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GA fans kill me. We have completely jumped over the fact that the last team to beat them before the streak was AL. AL was also the one to end it. GA only beat Saban once - when AL had lost two 1,000 yard receivers and had beaten them once already that season. Let’s reframe recent history conveniently, though.
Whose idea was it again to let Missouri in?
For those four, without doing much research, I would say Ohio St, Clemson, and AL/GA/TX. The B12 is even harder. For the SEC, I tend to think AL based on remaining talent and new coach motivation. That is assuming a lot though. Texas’ schedule is painfully easier than the other two. That makes them attractive (as much as TX can ever be called that). In the end, I will say TX based strictly on schedule. As for the B12????
Ha. I know it was a satirical comment, Connor. I appreciate the humor. Predicting the four conference champions alone would be a monumental task worthy of boasting, though, much less the entire playoff. Good luck with that.
College football has passed Miami and Nebraska and left them in the dust. The other three still have potential, but are in danger of going down the same road. The only thing keeping them alive is piles of cash, mostly through the B10. Miami will either need the ACC to find itself through some magic or an invitation to the SEC/B10. I do not see the SEC taking them. They had their chance. Not sure about the B10 - I did not think they would be desperate enough to go to California, so you never know…
50/64 years from three coaches is amazing.
Hilarious. Wait until you hear what he (she?) did to the Alabama list to get to 11. He counted one interim coach who only coached one game (Joe Kines), one coach who never coached a game (Mike Price), and maybe most egregiously, one who has yet to coach a game (Kalen DeBoer). Forget the fact that two coaches in that time frame combined for 42 years. Another coached for seven.
Did you watch the game? Alabama beat Cincinnati without turning to the second page of the playbook. It was not a mauling, but Saban did not want to embarrass them and did not want to spend any more effort than necessary in the first round. It was obvious.
The Egg Bowl is mostly the only non-Alabama game I watch from either of these teams all season. The main reason I watch it is that it is on Thanksgiving. Just a thought for the Mouse…
My bad - was thinking of the fourth and twenty-six game. You are correct. That was not a rematch. Not sure why it was in my head. I think because we did not win the SEC.
A side note on AL losing the game of the century - not to be a GA fan, but that entire game changed on one questionable call. AL and LSU were clearly the two best teams.
2017 LSU was a story only Les Miles could have authored. He should still be thanking Saban for what he was left. I hope it works that way or even better for DeBoer.
They should matter, but your schedule draw should not dictate the champion any more than possible. I understand that, to some degree, it always has and always will, but it should be minimized.
Record vs common opponents could be a good one, but one team may be facing a fierce rival on the road as opposed to another which played them at home.
I have to disagree, Connor. 2 and 3 both depend on the luck of the scheduling draw. Sure, you have to beat the teams, but you cannot control who the Sec puts on your schedule and then who THEY play. 4 revolves around margin of victory. That is and always will be a terrible criterion. The 1992 Alabama team that beat Miami to win the title beat quite a few teams by small margins, but in the end could not be beaten. That is only one example. It also incentivizes late TDS when up by seventy and leaving starting QBs and others in the game late at risk of injury.
Dude, we are talking about the draft. Don’t hate just because they could all beat Auburn…
Alabama — The 17-year Nick Saban era ended with 3 QBs drafted in the first 4 rounds I like you, Conner - not to criticize, but this is misleading. Four were actually drafted in the first four rounds - Tua, Jones, Young, and Hurts. I am assuming we did not include Hurts because he was playing at OK when he was drafted. However, he occupied two of Saban’s 17 years. In sum total, the four above accounted for roughly seven years of football. AJ McCarron accounted for two more and was drafted in the fifth round. That is nine of seventeen with a drafted QB. Find another coach not named Riley who did that. So he won with Jake Coker and Blake Sims. Is that a negative? Not being a homer. Just saying.
So Penix is still going to be playing QB at 34?
The Falcons would like the number to call, please. If others are offering forty picks, they are willing to go forty-five.
This would be a great way to make sure the SEC/B10 poached them as soon as someone found a way to get out of the grant of rights.
I do not really have anything to say. I just wanted to comment before LSUMC or Ron Mexico.
Hi Tom. Yes, that was our best player’s high point total for the year. We still lost. This is my point. I would love to be wrong if it happens again.