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all the Jedi wannabe want to learn from the master
why on Gods green Earth would a Tenn symbol be on this caption? does anyone proof read at this site?
wow they have a rs freshman and soph cb both named Jalen Kimber? what are the chances that happens? wonder if they are related
spurrier rarely caused embarrassment and ran a very clean program
Scott Striklin is regarded as one of the best AD in the business. I think your comment is straight outright idiocy
good point but Mullen does not need to cause any further embarrassment
with over 1500 players in the portal i am not sure who is in these kids heads. i guess being 53 years old i was taught to stay and put forth the effort when i played sports in hs rather than go to a smaller private school in my hometown and be a *. For one my father would not have allowed it. SMH at the lack of opportunities that will be available for these 1500 + kids
Deon the new HBCU Nick Saban? Beating people so bad that it get s the opposing coach fired?
Mullen cannot help but continue to trip over his own feet. The issue is UF has a strong AD in Stricklin- to me one of the best. Stricklin will not continue to put up with Mullen and his issues. i think Mullen feels he is untouchable. That is when UF fans need to worry
you know Travis is a Vandy grad? he hates UT
this kid is already in elite 11 do not be surprised if he comes out #1 out of elite 11 this kid has got it
sorry 6.5 million a year. i think he is a big wussy if you ask me
look they paying him 5 million a year they want to get him working as much for that $ as possible
look any school system that hired this immoral idiot after the Hoover issues can blame only themselves for any issues that arrive after his hiring. he has a long trail of messes
im not a big Cam newton fan and he certainly does not need me to defend him but that kid was way out of line and this should be a red flag in whoever recruits him. Down right disrespectful to someone who gives his time free to help kids like him succeed. my opinion
when these two Davis and Keho signed i thought they would be starting by soph no later than junior year. wish the best to both of them! thanks for being apart of some special teams UA has had