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I know most Auburn fans don’t want Steele because of his record from Baylor, but that was a long time ago and it was Baylor. He’s well traveled now with ALOT more experience than back then. He’s done very well as the DC for Auburn in both recruiting and running the defense. He’s well known and liked, fits the culture, he’s proven he understands modern offenses and can adjust with the times. I wouldn’t mind Auburn giving him a chance.
I see you stopped running around to all my posts making comments. I didn’t start using too many big words for you did I? I know basic intellect is an ongoing problem within the Alabama fan base and I certainly don’t want to be insensitive to the intellectually challenged so I apologize if I made it appear as such.
I see your confusion but when I say the last 7 IBs, that represents past tense, excluding the present season, which Auburn was 3-4 in the last 7 dating back to 2013. But I can nitpick too, such as pointing out that Auburn still leads the series in both Auburn and Tuscaloosa. To which you would no doubt point out that Alabama leads all time in neutral site meetings. I just wanted to show more respect than to point out Auburn leads the series in your own backyard.
No I don’t think they did. Both teams ran starters throughout the game with the exception of Young coming in later in the 4th, Robinson Jr taking over for Harris who was starting to look a little banged up, and Richards coming in for Shivers. Now, if Young had come in halfway through the 3rd with the second team like they did against Kentucky, I’d say differently.
We simply look at excuses differently. To me, an excuse ((in this context)) would be an assumption based on variables that can’t be substantiated. For example, had Bigsby not taken the field, it’d be an excuse to say our run game had no success because he didn’t play. Without him playing, there’s no way to backup that assumption so I’d call it an excuse. Meanwhile, you can see the missed calls on both sides so that’s not an assumption and I wouldn’t call it an excuse. It’s being honest in analyzing the game for what it was. You call it an excuse, I don’t. So we agree to disagree.
Yes actually they could have and I’d still argue they should have. The missed PIs that killed drives aside, Williams dropped TD would have done that alone. It is what it is because he dropped it but Auburn was just 1 TD shy of beating that spread.
No argument with that assessment. I’m more addressing the fake barners comment because he doesn’t seem to understand that it take ALOT more than a QB to win games. I also agree that kicking FGs is a losing strategy when your defense can’t stop TDs, no matter how much you want points on the board. They put Carlson behind a 57 yard attempt down 3 scores. I’d have been happier with them taking a shot downfield. Either he completes it, gets a PI, or misses his target. Either way, it’s better than saying you give up by kicking a FG. Made no sense that late in the game.
This loss goes far beyond Nix. If anything, I’d say he played harder than anyone on the team. We had an Oline that had been making significant strides only to come into this game and look like 3rd stringers. Bama’s Pass rush kept Nix running for his life almost the whole game, and their secondary made sure to limit his ability to get out of it so I give them props for that. Dropped passes were just as bad. Nix put several balls on the number and it seemed the only guy that managed to make a play was Schwartz, although every time he got hit it seemed he couldn’t hold on to the ball. Stove was okay, but you could tell Bama was looking for that and covered him well. The only positive I could take away from this game was Mark Anthony Richards. He came out and looked pretty good. Shivers didn’t seem to play with the same intensity he usually does and not having Bigsby healthy was disheartening. Our secondary had me fooled coming into this game. I was sure if anyone could slow down Mac Jones and those receivers, it’d have been Auburn and I was wrong big time. They covered well in the first half, but still got outplayed to a different level all game. My point is if you’re just going to ignore all those factors and point the finger solely at Nix, maybe you should change your emblem and start yelling Roll Tide because I don’t believe your heart is really into being an Auburn fan. After all, seasons like this make it hard to be a barner but someone has to do it. War Eagle!
I’m guessing you just recently started watching football. You do know that Auburn was 3-4 in the last 7 Iron Bowls right? You do know that Auburn was 12-3 for the last 15 meetings both teams were ranked going into the Iron Bowl right? And if you go broader, the series was tied 20-20 going back to the last 40 meetings. No team has had more success against Alabama than Auburn.
Actually, no I can’t. Seth dropping that pass was ridiculous and I’m sure he knows it. You call it making excuses, I call it analyzing the game for what it was. 1st half was missed calls, 2nd half was player mistakes. Without the missed calls and the dropped pass, Auburn would have beat the spread. If I wanted to make excuses, I’d point to Bigsby not being a factor which would be petty because Bama had the same problem with Waddle.
Why would it have been any other argument BamaTime? Auburn was never going to win that game, we knew it, Bama knew it, everyone knew it. But Auburn absolutely could have and should have beat the spread. I don’t see a single team being able to beat Bama at this point so the conversation turns to who keeps it close, just like LSU last year. There’s no shame in that, that’s why people bet on it.
The way I look at it is when you take a shot downfield into coverage, you’re looking for your receiver to beat the coverage or draw the PI. Bama did it, drew the PI and got the call in a drive that resulted in a TD. Auburn did it in 2 separate drives, drew the PI but didn’t get the call and it killed both drives. I won’t argue that Williams dropped TD pass was a significant blow, but without those drives being killed on missed calls, that drop may not have mattered since Auburn was 1 TD short of beating the spread.
You don’t get it. I’m talking about Auburn covering the spread. What Bama did is inconsequential to that. Yes, Williams dropping that pass prevented Auburn beating the spread but I’d argue that it wasn’t as detrimental as 2 drives being cut short on missed PI calls when they certainly didn’t miss the PI on Auburn. But I can’t put too much on the refs because they did call a clean game in the 2nd half but I don’t think you can argue that the officiating was fairly one-sided in the first half.
And I’m not talking about the grab that stretched his undershirt back that should have also been called. I’m talking about the first shot Nix took to Seth.
You mean the pass that sailed over his head while the defender had a handful of his jersey and was being pulled while Seth was trying to get to the ball? That the call you mean? Last I checked, if you interfere with the receiver being able to get to the ball in the first place it’s pass interference, doesn’t have to be just when going for the catch.
Idk, I still think Auburn is a good team, they just aren’t great and that’s what it takes to beat this Bama team and I see that now.
Same to Bama. Just destroy Florida in the SECCG
Thanks. Right is right and I was wrong so I gotta own up to it or I’m no better than a troll on here.
Unfortunately I was wrong so I gotta take it like a man. It was a heck of a game for Bama and they showed Auburn up and then some. I was just so sure Auburn could slow down that pass game and I was wrong big time. So I give all Bama fans a Roll Tide with a heavy heart. That being said, I still say 2 drives were cut short for Auburn on missed calls that could have made the difference in them beating that spread but it is what it is. I call it karma for what we were given early in the season. So good game Bama, go win it all and we’ll see you next year. War Eagle!
Unfortunately I was wrong so I gotta take it like a man. It was a heck of a game for Bama and they showed Auburn up and then some. I was just so sure Auburn could slow down that pass game and I was wrong big time. So I give all Bama fans a Roll Tide with a heavy heart. That being said, I still say 2 drives were cut short for Auburn on missed calls that could have made the difference in them beating that spread but it is what it is. I call it karma for what we were given early in the season. So good game Bama, go win it all and we’ll see you next year. War Eagle!
Tell me I’m wrong. I still don’t believe they cover, but tell me I’m wrong...
Funny how the refs can see Auburn penalties, but Williams undershirt being pulled 2ft behind him while a defender hangs on is completely missed.
This is pointless. Bama could tackle every receiver at the LOS on the snap and not get flagged. Auburn so much as looks the wrong way it’s a penalty. Really like to know how the refs couldn’t see Williams undershirt stretched 2ft behind him while the defender is dragged.
After all, the only pre-requisite for being a journalist on SDS is the ability to raw dog a bottle of Texas Pete with a smile on your face.
I want credible and relevant sports journalism, not this homer trash that seems to be a problem on SDS. But I guess when 3rd rate conspiracy tabloids won’t even take you serious you have to go somewhere. That’s where SDS comes in!
I expect Auburn to surprise many today. Too many are tunneling Alabama’s last few games going into this and understandably so, but don’t be fooled by those games. Let’s look at it: Both Auburn and Alabama held Tennessee to 17. Both teams covered their spreads against them also. Alabama shutout MSST but I just don’t see that as a trophy. I said after week 1 that it’s hard to throw for 600+ yards and not show a big portion of your hand and I think the record shows that. Only reason they beat LSU is because Pelini was too stubborn to play zone like they should have. Everyone else has and has handled them effectively. Alabama played a drastically depleted Kentucky and held them to 3. I’m pretty sure had Chris Rodrigues Jr been available, Bama wouldn’t have held them to 3. So let’s not read too much into that. My point to all this is that everyone seems to be looking at these 3 games defensively as an excuse to assume that Alabama is going to beat Auburn by 4 scores. That’s not going to happen. Alabama is not going to move the ball through the air at will against Auburn’s secondary and I expect a pick or 2 if they try. This will likely be the old fashioned ground and pound that has been common in these meetings. I like Alabama to win, but they won’t cover that spread and will likely be held to a season low.
My god SDS, you’ve got to do better than to allow this kind of pointless garbage to be published. Can’t say this is the biggest heap of homer trash to be allowed through, but it’s close. Please, publish something worth publishing or not at all, and someone please tell Wasson to stop jerking it to a picture of Saban while writing articles, it’s embarrassing!
You’re going off hot takes from early in the season. Same as folks still banking on Nix making mistakes. That hasn’t happened in several games and Auburn’s secondary is the best in the SEC. Alabama’s defense isn’t as good as this line suggests either. Alabama is going to win but they’ll have to do it mostly on the ground which will eat up the clock and Alabama’s defense will not be able to hold Auburn to a 4 score deficit. Again, I’m shocked you Bama fans don’t realize this. Just don’t bet on that line unless you got that money to lose because you’re gonna lose it.
Bama won’t win big. You’re looking at a loss that had more to do with turnovers than anything. Auburn outplayed SC in that game but had 3 turnovers and lost by 1 score while knocking on the door on the last drive of the game. I really hope you’re stupid enough to bet on that line if you’re nieve enough to base your assumptions on hot takes.