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Since the Bills were forced to make a statement, that was a perfect one. Now, let's move on and hopefully some people will quit being offended by everything.
Father speaks for son's thoughts...major sign Fabien is a little snowflake. Bye Felecia!
There is always a few that will get offended by just about anything. I thought his tweet was pretty funny!
From a 3-loss Georgia fan after the Gators just beat a rival on opening night to go 1-0. LOLOLOLOLOLOL
UCF is scared of the big time...or failing big time. Stick to the minors kids. LOL
One question is why a girl would stay with an abusive boyfriend for two years?! Sad and I hope the guy learns his lesson here.
Sounds like someone already making excuses for the upcoming loss to UCF. LOL
You would be playing for a national championship if you had the team-first mentality. js
Over 4,000 days since UGA beat Bama stings doesn't it??? LOL
For a team with 5 losses, you get stuck in a lousy bowl game against a crappy 6-6 team. Take your heavy coat as it will likely be cold at this one. LOL
Bama seems to always beat Georgia so I doubt they would intentionally miss out on another game against them.
Big time game for Kentucky coming up and everyone is excited about it. Good luck Wildcats!!
Poor auburn. The gus bus broke down again and let LSU comeback and spank them.
Dog, you shouldn't post when you're stoned. You sound really stupid. The Tide has 4 straight wins against the dawgs, all were played in the state of Georgia. That overtime beat down still stings, eh?
Agree...that would be a treat!
Don't kid yourself...the 11 am "warmup" games are always worse than the afternoon ones on CBS. Pretty sad that UGA vs AU is reduced to a morning kickoff that few will watch as this used to be a big game.
But first Mississippi State, auburn and Florida, then...
I think we may see the Rebel's best game next week, but I still think the Tide gets the win.
about half the time it took for you to type that ignorant reply.