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Pinkel was a good coach for Missouri. NCAA HOF material? I don’t think so! With an average winning 7 games a year, and never winning a conference championship, he probably belongs in the Missouri HOF, but not anywhere near the NCAA HOF. Just a good, but average coach nationally!
I just don’t get it with some of these transfers. Daniel Parker Jr. from Missouri is a prime example too. He starts 4 years for Mizzou. Was a Dline guy that converted to a blocking TE. A good one at that. But where the heck is a guy going to go to better himself as a blocking TE? In 1 year no less? He’s not a prolific receiver by any measure. His hands are good, and he catches his fair share of balls. But he has no downfield prowess like a good receiving TE does.
It was said in another article, that Mizzou wasn’t even considered for the SEC tie in bowl games, thus the reason we’re in the Armed Forces Bowl against Army. 2 reasons for this...lack of home game attendance, and newest SEC team. If the latter is the case, I want to see the SEC drop Oklahoma and Texas below us in the pecking order if the records are equal when they arrive in the conference. I bet it doesn’t happen though. Even when we won the East division, we get bumped down the line in this conference. I was at the Citrus Bowl, and Mizzou was well represented, and the stadium attendance looked very good.
What amazes me the most about Badie, is that every team we play focuses on stopping him. No passing game, and a QB that can’t run a lick for them to worry about! Badie is going to be 50% or more of our offense, and he still rushes for 1600 yds on the year! Amazing!
I’d have to look back to last years stats, but he got close, if not over the 3000 yd mark in passing at a 67% clip. Somethings happened this year, but I’m not sure what. Somebody said they ran Dooleys offense last year, with Drink calling the plays. But this year they’re running Drinks offense. Maybe that has something to do with it, but I don’t know. I do know, I don’t like Drinks play calling at all! Right now, my opinion of Drink is, he’s a good used car salesman when it comes to recruiting, but a terrible coach! And we all know it doesn’t matter how many 4-5* kids we get, if we can’t coach them! If he remains the HC, which I expect he will, he needs to hire an OC, and let him call the plays! Drink ain’t the answer at all!
I got so frustrated watching Drink call all of those East and west dink and dunk pass plays for 3 quarters of the game. Florida is much faster than us, and blew up everything he tried. I’m with you...I don’t really think he’s the offensive genius he thinks he is. And, he had nothing to do with the defensive turn around. The only thing I’ve seen he’s good at is selling us to recruits. So, I think he’s a good used car salesman, but a football coach....I’m not that sure of!
I don’t think they’ll make mincemeat out of us more than us just being inept offensively. All Odom has to do is blitz us, and we’re toast with Bazelak at the helm. He can’t move at all. Our best chance is to have Cook back there. At least it gives a 2nd option running the ball. Florida and everyone else knew to focus on Badie, since Bazelak wasn’t an option to run. If Arky blitzes, Bazelak will be toast back there. No time to throw deep like Bama did.
I don’t understand what’s happened to Bazelak. Last year, he looked awesome most of the time. Threw for over 300 yds on several occasions. What’s happened? He had zip on the ball...accuracy...drove the team down the field. This year it’s dink and dunk! He’s never had Drew Locks accuracy down field, but he could thread a 20-30 TD pass right on the numbers. Is it confidence? Afraid to make a mistake? I don’t know, but I’m ready for more Brady Cook and Tyler Macon. Cook should get most of the reps, and Macon at least 2 or 3 series. I’m afraid Bazelaks time at old Mizzou is coming to a close, and the transfer portal looks to be in his future with Sam Horn coming in.
I think the epitome of Missouri football can be summed up with the start of the 2nd half. An aggressive onside kick call, which seemed to catch UGA off guard, but is nullified by a freshman mistake by blocking a guy before the ball goes 10 yards. The kid didn’t need to do it either. UGA wasn’t going to recover that ball. Re kick....out of bounds. UGA starts at the 35 or 40. 1st down run...no gain. 2nd down run...no gain. 3rd down pass to the TE, 4 yards short of the line to gain. 2 Missouri defenders in perfect position to make the tackle. Both whiff. 1st down. 2 plays later, touchdown! Too many mistakes, mental and physical! The worst part is, Drink has no answer. None on defense, and none on offense! No reason for it either. Other than at linebacker, we got some players on defense. At least good enough not to be this bad! We’ve also got some players on offense. But instead of calling plays that we need to be successful, it’s Badie up the middle for nothing, and 2 horizontal passes, where the other team has faster linebackers than our wideouts to stuff the play before it gets going. How successful do you think that’s gonna be. It might work against SEMO but not in the SEC! You’ve got to stretch the defense with vertical passing to open up the run game. For some reason Drink doesn’t call those Kind of plays. I’m sick of the wide receiver screens that might gain 2 yards. Throw the TE open on some go routes up the seam against linebackers. Throw some slants to the wideouts for 20 yard gains. Don’t have to throw bombs on every series, but we do need to throw some vertical routes! It certainly will enhance Badie’s ability to run the ball.
I think Conner is better than he looks right now. I don’t think Drinks play calling is doing Conner any favors. I’m not sure Drink is near the coach he thinks he is. He’s a great salesman though. Getting good recruits, and for some reason the AD still believes in him. Myself and the rest of the fan base are ready for Drink to be gone! But, I will give him the mandatory 4 years to prove himself. He’s nearly half way through. To this point, the product on the field is an embarrassment to the State of Missouri, and that’s all on Drink! No excuses for him!
He’s got 4 years with me. This gives him a chance to get the right coaches in place, his recruits, and his growth as a head coach. At the end of that 4 years, then it’s time for evaluation to see what trajectory the program is on. I don’t put much into wins and losses in year 2. The cupboard certainly wasn’t bare when Drink got here, but the players he inherited may not be the type that fits his scheme. By year 4 that shouldn’t be an issue. The same goes for Cuonzo Martin. Didn’t like the hire from the get go, but he gets his time too. Nothing he’s done has changed my mind to this point.
I know we aren’t the MOST talented team on the field every Saturday, but our talent level is much better than what we’re seeing. That’s on the coaching staff! Undisciplined play leading to stupid penalties is on coaching! For me, this hurt Barry Odom more than anything. Barry’s results weren’t that bad over 4 years. But he lost me when I watched Albert O get a stupid penalty in the Florida game, right in front of Barry, and he didn’t even take him out of the game! I wasn’t 40’ from it, on the sidelines standing right beside our AD when it happened. Barry didn’t even scold AO for taking a 1st down away from his team with his stupidity, while marching towards the end one for a tying touchdown! Instead we punted, and it was pretty much game over for Mizzou and Odom.
I saw that. That should give him a wake up call if it does nothing else. I know he wants fan support. I know he wants money for facilities upgrades. I know he wants.....but he’d better fix the product on the field FIRST then worry about financial and fan support. To say I’m not sold on his actual coaching ability is an understatement!
Defense is horrible, and Wilks should have never been hired. His track record has been bad his entire career. But Drink isn’t much better. He’s the HC. He decides who he wants to hire. So, he’s responsible for Wilks and everyone else. The most troubling thing to me is, we’ve got some talent on the Dline, but they seem to be getting worse. Offense and team attitude seems bad too. That’s all on Drink! I don’t think he’s the coach everyone thinks he is. Maybe a decent recruiter, but you still have to be able to coach! In my opinion, he’s lucky this is happening in his 2nd year, or he would be gone with the product on the field that we’re seeing!
Uncle Al...beats Ohio St 1 week and loses to a San Diego St. or Illinois the next. It was exciting though. 70,000 at every home game. I’d get to the “Hill” around 9am with a 2 gallon jug full of screwdrivers waiting for a 1:30 kickoff! Couldn't grab my fanny with either hand by halftime! Lol but still went downtown after the game. Fun times for sure!
I just hope it’s still a game at halftime, and the Aggies don’t have their 4th string in the game already. In the trenches it’ll be men against boys I’m afraid! Our defense is so bad, even if A&M has a little let down after last week, they can still lay 60 on us. I love my Tigers, but I’m thinking 52-7 A&M. Jimbo eases off the accelerator at the half!
“Work cut out for this” What an understatement! 1 month of practice, and 4 games into the season, and we’ve got our work cut out for this! I guess the last 2 months has been picnics and watermelon feasts!
I just heard Drinks post game comments. Most were directed at the Mizzou offense and not scoring enough points! Critical of Bazelak’s 2 int’s. Nothing about how bad the defense is. I think Drink needs to wake up and realize he’s the Head Coach, and not just the OC! That encompasses all fazes of the game, and not just the offense!
4 games in, and our defense looks like this? Overreaction ain’t the word for it! All sec defensive end Jeffcoat...Kobie Whiteside...McGuire...getting whipped on nearly every play. Why? What happened or changed from last year? Wilks is the only thing I can put my finger on!
I’ve followed the black and gold since 1960, and this is the worst defense I can ever remember!
It has to be Wilks. We have an all sec defensive end that hasn’t made a play all year. Whiteside? What’s he doing? McGuire? I knew our LB’s were weak to start the season, and no gap discipline. But even Rakestraw At corner looks pedestrian and this is his 2nd year as a starter. Wilks has to go in my opinion! This is the 4th game of the year, and I see zero improvement on the defense. If we had any defense at all, we’d be undefeated!
Hope he doesn’t quit at LSU like he did at Mizzou. Watching Pinson the last 10 games of the year was awful! He can be a decent offensive player, but I have no respect for anyone that quits on his teammates!
Conner will be just fine. He just needs an Oline to protect him, and receivers that will catch the ball. Drew Lock was the most accurate downfield passer Mizzou has ever had, but Conner has a strong arm as well, given the time. Conner is a better short and intermediate passer than Lock was. Better touch and accuracy. Thus the better completion percentage than Lock.
Hated to see him go. Good route runner and good hands.