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is he even able to play with his neck issue? i was under the impression that doctors told him no more hits. maybe i have not heard the latest since his surgery
that was targeting. i will never forget the scene he made in one of the playoff games. i knew he was toast.
needs to be for the ACC page. Newman was never a Dawg and i for one am sick and tired of hearing about him. He is a quitter and imho does not have a chance in NFL for listening to buffoons like Avery
@Fanatsy Football dummy By the time LSwho has to play us you will know them names very well. does anyone smell corndogs?
christmas in may. UT down a few and now you all get a quality LB
that saying about beating the man bodes well for UGA. They have yet to beat the man, Even with those shiny multiple star classes. just ant get it done. where is 1980 when you need it? lmao
6-6 is best possible record i see. losses to PSU,georgia, Ole Miss, Tx A&M, LSU and Bama.
Auburn going to be a train wreck this year and probably next. they will be competing with Vanderbilt and UT for bottom of conference.
georgia is still considered a young team so that may have a little something to do with that,
Lit LSU's butt up. Matter of a fact it was a beatdown due to the foul mouth coach you have about dominating Bama after Burrow led tigers beat us in TTown. That game was alot closer than last years game. Gonna whip LSU again this year as well. It will be fun to watch LSU sink due to the sorry coach you have. Not to say LSU doesnt have talent. they have just as good talent as Bama, UGA Clemson And OSU they are just being led by an idiot
Dont have to know him to see what a POS he is. He has a drug problem, he is lazy and a waste of a roster spot. So red Rover Grover KMA
waste of a roster spot. this guy and his brother are no good punks
Emory Jones is by all accounts a fine young man, he has patiently waited his turn when some others would have already transferred out of the program. no doubt about it
nice to see he is trying to hone his craft. When Bama rolls into Alachua county he will need it
this is so strange. I think some of these players have been coddled and the first time they receive some hard coaching they bail. i guess they do not understand the negative perception this transferring all around gives
maybe, however not enough schollys available for all thats in portal.
I hate the Portal! we are going to see a great deal of kids that will not have option to play another down of college football and get the education they will need to boost chances of success
very strange over the last 2 years that all these players are entering the portal. are these recruiting misses? what's the deal? i hate the portal!