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bubbatime, how does it feel to be such a idiot? did someone do something to you when you were young? Maybe your uncle showed you Mr Friendly in his pocket? you need some help
UF gonna be a few shovels in Ed O's grave after Saturday. Uf wins big!
after what i saw from last week. i would say UK has a chance but UGA will need self destruction in order for that to happen
he tanked against Ole miss and Bama. He is not as good as he thinks he is
he had a great freshman season. But he does not like to tackle and he has been roasted by good receivers. i agree
i Think UGA has shown that they are the best in all 3 phases to the game. I think until they have a bad game they belong #1. Last year has no relevance to this years rankings. UGA a beast!
he is out of his element. he needs to go. but then again i dont think he has lost two in a row, that could be a good omen this weekend
the days of Kentucky making themselves better by taking a bunch of transfers is nearing end. Whoop LSU and your recruiting will go through the roof.
Tank preseason All American. Can someone enlighten me as to shy they are not running him as much? They gonna lose him to Gus if they are not careful
UGA is by far the best team right now. They are clicking in all 3 phases of the game. You gonna see a beatdown in the stinkiest town on the plains when the beat the tarnation out of Auburn.
i sure hope they dont need that for motivation and i hope # 10 stays gap sound this week
Im tired of the racecard being pulled. Im sure it happens but im also sure it does not happen with the frequency that some people thinks it does. Not a Auburn fan but i think Harsin is getting a raw deal.
im talking about what Roman Harper said in the other article
Will does get it. I wish #10 got it. I am about ready for them to put Moody back in
you are right. They screwed up when they fired him and now they are reaping what they sowed. He is not going back you can bet the house on it
you hope then they go to KYLE field all head full of Rat Poison
Great analysis. Glad this game is home. I was at last Bama loss to ole miss in Ttown and i was at my folks motor home right after 1st quarter pissed off.
you know he threw about that many against LSU last year and almost beat them
you say that with hate not sense. This game gonna be a tough matchup for Bama
My office from 94-05 was 2 blocks from USCe campus. I became a Cocks fan of sorts and went to 20 games or so. I remember when coach Holtz went 0-10. He inherited a true mess. Give SB some time. He is not going to create a UGA or Bama anytime soon but he will compete. That area is a great place to live and was very kind to me. SC will always have a special place in my heart
I will need to see a greater body of work in big boys league before i commit to that. I want to see what he recruits and develops. But i agree he is in front of Dabo imo.