Born and bred purple and gold !! EVERYONE ELSE is a distant second !!!

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Colin cowturd is a mindless wind bag , I cannot believe he is still on the air !
LSU was a train wreck before Nick Saban , we had a coaching carousel second to no one , keeping in state 5 star recruits at home was almost impossible, Nick stabilized LSU’s program and made them a serious threat !
LSU has some work to do on the offensive line , if you watch the game last week in the trenches we were not getting much push up front in the first half , that should not have been the case against Northwestern State.
I only just now read this , but it does not diminish just how STUPID the article was , what a waste of a REAL college football fans time !!!
I saw my momma and daddy struggle with the loss of my oldest brother in Vietnam , there was eight of us and he was the oldest ! It eventually tore my family apart for a time ! But we all knew that he would not have had it any other way than to fight for this great nation and the freedoms that we have ! Thank you Marcus for being a true patriot !!!
Too many things factor in for ANYONE to be able predict this kinda of stuff before the season even starts , every one of these teams are one or two injuries (or arrests) away from just above average finish !!! And summer is upon us !!!
And of course that was suppose to be their not "there" but I'm sure I will get called out for it from those snooty Ole Miss fans
I like Hugh Freeze , I predicted he would do well from the very beginning , I do not like Ole Miss , there fans act like the are better than everyone else , sorta like the Texas Long Horn fan base !!
They won't get the death penalty , I loathe everything about Ole Miss , but the NCAA is not going to give them the death penalty for this after slapping Penn State on the wrist for what their assistant coach was doing to children !!!
You cannot be serious , I am no bama fan but even I know better than that !!! The fact you even posted that is rediculous
How tragic, our hearts are heavy for bulldog nation !!! Prayers for family and friends.
I do realize that there are far more GREAT Alabama fans than there are of these kind of Alabama fans !! It still sickens me to see that there are some out there that have no more respect for human tragedy than this !!! Gamesmanship is one thing , this is disgusting!!
Agreed , kinda tells ya who's writing this stuff
Look at the other assistant coach's reaction, it looks like he thought Kelly's actions were unwarranted !!!
SHOVED him , REALLY ? SDS really needs to get their act together !!
While do think this is just plain wrong, he does make a couple of valid points , the Pac12 would be easier than the SEC west , he probably would make considerably more money at USC and probably have a better chance of playing for more championships!!! But I don't see it happening
Georgia really does look bad , I really like Mark Richt but this was a really bad look for him !!! I'm sure this one will be the one that gets him relieved of his duties !!!
"A very difficult South Carolina team " REALLY ? Don't get me wrong , I will be rooting the Gamecocks on , but let's try and be realistic!!
LOL , what a joke !!! We have people trying to destroy America with socialism , we are being over run by Muslim terrorists and you a soooo concerned with Scientology !!! WOW
Kyle Allen looked completely lost , he missed receivers that never left the line of scrimmage by 5 yards , the Alabama game messed his head up bad !! I don't if I've ever seen a melt down of a QB like that !! He looks like he's scared to throw it all the sudden , those TD throws to Bama's defense has to be still in the back of his mind !!!
NOPE , I think not !!! They all know ( even Fournette) this is big boy football , from time to time you are going to get dinged up !! I certainly would hope that it don't happen but I also know it's part of a FULL contact sport!!
If Dobbs starts running around with that ball a lot he may very well be out of the game by the third quarter !! Tennessee has not faced a team with Alabama's D-line skills , they are going to be hard for Tennessee's O-line to handle !! And yes I watched the Florida game !
Irrelevant , we no longer go by that format !!! Up next Western Kentucky, they are 6-1 and would love nothing more than to beat LSU in Tiger Stadium!! For those who don't think it can happen , I was there when Miami of Ohio beat #8 ranked LSU in Tiger Stadium in 1986 that's what should relevant to LSU , Western Kentucky !!!
The media has no business in the locker room PERIOD , before of after a game !!! If they can't get their interviews outside the locker room then so be it !!!!!!
I REALLY HAD NO IDEA HOW BIG A CRY BABIES THESE FLORIDA FANS ARE !!! And apparently can't read a NCAA rule book !!! My God isn't it time to start crying about next week game already !!!!!!
Three or seven , either way you lose !!!! There are no moral victories , only winners and losers , on this night Florida LOST , it's over !!!! ALL the crying in the world won't change that !
Harris has a little ways to go , AND he may very well not get there this season due to the fact he has one heck of a running back behind him , and the coaches limit what they will let him do , but he gains a little more confidence with each game and is only a sophomore as is #7 , they should be sure enough special next season !!
Ohio State OVER RATED , Iowa under rated