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It's very interesting how so many of you (apparent Southerners) mock Tebow for his values and stance, regarding sex and relationships. Of course, modern Christianity is now Zio-Christianity, a far-cry from what the faith once was, prior to 1950's. Those who own American culture and our media (and who invented Hollywood) have spent years sexualizing both the white and black communities and young people with images in the media, pornography, and the incessant degradation of (Christian) religion, signaling that a belief in God or faith is both "archaic" and "unintelligent." "Sexual Liberation" is ALWAYS a form of political control. Remember this, my good Goys. I may not share Tebow's specific beliefs, but applaud him for standing for them. He is a real man. He stands for something. And those of you snickering that he is a 'homosexual' because he's a stronger Man than you epitomize the modern (weak/beta) male. Grow a pair. And get a clue.