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Fingers crossed for Drinkwitz, but I still feel that the Odom era ended prematurely. Injuries and lack of depth ran this season into the ground. Losing JJ and AO only exacerbated the issues with the receiving corps, and the legs of KB gave out.
No, but I didn't expect them to be giant killers either. I'll always cheer for the Tigers, but in my life they've been about as consistent as a yo-yo with long stretches of walk the dog. It is what it is. Saying anything performance related in any college sport is "unacceptable" is laughable.
I hope not. The temp didn't get above 45 today, and I don't expect it to improve dramatically over the next few weeks.
He wanted to be the hero and win the starting position back. It's understandable, especially for a young man.
No mention of the offensive line? If you're going to be calling people out, they should at least get a dishonorable mention. Frankly, Bryant was the only player showing any passion during the game, on the Mizzou side anyway. Vandy was pumped up from the start and playing with emotion.
Vandy defended their turf well. They played with something to prove and aside from a few plays from Bryant, Mizzou didn't play with any emotion. Mizzou has to regroup and get ready for a KY team that has had their number of late.
Dedicated troll account? Ain't nobody got time for that...
I can't help but take issue with the word ONLY in front of "coughed it up twice". That is not a way to succeed in any conference. Also, the run defense did a great job, but SC wasn't doing much to stretch the field. Mizzou's safeties were playing pretty close to the line to fill the gaps.
I was thinking the same thing. It could be for almost any cargo plane or tanker. Or, battleship really. The Navy could wear something similar to them too. If they want to look impressive, do a tribute to the SR-71. All black with some red trim...
Ironically, it was the Mizzou game that sealed his fate in his last season. Mizzou had scored to tie the game, and TN had the ball on the 40 with just under a minute left. UT took a couple of knees and went into overtime with the fans howling.
Yeah, that's kinda bizarre. I could see Mizzou and UGA both having 1 loss at the end, but Mizzou winning head to head is a tough call. And, SC over UF & UT over KY, really?
Exactly. He wanted to create an us against the world narrative. The penalties are total BS, and if you think the world is against you, mountains can be moved to prove them wrong.
What's with all of the Fossil watches. They should sponsor a bowl game...
Well, to be fair. Tua didn't play Bama's defense, but Drew did.
Aw man, you missed it. It should be: Houston, you have a problem.
Well, Purdue has been pretty good even though the Mizzou secondary made their backup look like Joe Montana, and Florida is often a pretty good team. Lock and Dooley have had to get creative with the injuries in the receiving corps. One of the go to targets in the past few weeks has been a true freshman that started the season as a defensive end. So, yeah he is making due with what's available to him...
Well, he did say "if their rotating crossover wasn't Alabama". Bama could probably hang with NFL teams...
Hey Coach, bring back the Border War with Mizzou! Let's get this rivalry back in the mix...
Now these I like, but what does the "standard" uniform look like again? It seems like we are rolling out a special something every week.
DOH! Dammit! ...is our battle cry.
Still need to beat Navy, but kudos to the cadets.