ESPN hates Nick

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Bama’s qb couldn’t make a decision to save his life. Poor guy is 1/2 second off on every play
Right after they blocked Jimbo from The 8-4 coach text chat group.
They planed for Alabama all week, freeze knows he has to beat big brother for that cult
This team plays more Saban like
The Barn literally made up a false story about their coach cheating on his wife to get rid of him to hire a coach that really cheated on his wife
Funny how vol fans talk about Bama more than their own team
Have no sympathy for these inbreed yankee sympathizer! The Volunteers, look up why they call themselves that name. Look up how Phil threw Johnny Majors to the wolves. These vols are a cult of liars and back stabbers. Look into the NCAA investigation about Phil’s recruiting money spending. They low down
This is what I like about arrogant talking heads of espn. The fans know as much or more about football than they do. I pays closer attention to Alabama football than he does. He hates Alabama. How about you shut up Chriss
He was on the field as a player, she was not supposed to be there
He was on the as a player, she was not supposed to be there
Ok no problem y’all won. Give you sister a kiss for us
Why does espn have to have a tranny announcer in the booth
College football was changed by Coach Saban, Jesse Palmer couldn’t change the Food Network
Dabo is the greatest coach in a weak conference. Saban is the best coach ever RTR
Perfect, yea we watch NASCAR, Kirk watches gay porn on his phone at church!
No one care about what espn and or herbstreet says or thinks!