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It's funny hearing the Buckeye fans spouting off about Bama. Reminds me of Ric Flair "You want to be the man you got to beat the man!"
I can picture Kevin Bacon at the end of Animal House trying to stop the crowd. "All is well! All is well!"
Now that is hilarious! Congratulations Arkansas!
Well that is some idiotic thinking. Try thinking before responding. Iowa, Clemson, Nebraska, Florida State and Miami prove your talking out of your ass.
You would think LSU might hold off on the trash talking after what happened with Bama. It was funny though.
The entire Florida team and coaching staff are to blame. That matchup should not have hinged on an unsportsmanlike penalty. If you call yourself a playoff caliber team, you shouldn't have let it come to that.
There's a coach in Kansas that may be willing to take the job.
Or the lack of scholarship players due to opting out/transferring ban
I would think it is more from Mason being fired than anything else.
Very good work. Mizzou's was spot on. Thought Florida's was a little mellow. Should have had a wrestler running to the ring with a chair.
Well it is better than the other motto they were considering, "Vandy Basketball - Putting the Air Back in the Ball!"
I'll make a wager with you we will still be discussing this in the Spring. Hopefully regarding the delivery of vaccines but COVID isn't going anywhere.
Mizzou is an overachieving squad? Apparently you're just a highlight watcher. Drink and staff make adjustments which we lacked in previous years. I would say the last two games represent that and what we should expect for the remainder of the season. Not saying they will all be wins but they won't be blown out either.
I was expecting that to be Mizzou at Florida due to the continued Gator outbreaks.
They need an "Impact Player of the Week", this way the officials can get some recognition.