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No thanks. You keep Todd, he's done so well for your lizards why would you want to let him go? LSU will get a DC that has to be better than Bo, a DC that can build on players strengths and know their weaknesses and make in-game adjustments quickly. I am hoping for no opt outs and portals for this upcoming season as well. O needs to to raise and set the culture and the standards going forward.
This is great news! I was thinking before they all decided to return we'd have a really inexperienced group this coming season. Still a lot of work to do but this is a positive.
Agreed. It will be a big hump to get over but I think the Vols will get it together eventually.
LSU will need better O line recruiting for our RBs. Hoping for good news in Feb with the spots still open but really, LSU really lags in getting higher ranked recruits on the O line to sign historically. Frustrating.