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That a** whipping Dabo laid on the Tide in January has messed Finebaum up something fierce. Dude cannot resist a chance to talk trash about Clemson and Dabo. He sounds like a jaded ex-girlfriend whose ex moved on to better things and now she can't quit talking ish about said dude. HAHA!
How is the rest of the ACC being bad a Clemson problem? They have stomped everyone on their schedule, minus one game. They schedule good OOC games and actually have to play an extra true road game as opposed to Bama. Clemson is a very talented team and is probably going to the playoff. They're on a 22 game win streak and are still YOUR CFB champions. If you don't like that, then that's a YOU problem.
I guess maybe Clemson should play a juggernaut like Tennessee... you know that really bad TN team that lost to BYU at home, lost to GA St, had a terrible offense and a RB taking snaps at QB, had Bama on the ropes in their house for 3 Quarters. My question is, why didn't Bama drop after that terrible performance against a 2-4 team at home, while Clemson stomps a 4-2 team on the road?
Beat severely 1 overrated team and all the sudden some Gamecock fans act like they won the Playoff.
The Gamecock's schedule is harder because Clemson is on it. Clemson's schedule is easier because the Gamecocks are on it.
The current SEC East leader... Lost. To. Wyoming.
A coach... yelling at a player? How dare he?! When did we as a society become so soft?
How pathetic are you dude? You spend so much time hating on Clemson instead of concentrating on your own team's accomplishments... oh wait.