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those 3 plus you had the PAC16 and then pulled the plug on that at the last minute. Your fan base is arrogant as they come. If UT cant win the BIG 12 they will come no closer to winning the SEC. I just assume to leave your arrogant azzes in the BIG 12. Not worried about the competition from UT cause the last time we played them we put a beating on them which is the last time they were relevant
i imagine on his insistence to not push COVID shot will come and bite him in the keester. Commissioner of SEC will put Harsion on his S%&t list
i agree with FF. UT has a superiority complex ssecond to none. They will come in and i guarantee you start making noise because they are Texas. Oklahoma just shut off its path to the championship. Its about the money. When is enough enough?
I agree hoosier. A&M wa done as dirty as you can get. Its all about the money
this is why he will not be considered for any major power 5 jobs. His jerky attitude and demanding respect when it is earned
Gus may steal this guy from Auburns back yard. Question- Who has a better record at end of season and recruiting year?
What a bunch of BS. Hasnt this guy suffered enough by losing his career? FU cancel culture
Where is TJ Finley? Where is Myles Brennan?
Do what Mike Norvell does? I dont think so he lost his team last year. When he has more success maybe then
What in the Pat Dye is this? Auburn going to the cellar for the next few years.
its early on. I think Coach Lea will get the Commodores the best recruiting class ever i do not think they stay in the top 25
you will see more Bama players on this list about 1/2 way through season
Yap Yap Yap Yap you sure do talk a big game!
Kind of a sick comment. Would you be making same comment if it was your daughter they raped?
Make me go to Russia Maybe you should take a out of country trip