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Seriously kid? You're calling out Saban for not kicking these kids off the team yet? This guy had a concussion and says he doesn't remember much. Hard to prosecute in court unless he can prove beyond a shadow of a doubt. Don't worry, all but Calloway will be kicked out soon, and Saban will use those scholarships in recruiting next year. Only reason chizik kicked his so quick is bc there was video evidence and a gun involved. Richt is soft, it takes a felony or three misdemeanors before he'll put them away. I laugh at you too because we're talking about players getting in called the Fulmer bowl for a reason, jack wagon
Smart should be numer 1. He was awarded as the best in country and has been a DC for the National Titles.
Alabama's secondary is going to shine tomorrow... Millner and Lester will have an INT. Murray goes 17-40 185 yards 1TD and 2INTs. Saban knows UGA will try to air it out and he will scheme around it. Look at the recent QBs that have beat Bama...Tebow, Cam, Johnny Football and Garcia...3/4 have been duel threat QBs that kept Bama guessing, Murray will have to do what he has only done once (Beat a top ranked team) while Bama plays in yet another big game where they are favored. Bama wins a close 3 quarter battle but pulls away in the 4th...27-13
An ounce of good weed is close to 500 so yeah about 2k at least.
You better hope UF puts up more than 200 yards offense!
Honeybadger was a play maker but not a good CB so his loss is minimal but UT losing Rodgers really puts a hurtin on DD.
TAMU will finish 3rd or 4th in the west. But they'll sweep the east, lose to Bama and LSU and have close one with Arky.
Agree'd, he was a horrible cover corner, did not tackle well, could stop the run. I don't see why he was so hyped. A couple, as in 2 defensive touchdowns and 4 forced fumbles, yeah he could return kicks pretty good but as a defensive player he was garbage. Watch him against Bama and you will only see him getting pushed around the whole game.
Especially when rivals has hawkins at a 4.45!
I call bull on the 4.27 and and 4.25! If they were that fast they would have usain bolt checking their a$$ out as they ran passed him.
Worst photo shop in the desert! Wilson's feet are stuck in the pavement and both players are roughly 15 feet tall. They'll have to be that tall to beat Bama though!
KC is loading up a Defensive backfield, Eric Berry, Javier Arenas and now Dequan Menzi.
Wow, only one Bama player, what about Barret Jones? You're gonna see a lot of new names showing out on the way to winning the west this season.
The smart pick is to just put all Bama players from 1-22!
I just hope his decision stays the same until the pen meets paper. He said last night though that he made the decision 2 years ago and waited just to make sure. Hope he stays RTR
He'll be a still in the draft. A solid first rounder who'll be taken in the second for half the money. Upshaw has more raw talent and is an impact guy while Hightower plays smart and is consistent and will be a Defensive captain by his 3rd year.
should have put adam griffith on their, number one kicker in the nation, his highlight film is nothing but 50 yarders and touchbacks!
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If not for Saban recruits Les would not have a title, heck, he's the only coach to lose TWO games in a season and still win a Natty!
I would call the schedules a draw. Yes LSU played Oregon, but it was pretty much a home game and Oregon was replacing 3 O-linemen, they're not as good as last years Oregon team. They went to WV but they are 5-2 now and lost to Syracuse. They also played Miss St. who is 3-4 and not near as good as expected, played UF after Bama took out starting and 2nd sting QB and Demps then played Auburn who played a new starting QB. Bama played Penn St. who is 7-1, Arky who is 6-1, and knocked of UF in the swamp and caused their current struggles by injuring so many key players. So the much tougher schedule isnt that much different, the only real notable wins were over Oregon, Syracuse and Aurburn. While Bama's have beatin Penn St. and Arkansas(both of which would beat Syracuse and Auburn.)
There is no way LSU's D is better than Alabama's. Here are some numbers on average per game and numbers in () equal national rank. Points Against: Bama 6.9(1st) LSU 11.9(3rd) Points For: Bama 39.4(14th) LSU 39.3(15th) Passing Yards: Bama 228.4(15th) LSU: 183.1(29th) Rushing Yards: Bama 229.3(61st) LSU: 189.0(99th) Also, Bama has 1st ranked Total, and rushing defense and the third best pass defense while LSU has 3rd ranked total defense, 4th in rush D and 11th in pass D. This game is going to be a war but Bama wins 27-17, there run/throw balanced attack will be too much for LSU while if Bama shuts down the run like they have all season Jarret Lee and JJ wont be able to win with their arm.
Auburn Tramp Stamp= Priceless! My buddy has a pretty sick Bama tat and his brother has a Tenn. tat like the UK and UF one.
It will be better in a year or two when Bama and Auburn are moved to the East...then you'll have Alabama running through the east and LSU running the west to meet in Atlanta.
Ok, then name to me, other than LSU, who has Oregon(Who was shut down by Auburns horrid D last season) and West Virgina played? And dont even try to bring up Miss St...who is 4-3 and had to take LaTech to overtime. West Virginia put over 500 yards on LSU and Arky who is averaging 466 yards per game, only managed 226 against Bama. Bama has the number 1 run D in the country and what does LSU try to do? Run the ball. It wont work against Bama!
First off, let me say to the LSU fans bashing this article, IF YOU WAIT A FEW DAYS OR NEXT WEEK EITHER JON, KEVIN, OR ROBERT WILL POST 3 REASONS WHY LSU WILL WIN!!!! So get over it for now! Second off, Bama has the second best offense in the SEC and 2nd best defense in country! Yall beat an over rated Oregon, and West Virginia(who put over 500 yards on you!) and then who else? Miss St? They're not near as good as predicted and then a couple of cup cakes. LSU's defense is good but not great, rely to heavily on turnovers and the offense is very one demensional other than the occasional deep throw. I get that they try to break the will of the opposing D by the 4th quarter but Bama is too deep for that. AJ has developed great so far and since the first game has really protected the ball. Then look at Bama's running backs, Trent Richardson(aka the next Hiesman winner), Eddie Lacy(who will be healthy) and Jalston Fowler(3rd stringer who put 125 and 2 tds last week and is averaging over 8ypc(and weighs 250 pounds!)) They will score to many points on LSU and LSU wont be able to keep up. Bama wins but keeps it close....35-24
If T.R runs for 125+ and 2 or more td's against LSU for a win go ahead and give him the trophy!
Havent seen ankle breakin like that since Allen Iverson! If T.R. was in the NBA he would be a mix of SHAQ Diesel and Allen Iverson and his grand pa would be M.J.!
There are no night games in they Bayou because Vern is OLD and needs to get to bed early, Fat and has to hit the all you can eat Chinese buffet, Incontinent and cant spend all day talking about football while getting his diaper changed.