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Those players were in no fear of losing their scholarships. They covered their ass by talking their gullible coach into going along with this charade. Once he was on board they were safe. I have 0 respect for those players and less for Pinkel, I hope he is first to go once quotas are put in. Mizzou's next coach..,.Derek Mason. Good luck with that because I won't be watching.
You mean when he was surrounded by a group of protestors who wanted to yell and scream over him? Is that dialogue? C'mon man, your delusional.
Who was being racist Coozie? Some line redneck driving down the road yelling the n-word? Some other unknown person putting a swastika on a wall ? Your going to hold an entire University responsible for a few dumb kids that mama didn't raise right? This was a lynch mob against an innocent man and all if those involved should be ashamed.
Yes. That is why I am ashamed of Pinkel. He sold out to keep his recruits coming instead of doing the right thing. His press conference was disgraceful. This was not about "saving a kids life". That is what paramedics and doctors could have done. This was about keeping recruits coming , damn the consequences.
Tim Wolfe and his family are human beings too and they were unfairly railroaded. You will never convince me or many many others that this was a good thing. Other alumni like myself should now shun this University for good.
Jaco is a liberal pot stirrer. I guess being white completely dismisses one from the entire conversation.. Unless you agree with the rancid liberal rhetoric being spewed out.
Way to go Pinkel and all your babies. Ruined an innocent man's career over nothing. This entire embarrassing event will only cause more racial divide, not less. I hereby no longer support my alma mater.
Let me set the record straight. The MAJORITY of MU students and alumni believe this whole thing is a ridiculous power grab by a few whiny minorities. Of course, we all must bow down and be silent or be labeled racist if we dare disagree with their ridiculous stance. I am very disappointed in Pinkel. Thought he had more integrity and "balls" than this. This one stupid decision on his part may be his downfall at Mizzou,
What a complete idiot. You better alert the local hospital because Towles may be spending the night there after our d-line is done with him.
Horrible performance by offense. It's Lock time.
This is why I don't have a Twitter account and never will. Brings out the worst in everyone.
Let's not forget this was a road game against Ark State. This game was their Super Bowl so I knew it would be a battle. In COMO I believe Mizzou wins by 21.
Arkansas (west), Ole Miss (west), Texas A&M (west), South Carolina, Georgia in 2013. I believe they were all ranked when we beat them. Hell you should know..,,weren't you there when we whipped your over-rated team?
Tn can't put games away. Mizzou can. That is why they should and will be ranked higher than TN.
Agreed^. Why is this so difficult to understand?
Not enough playing time to be ranked but by year end I'm sure he will show up on these lists. He is a future star. Even Greg McElroy won't be able to ignore him.
Wow! A hater and a moron rolled into one.
When you can't make an intelligent point, stoop to the name calling. Grow up. What have you done for me lately Vols? Nothing. What have you done for me lately Mizzou? A lot.
Here is next years post.....ok, so they have won the East 3 straight years, so what? The East has been down blah blah blah. Yawn
Considering how much DD2 comments (obsesses?) over Missouri Football speaks volumes about how scared he is of Mizzou. We now own your division and all you can do is whine and feel jealous. Be a man and own up to your shortcomings.
Doesn't hurt at all when we win the division. LOL ! Not at all.
0. Number of UGA SEC East titles the last 2 years. 2.... The number if Missouri SEC East titles the last 2 years. No matter how many times you bring up 34-0 the numbers at the top of this post are all that matters. Just ask your own coach and he will agree. Too bad some of his class doesn't filter down to some of you clueless UGA fans,
At Least we make it to Atlanta. I guess you guys make it there too..,as spectators.
It should have been you (UGA) blown out in the SECCG? Yes, it would have been a worse blowout if UGA was there.
I think most of us just laugh at your posts Bama. You have such homer blinders on that you can't be taken seriously. I believe Mizzou fans have touted their team as legitimate contenders in the SEC since we came on board. I believe they were 100% correct. Now, tell us again how much we don't know football.
Georgia fans always crack me up. Can't win their division and then act like sore losers on top of it. Poor babies.
That idiot Greg McElroy on SEC network didn't even have Mauk on the his top 10 list. Really? A proven starter ranks lower than 2-3 QB's who have never taken a snap? Greg, wake up !