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Aranda continues to impress. Time for a real test, but I think Aranda pulls it off. He is very good at creating a gameplan with what talents he is given.
Unless he can get a $10-$15 millon insurance policy for being drafted outside of the 2020 first round, he gives up too much to return for a senior year. He should go and every LSU fan understands and appreciates his dedication to this program. Devin White has given his all and will go down as one of the greatest of all time.
Looks like TAMU shoves LSU assistant. Attempts to break up the encounter by everyone. Same TAMU guy throws punch, LSU player responds with a punch. So, this still all starts with TAMU.
If Bama was to lose to LSU in Baton Rouge and miss the SEC championship they still get in only if UGA wins the SEC. The committee will not put a rematch in the playoff (Assuming LSU wins the SEC). This is whay Bama made it last year. They had not played UGA last season, so the committee put them in with one loss above the other one losses.
I still can’t believe this game isn’t a 6 or 7 o’clock game in Death Valley
Mayfield is athletic as hell, but we saw what really matters this game. Fromm stayed calm and loose the entire game, while Mayfield was hoopin and hollarin the whole first half. Then in the second half when UGA defense was shutting him down, he was distraught and it showed. The QB position is 50% mind and Fromm won there
Clemson in OU in UGA in Who’s four ahead of bama? An ohio state team with an embarassing lose to OU at home and blown out against Iowa?
LSU out gained bama on offense and MSU exposed bama even more. They won, but I believe when they play Clemson in the playoff, it will be the best team outside of Aub they have faced and will go like the Aub game went
At this point, UT just needs to find a seasoned coordinator with great recruiting ability. Or just pull an LSU and give your D Line coach the job and hire a top notch D & O coordinator. It’s at least better than Butch
He wanted somewhere in the area of $7-7.5 million for the LSU job and he apparently still has some ties in BR from back in the day. TAMU is going to have to give him a Nick Saban level salary for him to come and I don't see that happening. Plus his job performance would be judged on the Saban scale. ACC is much easier
Jesus!! Can SEC fans shut the f**k up and stop trying to fire a coach after one blow out. This is why our conference has the worst coaching scene in the nation. Kirby is a fine coach. I'm already calling a bama blow out against Auburn (Bama wins big) and then UGA vs Bama plays a very close game (2012 SECCG type) with whoever wins, winning the natty.
At the end of the day, does it really matter??? If both teams win out, it will be a 1 vs 2 SECCG and as long as there is a close game both teams should make the playoff. And you can't tell me 2 BIG teams could match up with an undefeated SEC champ and 1 loss runner up
LOL OSU got blownout by OU at home Who has penn state played? The SEC is down this year, but still holds the top 2 teams no doubt
Agree Hurts is good, but he looks so good because he never has to take a chance and can play it safe. Top O Line and good stable of backs can take you a long way, but in tough situations can Hurts pull it off?
LSU homer here... Bama has weaknesses on offense and it's called Jalen Hurts. He did not look good at all, but he also didn't look good last year against good defenses. Defense is stout, as always, and will win them games. However, this LSU vs Bama game is going to be better than expected. Will not be a blow out for bama as expected by vegas and espn
John, this is funny. Ease up on the long islands. We enjoy the trolls, but it makes you look like a weak writer.
Never seen a writer get so butt hurt from a comment
People have been saying that for years. I'm just glad everyone else is realizing this
And yes, I'm aware the same can be said for LSU
I think everyone had too high of expectations for Coach O in his first year with a defense that lost a lot. Also, Myles Brennan is our quaterback and he won't see the field until next year (maybe late this year if we are lucky). MSU was underrated and we were overrated. With that being said, Alleva still sucks and blew the coaching search. Coach O is a great LA guy, but will be gone after 3 seasons and Alleva should be out the door with him.
Based on his ability to fire OC Cameron and bring in a top canidate at OC, he is much better than miles
"The most meaningless official ranking gets released Thursday" Still love how USC gets so hyped up every year and fails. Other than that, not a terrible guess at preseason ranks
Hit the nail on the head. LSU has the most former players in the league and has been at the top of the list in most players drafted over the years. Kid see's a chance to come in here and have an imediate impact at his position, thus helping his overall draft stock down the road. #NFLSU
Key word "healthy". He's had a bum ankle all season, even when he put 284yds and 3 TDs on that team from Mississippi. It was a possibility that he would need surgery after the season. Even with a month's rest, high ankle sprains are nothing to play with.
Fournette is injured and has been all season. He has every right to sit out this game and get healthy for pro day/combine. McCaffrey is a different story, which is why you can't include them in the same conversation. I still see no problem with McCaffrey's decision, though. Maybe this will lead to NCAA getting rid of some of these bowls (I'm not holding my breath on this one).