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For once a Negan post I didn’t have to reference the down-syndrome handbook to read. Bravo!
He brings up Trump unprovoked, unsolicited, and at length, then denies his rant being about Trump. Yeah sounds like the typical demo-rat to me. Probably one of those leeches that still refuses to work because he’s woke. I’m also willing to bet he just got his internet cut back on in his rundown single wide because his baby-momma got that child tax advance check.
@GaterRoll, The only team that truly challenged Bama last year was Ole Miss, and that was because neither side had a defense. Just because Florida was in the SECCG doesn’t mean they were a challenge.
Tuscaloosa is still your backyard reject. My how pitiful the trailer trash gets when you rattle their box set TV.
I love stats too! Since you want to use stats to fit your agenda, I’ll take a stab at it. Alabama may lead the overall series, but does it bother you that Auburn leads the series in Jordan Hare (10-5) AND Bryant Denny (7-6) stadiums. But hey, at least you guys got neutral sites if not your own backyard
Are you serious right now? At 6-3, 330lbs who exactly is he supposed to be afraid of?
I like to read his comments while pretending I’m listening to a Down syndrome kid saying all of it. Makes it so entertaining. I mean he wants to be relevant so bad, but he’s really just a poster child for narcissistic disorders. I’m also guessing he had a fat uncle that touched him while recording basement videos when he was younger.
I don’t think usc even warrants a rating tbh. They’re kinda like Vanderbilt or Missouri, we only have them in the SEC to fill space. Personally, I think it’s be nice if we could trade the cocks to the ACC for a more relevant program like Miami or FSU if they got back to what they used to be. At least both those programs have had recent relevancy.
First, considering Auburn has had more success against Bama than anyone else, not to mention we beat them in 2019 with a true freshman QB and are 2-2 in the last 4 meetings, your comment just shows you have an IQ lower than your shoe size. Second, I’d worry about your own dumpster-fire of a program if I were you. I’m betting y’all are headed into a stretch that will make Vanderbilts 0-10 season last year look like a promising future, and that’s being generous. Mayybe after you guys fall flat over the next few seasons, the SEC can all chip in to get a giant sucker statue to sit next to that giant cock statue that you clowns bought this past year. At least then it’ll have a relevant purpose.
He can’t elaborate on that because there is no way to defend that statement. If Bigsby were to enter the transfer portal and Tennessee somehow got him, he’d turn into the biggest Bigsby cheerleader. ANY program in all of FBS would love to have Bigsby and even with the RB talent in the SEC, anywhere he went he’d be RB1 without question. He runs with a physicality that few backs can produce and is a nightmare to try to tackle. I’d have to watch film, but if I’m not mistaken, I’ve only seen one guy take him down solo, and that was Lee Hunter this past spring in Auburn’s A-day game.
I like your optimism but let’s be realistic. The only way Nix reaches that expectation is if Tank is so lights-out that it opens Nix up in the passing game, provided he takes a huge leap forward. Either way, I don’t see a path that could land him both honors.
I know if it was, me I’d want to also. That whole area is nothing more than a slum. I used to work cases out on N. Antioch all the time and requested a transfer just to get away from the area.
Beamed isn’t the right word. Shivers put Stingley in an entirely different area code for about 10s. I still lose it every time I watch the replay when Stingley pick his head up lying flat on the turf and just freezes there for a minute, like he’s reassessing his life choices.
In my opinion, Stingley is the most overrated player in the SEC, maybe even all of CFB. The guys shines when you put him against lower-caliber players, but put him toe-to-toe with real talent and physicality and he gets dusted or trucked almost every time. Nothing I can say about Ricks because I haven’t payed that close attention, but I’ve watched Stingley through 2 seasons so far and the eye test leaves ALOT to be desired. I’ll be surprised if he doesn’t take a step back this year.
That’s cute. Too bad them deep pockets hasn’t translated well for UGAs trophy case over the past 4 decades. But at least it helps pay to keep that case clean because after all “this year is going to be UGAs year.”
Heard this on JoxFM yesterday. Pretty sure he’s coming to Auburn to rejoin his position coach. Will be a great pickup with starting experience that we desperately need. Being an All-Sunbelt receiver is nice on the surface. If nothing else, he’ll be great depth!
If more recruits continue to get offered $1mil like Henderson, the G-League is very much a threat. Heck, even half that makes them a threat.
I had to read this twice to make sure I read it right. 1) Where do you get that anyone is suggesting Finley just randomly picked a school? Are you serious right now? The article is about WHY Finley’s decision was a good one for both short and long term purposes and Tidefan8x5 is going further on why Alabama was never a real option for him. 2) Hate Saban for owning the SEC if you wish, but don’t sit there like a 5 year old crying that he cheated while making no references to back up that allegation. Makes you look really small. 3) Since you want to be the grammar police, let me point out a few things: - it’s UA not UAT - Tidefan8x5 never used the word ‘legitimate’ in his comment - Finally, if you didn’t mean this as a response to his comment, maybe you should learn how to use the comment section properly if you’re going to try to correct someone here. You just look smaller by the minute with this trash.
As Auburn fans, we’ve been burned by expectations quite a lot. I’d think by now we’d have learned not to just assume a QB is going to be elite because of his HS career. I seem to remember everyone having these same arguments regarding Nix and Gatewood, saying Nix was the answer, not Gatewood and look where that got us. Of course, Gatewoods performance at UK suggests Nix was the better QB, just neither was the answer at the time. Davis may prove to be a great QB, but with absolutely no experience at the SEC level and being a comparatively under-sized QB in the SEC, I just can’t have that much blind faith in the kid. There’s also nothing to suggest that Malik would have had any more success at Auburn than Nix. Playing for Liberty is ALOT simpler than playing in the SEC West. I mean, Malik himself said he didn’t do what he had to to earn the starting job at Auburn. I firmly believe Malik is only having the success he is because he’s playing in a conference that’s more suited to his caliber.
I agree and he probably only included Alabama because it probably gave him more exposure, but it was never a realistic option. It’s my understanding that while Alabama did consider him, they weren’t willing to offer him a scholarship, only a chance to walkon and earn one.
I stand corrected. I know he never started but I could have sworn he went to the NFL. Nevertheless, doesn’t change the dynamic of what I’m saying, the guy was an athlete and is a coach. He knows the score regardless if it’s his son or not. For all the assumptions everyone makes about Willis, everyone also seems ignorant of the fact that Willis himself said he didn’t do what he had to to earn the starting job at Auburn, there was no favoritism going on there.
Mullen put Jones in for Trask in the 2nd qtr after he got trucked by Derek Brown and needed a few to regain his bearings. It wasn’t to give Jones a chance, it was to give Trask a break before he ended up like Franks.
The parent side of him might be, but the athlete side of him wouldn’t be. He was an SEC starting qb and a pro qb himself. Competition is competition regardless of who you are and he knows that. As a coach, he also knows playing outright favorites in favor of someone less talented will lose the locker room fast.
I don’t think Bo is too worried about Finley as much as some might think. When it comes right down to it, Bo Nix is the most experienced SEC QB in the entire conference. He’s almost seen every hostile environment in the SEC, obviously Athens and Tuscaloosa get an asterisk for reduced capacity due to COVID. He knows that he has to be better and he’s been pushing himself to be better this off-season long before Finley was a factor. Provided he has help, I see Bo finally breaking out this season. He’ll have all the help in the world on the ground, tightends might be a major factor, but we gotta see more from the receivers.
I’m guilty as well. I was sure Gus and Chad could put a prolific offense on the field with the weapons they had. Boy was that ever wrong!
I can picture Grant Loy at this moment as Brucie from The Longest Yard going, ‘Now I’ll never get to play!’
Have to disagree with you. You are putting too much faith into unproven offenses. Auburn does have a QB, he just hasn’t had the help and development he needs. He may have that now. He has seen most of the toughest environments and atmospheres there is to play in all of CFB, with the exception that Bryant-Denny wasn’t at full capacity. I would take that experience over fresh faces any day and twice on Sunday. And we have a roster full of similar experience in key areas. Keep sleeping on Auburn even though it’s supposedly your team if your name is any indication, I’m certainly not.
As far as I’m concerned, at this point the only guaranteed loss I see is Georgia and I’ll explain myself: Georgia may be a question mark in the secondary, but in the trenches there’s no question. Combine that with the offense and this could be their year, at least for the SEC. Auburn is a loss here because our pass game is questionable at best atm and Georgia stands the best chance to slow our 1-2 punch combo on the ground so I see this being a major beat down. Alabama is probably another loss but they are replacing so much generational talent that while they easily reload, I’m hesitant to just declare them worldbreakers before we see this new offense under a new OC. Auburn might be going into an entirely reworked system, but at least it’s going with a lot of SEC starting experience in almost all positions except receiving corps. But don’t get me wrong Bama fans, I do completely see Auburn losing this game, I just want to see Bama first. I think I covered Penn State in the first post so I’ll skip this one. LSU is pretty much the same as Bama for me. I know what they have, and I know what’s new. Stingley is overrated if I’m being honest. LSU might surprise me, but I’m betting Auburn ends that losing streak this year. aTm is a big question mark for me. That defense is going to be solid this year, like I’m betting at least #3 in the SEC in overall defense. The offense may be good, but I gotta see it first. Ole Miss, MSST, and Arkansas I look at with about as much respect as I would Missouri or Vanderbilt on a good year. You might poke your head up for a moment, but that’s all it is. I don’t expect Ole Miss to figure out that defense and Auburns got the secondary to stifle that Lane Train. MSST is just a joke and I’m betting Leach doesn’t make it to year 3 and I’ll be surprised if he makes it through the season. Arkansas had their fun in a jacked up season but now reality has to set back in. For all the success Pittman had last year there’s one thing I continued to notice about their system, it’s generic and obvious. We have some exceptional minds behind offenses and defenses today and I think Arkansas’ overall scheme is going to be picked apart since there’s film on it now. Of course, any one of these programs could surprise me, I just don’t see it happening.
Can someone help me understand why everyone thinks Penn State is going to suddenly be a good team this year that can contend with the SEC? If I’m not mistaken, they were one of the worst teams in the big10 last year. What is it that suddenly makes them go from a dumpster fire to competitors overnight? I mean, they couldn’t even compete with their own conference last year, what makes everyone think they can compete with the toughest conference division in all of CFB? I mean, I get it. Everyone is looking at Auburn like nothing is going to change, a nieve concept because everything has changed.