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The constant chatter about Clemson's schedule has gotten old. Set years in advance it is what it is. Clemson's strength of schedule suffered this season no doubt about it. They scheduled 2 SEC teams OOC which in most years would increase the strength of schedule. South Carolina ended up ranked #86 in the final CBS poll. By definition that means Clemson could have scheduled teams like Buffalo, Arkansas State, Western Kentucky, Hawaii, and even Georgia State and it would have improved our strength of schedule. That being said, the final #86 team in the land, who can't buy a win versus an ACC team, actually beat the mighty Georgia Bulldogs in Athens. Please STFU about schedules. Play the games and get to the playoffs and take your shot. Even Finebaum said you could give Clemson either Ohio State's or LSU's schedule this year and they would have been undefeated going into the playoffs. It is not who you play it is who you are that matters most. Ohio State coaches and fans can blame the refs all they want but the fact is they settled for field goals in the first half, and they had the ball with enough time to win the game and they did not get it done. Hats off to LSU clearly best team this year. No shame in losing to that team. Losing 31 seniors and 9 juniors make them at best 9-3 next season.
Must be a slow day in the SEC when someone writes an article about Gamecock recruiting. Not sure I agree with the BS about Burch being the best player they signed since Clowney. Clowney at least made his name against the best high school football teams in the state of SC while Burch was playing against teams from the 3A Independent league of South Carolina. Time will only prove that Capehart was the best player to come out of the state in 2020. I realize his Bio says IMG academy but he played his first three years at Hartsville High School in South Carolina. The signed Doty and Lloyd and I guess all the 3* players will be blocking for them. The chasm between Carolina and Clemson only got wider today, but the same came be said if you compare Clemson to a lot of other schools as well. You can give this coaching staff a team full of 5* players and they still would not win the sec least, and they would still lose to App State at home in front of 10,000 fans in the 4th quarter. This recruiting class will be playing for a new head coach after next season and they will move on to the next recycled head coach.
Clemson crashes the SEC party and the league and ESPN need therapy. They simply cannot accept a world where a team from the ACC is the king of college football. Go ahead and throw up all the historical facts you want to but the fact remains Bama is on par with Clemson and all the other teams in the SEC and the country are chasing both of them. ESPN tries to push Ohio State into the mix by talking about how awesome they are against the teams they have played so far. Nebraska and Michigan State are their best wins so far. REALLY??? What will be the excuses this year when Clemson repeats? What will be the excuses when Clemson runs the next supposedly greatest college football team ever out of the stadium by 28? Clemson hasn't played the cleanest football so far I will grant you that. Trevor living up to expectations has weighed him down, but everyone can see he is starting to pull out of the funk. The offense is beginning to surge with a fully rebuilt defense that is performing better than last year's unit. As much as the SEC doesn't want to admit it they fear Clemson taking 3 out of 4 National Titles because that just doesn't fit the narrative. If you don't like beat us! Line up, spot the ball, and beat us. But when you lose just shut up and tip your cap to the champs!
It is amazing to me that Clemson has one close game against a lesser opponent and the media goes crazy. Figured it would happen after the close win against UNC. Fact is Clemson has 1 game a year that is a head scratcher. Not sure why it happens, but it seems to wake them up. Trevor Lawrence has faced adversity exactly one time since he arrived at Clemson and that was Saturday against UNC. He was knocked out of the game against Syracuse last year, and since has gone on a 20 game winning streak with wins against ND and Bama as well as 2 other teams from the SEC in USC and A&M. This Clemson team will respond. There is too much talent on the offense and the coaches have too much experience for it not to click at some point. Losing Renfrow was a BIG Loss and the scheme needs to adjust to allow Rogers to be the possession receiver and keep the chains moving on drives. O-Line will be just fine. Defense has been much better than expected and will only get better as the season progresses. Absolutely sick and tired of hearing the SEC excuses. The ONLY team in the SEC that has a legit gripe about schedules every year is Auburn that has to play LSU, Bama, and UGA EVERY SINGLE YEAR. Bama won every game last year by 30 and their starters never played in the 4th quarter so the tired excuse is a joke. We may never play UGA because Smart can't get out of his own way. The very same Bama team that UGA failed to beat in the SEC Championship game lost to Clemson by 28 and if not for an explosive 1st half they would have lost to Oklahoma. Murray ran out of time. The media is all over Clemson this year and the offense deserves criticism at this point. But look at the facts before you deem teams like Ohio State, Bama, and Oklahoma are so mighty this year. Ohio State has beaten Florida Atlantic, Cincinnati, Indiana, Miami (OH), and an overblown win at Nebraska. Not exactly a scary schedule. Bama has beaten Duke, New Mexico State, SC, Southern Miss, and Ole Miss. SC put up 459 yards of offense against Bama. Ole Miss put up 476 yards of offense - the same Ole Miss team that lost to MEMPHIS and managed just 173 yards of offense against MEMPHIS. Oklahoma has beaten Houston, South Dakota, UCLA, and Texas Tech. Hurts couldn't complete a pass at Bama but is the greatest QB ever when he doesn't have to play a defense in the Big 12.
I will admit that the Clemson offense has been less than expected SO FAR this season. Similar story in previous years as well. This is no slight against Bama because until proven otherwise there are exactly 2 elite teams in college football being Clemson and Bama. But before you go pointing out the toughness of other team's schedules look at the facts! So far Bama has beaten Duke, New Mexico State, SC, Southern Miss, and Ole Miss. Have to point out that SC put up 459 of offense on Bama. Ole Miss lost to Memphis, beat Ark & SE Louisianna, and lost to Cal. But Ole Miss managed to put up 476 yards of offense on Bama while OM managed just 173 yards of offense against MEMPHIS. Exact same story with Ohio State and Oklahoma - look it up. Hurts could complete a pass at Bama but now that he gets to play against teams with no defense in the Big 12 the media is ready to hand his the Heisman. Jury is still out on LSU. Could be a great team this year. Certainly looked the part against Texas, but we will see once all the games are played. The media is dogging Clemson because the offense is dragging, yet we are ahead of production that Deshaun Watson produced in his first 5 games in 2016. Trevor Lawrence's number are better than Watson's over the first 5 games and he has thrown less interceptions than Watson. Fact is Clemson is 5-0 and had our yearly off-game against UNC. For some reason we have 1 game a year against a lesser opponent that is closer than expected or should be, but we always respond. The defense is far better than expected after replacing so much talent from last year's team. If this is going to be an another elite Clemson team they will respond accordingly.