 asś, côck jockey!
Coming from a someone that hires a cheating aśs cûnt like Pearl. We will take that as a compliment.
Au toothless. You’re full of shît too. I personally saw the legal documents in that lawsuit. Those two black badgers lawyered up and found a legal loophole. Stfu talking about shît you have no idea about. Auburn is trash and so are you.
Dumbass Time, stfu wipe your asś and get of the fûckin toilet. If we want any lip from you we will scrape it off of your uncle daddy’s zipper.
If anyone would know about preferential treatment from tattoo parlors, cops and such it would definitely be a p.o.s. black eye fan. Good job shït heel!
If he were residing at the loveliest trailer park in the pasture, you’d be slobbering all over his jock in agreement. Now that we have your brilliant take on the article, you can shut the fûck up.
No casket. Only a shroud. They brought him in from mortuary in a casket and buried him without one.
Bubble slime, I’d give my stimulus check for an opportunity to curb stomp your aśs!
No he’s not mad, he’s simply saying fûck Auburn. And while we’re at it, fûck you too!
The fact that you’re an Arky fan automatically earns you a “just shut the fûck up award”! Go sit down before you hurt yourself.
Yea weegirl and if, ifs and buts we’re cocks and nuts you’d be getting gang banged right now. It was a fûcking foul so just stfu and move on.
He will tote a clipboard for a year or two. Then once the novelty Wears off he will have to actually work for a living. Shocker! #nobodygivesafuuuuuuck
In 3 years time that slobbering moron won’t even be the coach at LSWHO. If he is it’s only because of some ridiculous buy out where they can’t afford to fire him. Write it down.
I love how everyone is pretending this retarded mother fûcker is gonna actually do any better than 6-8 wins a year At Miss St. Y’all are funny!
Straight fro the CFP to the CFL!! Lol and finally we can say(and mean it) GO. ON. JALEN...
LMFFAOOOOOOO!!!!! Brain Dead Ed and Burrow in 2019 are the equivalent to Chizik and Scum Newton in 2010. The ragamuffin will be a dud in the NFL and The Cookie Monster will be looking for a job within 3 years. Bet!!
Coming from someone who team has been owned but Bama the past 10 years wouldn’t that indeed make them a cupcake as well? Best thing for you to do is just shut the fūçk up!
You’re about the dumbest mother f’er to ever comment on this thread. Nix is garbage. Malzahn said all spring and summer that it was close battle, now suddenly there was so much separation in fall? The fact is that little bastards last name is why he’s the starter. If it had been Rogers jones Washington etc that little shït would have never even been named the starter. Put the crack pipe down and walk away, moreover shut the fuuuuuuuuuuuck up!!!
“Doesn’t surprise me at all.” Translation, he doesn’t have to read a defense, go through progressions and stretch the field in that conference, so no shįt Sherlock! If he could he’d still be starting at here Bama. FYI first read throws over 20 yards downfield to wide open receivers because BIG 12 Dbs suck doesn’t count as stretching the field.
Bee bee gee...the fact that you’re butthurt and bįtching about it means you’re just that, a biiiiitch!!! Get over yourself and go pop your boyfriends herpes blisters, you’re boring as hell.
Thing is “bubba”, he’d still stomp the shï+ out of your inbred asś.
And, just like Klatts opinion poll, yours doesn’t mean shît either!! @gayturdnation
0 <———————— that’s the exact amount of fūcks we give!!
This all coming from a shįt heel that came from a diluted conference, Big12-10, that he couldn’t compete in? Lmffao!!! What he needs to do is, write down his solution on a piece of paper, roll it up into a tight little ball, and shove it up his a$$!!!!
It was high, and behind him, yes he should have caught it, but on the money? Not a chance you corndog eating twat!
So you guys just ignore the facts that Oregon dropped a sure TD, missed a field goal, and was moving the ball at will on a drive where they fumbled deep inside the red zone? Ohhh they’re special alright!