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I’m with you!lol I thought it was pretty funny. I guess some of theses soyboys get offended easily.
@Cody have you even looked at ND schedule? They played 10 power 5 teams before Clemson. 4 of which are ranked. The two that were not were group of 5 opponents. No FCS opponents on there schedule. Now I get that it wasn’t an SEC schedule but it’s not like they played a bunch of FCS schools. They scheduled plenty of power 5 teams. So to finish undefeated against the schedule they had I do believe they earned their way in. Beside that fact the average score difference in semi finals since the playoff has started is around 25 points so it’s fair to say a lot of teams underwhelm in the semifinals.
I bet you feel dumb about your article yesterday now. Aside from stating the obvious you are usually way off on your articles and should probably go back to “big10 country”
I can’t believe I agree with a Bama fan, but I totally agree with you blitzer13. “Inappropriate word choice” give me a f**cking break.
Seems like Auburn got snubbed a little. Coach of the year specifically. Pearl did more with less talent.
I used to be a Cam fan for obvious reasons, but he has lost his mind recently with his comments.
And that I believe is all it is now. Just attention seeking.
I knew you would be back! I guess you had to wait till you were done loving your cousin. War Eagle little guy! Hope you have a great day.
Wow buddy you must have had an auburn fan break your heart a long time ago. Your name clearly has Auburn in it so needless to say we are on your mind 24/7/365. And go ahead and reply because you are just proving my point. Thank you buddy for being our #1 fan it's so cute.
Wow guy you seem a little triggered. But I'm glad Auburn is on your mind so much. War Eagle my friend and bless your hating little heart.
A fracture is a "broke" leg. There is no difference. Fracture is the medical term for a break.
Auburn beat Georgia Tech 94-0 in 1894 when John Heisman was the coach.
Jeremy has exhausted all eligibility. He has played all four years.
Check your facts SDS the last school to hold a win streak over Alabama was Auburn not LSU. They won in 2007 which extended their streak to 6.
It is mysterious since bama and georgia played in 2012 not 2013
One thing about it is compared to our losses in 2012 we were in all of our games up to the final minutes this year. Four of the six losses were only by one score and even bama was winnable until the middle of the fourth quarter. The team still battled this year unlike 2012. There were a lot of issues off the field with Chizik. But His could be looking at the door if something doesn't improve next year.
It's not a big deal cause either way it sucks but Auburn was 3-9 in 2012. Y'all always screw that up on this site.
SDS!, We are NOT the War Eagle Nation. That's just stupid. We are the Auburn family, the Auburn tigers, or just tiger fans. Please get this right in all future articles. Stop referring to us as the War Eagle Nation.
SDS never gets there facts right. Fournette is the best back in college football. They also play tougher defenses than fsu.
Auburn would've won in overtime time anyway. Bama's red zone offense had no answer for Auburn's defense. Missed field goals and to fourth and short stops.
An arky fan talking about another team's coach is hilarious. He has actually dismissed several players including top play makers. Maybe you should worry more about your loud mouth classless coach.
Correction AJ's tattoo was not awesome. Just a cluster of crap.
You're article started out wrong. He has won the sec only three times while at alabama. And was won the west only five times.
30 for 30 did a special on Bo Jackson titled You Don't Know Bo. I'm pretty sure it is equal to all of these listed.
Jeremy Johnson started and played the whole game in 2013 also. He has two career starts to his name not just one.
Let's get one thing straight. Catching a deflected pass on 4th and 18 and scoring the go ahead touchdown is a miracle play. Returning a kick for a touchdown in a tied game due to stellar blocking and lackluster tackling is electrifying but by no means a "miracle" just a great play.
Imagine that. A list on SDS that is Alabama heavy.
There is also a bust of John Heisman with the three statues at Auburn. It is the only school he coached that has a Heisman trophy winner.